My 2-month-old cries all night long: Please help!

I had issues with my son. He would only cosleep, and had GERD so if I just fed him and put him down he’d be cranky unless sleeping held upright, or propped up(with a blanket rolled up under one part of his mattress, safely) Hang in there, mama! I didn’t sleep for more than a couple hours at a time for the first 2.5 years after he was born. It does get better. Hugs!

My son was also the same… untill I upped his feeds he was hungry poor thing and he was my first child all I did was follow what it says on the tin of formula milk… stated amounts of milk… well not my son he wanted more lots more and I fed him on demand in the day too, also dream feed him but makesure the baby is fully winded even though you tend to be falling back to sleep struggling to stay awake makesure he is winded or it will be hell. Sounds stupid but also try cutting the feet parts of of his baby grows my son slept so much better with bare feet with saying that so do I :blush:. The first 5/12 months is absolutely exhausting btw and sadly not a soul pre warns you of all the emotions we feel as mothers ALL CAUSES BY SLEEP DEPREVATION MAY I ADD. It does get better… nap as much as u can aswell. Xx

Well he’s a baby, Usually only babies cry when they’re hurting,The hard part is trying to figure out what is it wrong with him,Talk with your pediatrician about acid reflex that’s what my son had,Eventually they gave him some medicine and it helped, Dr. explain to me that babies don’t know the difference between being hungry and being hurt,They just know t0 cry,After four kids I just learned to sleep when the baby sleeping weather that day or night!

My daughter had colic for 3 months. My Dr. finally prescribed Paregoric for her .1 or 2 little drops in her formula and she was sleeping through the night.

Melatonin, warm bath and full belly at bedtime, probiotics. I’m so sorry, nothing is harder than sleep training a baby :sob: Your husband will have to help, or you will lose it.

Baby could be colicky?
Do leg exercises twice a day to help with that as well as it helps with restless leg!
Hope things get better and you find sleep again.

My first did this we found out he had a dairy/soy allergy I eliminated dairy from my diet then went on a specialty formula later on

Try Johnson’s lavender baby bath right before bed time. It will relax him, and you. Also, consult pediatrician to see if there is anything causing it. Colic, reflux, teething.

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Maybe he needs a different formula I always used enifmal gent on both my kids

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You should be consulting his pediatrician about his formula. Formula is trial and error. If you are breastfeeding…maybe he’s not getting enough. But at 2 months? He is still adjusting to the outside world and hasn’t got the days and nights straight yet. You could try some soothing lulliby music on real low. If he’s sleeping in a crib but in your bedroom…maybe someone is snoring too loud and waking him up…? Just sayin’.

Has he been checked for re-flux my eldest had the same problem

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Routine! Such as warm bath, bottle, book, diaper and bed. I know its hell.waking up and being sleep deprived but your going to long for these nights when baby grows. My youngest is 20 months and we’ve been out of the waking at night stage for many many many months. I want it back


My niece was this way when she was a baby. My mother got my brother and wife to take her to a chiropractor that worked on her and she didn’t have any problems after.

I would def talk to ur pediatrician and see what they recommend… it could be anything but while youre at it maybe see if someone is around to let you sleep for a while! Dealing with him would be alot easier if you had some rest… trust me i know. You gotta take care of you


Do you nurse? If you do pop that boobie in his mouth and read the article why African babies don’t cry. There’s other ways than the American way

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My oldest did this. She would cry and be so upset. So in the ended I gave in and let her sleep with us. But I did a lot of research on how to safely co-sleep. She was only next to me. I kept her away from my husband he sleeps crazy lol. But she has a reflux thing and so I would prop her head on my shoulder or arm just right so no acid could affect her, and cradle the rest of her. It worked out so great after that. She no longer woke throughout the night. Now sleeps well on her own. I did consult her doctor before I did this though as well. Explained my plan and it worked out amazingly and I was able to rest. :heart:hope this helps.


Have his ears checked. He may have ear issues

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Mine was like that the first 6 months. It gets better. Try car ride, swinging. :two_hearts:

Make sure you talk to dr about this. Both my children had bad reflux. My daughter was about to lose her mind when the drs finally put them on some type of medication. Helped a lot.

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Sweet thing sounds like he’s colicky. My daughter had hell with her tummy until she was four months old. She would cry from 6-9 pm every night. Her pediatrician put her on Zantac for hidden reflux between that gas drops and gripe water she would settle. She had colic it sounds like he does.

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Are you cosleeping? Maybe he just wants his mom

Try a small stuffie.rub it on your sweaty parts and give it at nap.nite times.get extras for when u wash it or need to replace it.remember to re rub it after u wasjh it.

Does he act like hat way fo other peopl or just with u If your mother took him for the night ght and I or he cry all night for her too but r no Maybe u are what they call a nervous me The in which it u wr have he baby will wct like the

How much do u let him sleep during the day. Try keeping him up and moving until 830

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Try Gripe water. Helps to soothe them.

My first daughter was colicky from 3 weeks old until 4 months old. Nothing worked. Absolutely nothing worked. Then one day, it just stopped and that was that. Like a damn light switch. This too shall pass.

Maybe hes hungrey. Bring him to granny Rose, i ll help u.

My advice after 4 youngest is 6 month actual 4 months adjusted is do what u want don’t listen to how it everyone else does it if you think baby wants cuddles do it whatever is in your heart is what u should do


Try to keep him awake through out the day so he sleeps at night. Obviously make sure he has a dry diaper and a full belly before bed and try a white noise machine that might help too. A lot of people say their baby hates being swaddled it’s a baby it doesn’t know what it does and doesn’t like when the baby falls asleep their muscles twitch like everyone else and it wakes them up swaddle tight with their arms down even if he’s crying it’s ok for him to cry a bit while laying down. Good luck momma hang in there things will get easier!

I know it sounds obvious but maybe he’s hungry. My little boy was like this. I was breast feeding him and I was convinced he was hungry as my supply used to really dip off towards the evening. I then gave him formula for the bed feed and it was a game changer. Anybody thinking of commenting about breast is best, please just scroll on.


18 months of crying
My daughter was afraid of the dark.
If your baby spent time in NICU it could be environmental, that’s what it was with my daughter.
I little might light fixed the problem, try music either.
Particularly babies who started off in NICU they are used to low light and low sound not silence.
My daughter woke every night about 11 and cried non stop all night

Speak to a doctor to rule anything medical out.

YouTube has a video vacuum cleaner noise it helped sooo much with our two older ones. Also sounds like colic. Try putting him in his car seat on top of the dryer on the vibrations can help. This too shall pass momma. My 2 month old has a few smiles during the day but he’s mainly whiny and wants held all day. It drives me insane because I can’t do that because of 2 other kids who need my attention and a house that needs my attention. My husband is a trucker and stays gone for weeks at a time right now he will be gone a total of 6 weeks. It’s rough. Try to let him cry for a few mins of that don’t work pick him up and just hold him. I would definitely try talking to the dr though. Could be his milk or colic. Try gas drops. But this too shall pass. You’ve got this momma no matter how rough it is.

I agree with maybe speak to a doctor to rule out colic or silent reflux. My son was a bad sleeper but was due to silent reflux and lying flat made it worse x

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Aww bless. What were you expecting?! Babies cry. Get used to it. You have nothing else to do :rage:

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Go see a doctor… 🤦

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Anti reflux milk in health visitor advice, worked wonders for my boy. He was like a different baby. X

Let him sleep with you :heart::blue_heart:

My son was like that. My nana had to put him to sleep for me bc I was on the edge same as you. Come to find out he had consipation and gas issues and reflux and was lactose intolorant. He was constantly hurting. I started putting him on oatmeal, and it was a game changer. He was able to poop and pass gas as well as get his little tummy full without vomiting all over the place… He was good to go then.
Make sure it isnt anything like that; constipation, gas, reflux, etc. It can be painful for them at bedtime.
Edited to say I did end up switching him to soy, bc of his lactose intolerance, which did give him more constipation issues but the fiber in the oatmeal regulated his bowel movements and helped the gas come out easier as well as swell in his belly, similar to what rice does, and it helped absorb the acid reflux in his tummy so he was able to eat without throwing anything up.

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It’s a baby that’s what they do. Lol my son didn’t sleep until he was 2 so I know your pain He could have colic tho you can try your dr

Go see your doctor. My son did this and when he slept it was no longer than 2 hours at a time. He was diagnosed with really bad reflux. We slept him on his side as sleeping on his bad made the reflux worse. He is now 10 years old and healthy as.

Babies usually don’t sleep all night. Maybe he just wants you? My now nery 2 year old is a horrible sleeper most nights. His crib is attached to my bed because he wants me all night long. Some kids just want extra comfort.

I had a baby rocker/ sleeper swing and it was my saviour. My son would only sleep in it or on my chest. Obviously you have checked the usual things hungry/ thirsty/wet. Sometimes Bub can pick up on your stress. Good luck honey xx

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Keep him awake during the day longer. Is he formula fed? If he aint then id definitley consider it.

I did the 4 Bs with my 4 all slept great and still do… Bath then I would lotion them up with some lavender lotion bottle with a scoop of cereal in it, a good book and bed

Take to the doctor they will help you.

He must have his days and nite mixed up try keeping him awake all day no naps and see if he sleeps all nite

Bet its colic,try pressing warm towel on his stomach.

He is probably hungry.

Have you tried swaddling him? At the hospital, our little one got so used to a warm blanket he wouldn’t sleep without it. And they have blanket warmers at the hospital. Took him home, he bawled his eyes out. Called the nurse’s hotline. Worked like a charm. Man did I feel like an idiot. It also could be reflux. I’d talk to your pediatrician, because that’s not normal. My babies for the most part slept well at night once they got their days and nights straight. You can try wakinng him a few times during the day and entertaining him. Give him some tummy time. It tiress them out so they sleep better later.

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Three things come to mind. Ask the doc. They might have colic. I’ve never had to deal with that but I heard it’s constant crying cause the baby is uncomfortable and that’s the only way they have to show it. Two others: teething which the doc could tell you about and how to properly medicate if that’s the case though it seems early, each kid is diff. Lastly, gas. This would be more of an intermittent problem but if it’s caused by a constant supply of food they are getting, it could be frequent. I had a friend whose baby was allergic to lactose and she was nursing. She had to quit dairy completely for about a month before she could resume and still had a lot of issues with it. Now has to have prescription formula to be able to eat without problems. Best bet is to talk to the doctor and have them give baby a thorough exam.

My middle child was like that. I moved into my mothers house for three months so my oldest daughter and husband could sleep at night. I’m not sure what you’re daytime and bedtime routines are so can’t really give any advice yet :thinking:

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Do you breastfeed?
I know that co-sleeping is not for everyone. But I co-slept with both of my children.
My first was very colic, and had reflux and milk allergy. He needed white noise to remain calm, especially at night.
My youngest will not let me put him down, and he constantly wants to nurse. He also does NOT like the dark, or silence.
When we first brought him home, I started suspecting the milk allergy with him, and cut all dairy from my diet. That helped tremendously.
If you’re breastfeeding, you could start by process of elimination.

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I’d go his pediatrician…he may have colic…if he doesn’t then I’d try keeping him up more during the day.


Bring him to the pediatrician.

I have just accepted that all my children came out being night owls, and stopped paying so much attention to the time… :woman_facepalming:t2: it changes as they grow. Take the time to talk to baby. You’ll be surprised to find out how much they understand.

So my Newborn did this and after a while we figured it out, 5 formula switches it was his formula. He was wicked happy during the day but he was up all night crying in pain. He is super sensitive to the protein in cows milk so he is on Puramino formula now. And it has been amazing. He sleeps all night and is a completely different baby. He is almost one now

Soothing sounds … white noise , babbling brook , waterfall , rain , thunderstorms, whatever baby was used to listening inside of you… swaddle … if your breastfeeding stop eating greasy spicy foods and pls don’t drink pop if you drink coffee heavily stop all of it goes to baby and gets them wired and have an upset stomach and they cry (coffee is caffeine so is black tea it’s addictive)

My son was like this up until 3 months. I feel for you. Lol. Every baby is different, but it does get better.

He can probably sense the tension with u too. I had PND and it also used to affect bed time.

Check if he has reflux etc first and what about winding/burping if he struggles with his wind u can get gripe water or colic to help with that.

Then if u can get into a bedtime routine johnsons bedtime wash/talc etc. U can also buy sleepy cream from lush which i found helped us too x

Is he crying only when you put him down or does he cry even when he’s shuffled against your chest? Is he hungry? Is it possible he has reflux? Are you trying to make him lay down by himself? Babies feel safe where they can hear your heart beat. Just because you’ve fed him doesn’t mean he’s not still hungry or won’t be hungry again 30 mins later. Newborns are demanding and sleep is elusive in the first few months.

My middle daughter was like this we ended up using the boppy pillow and snugged it around her for bed and then we used that heart beat teddy bear it made a big difference

Put him in his car seat on top of the dryer ,. The heat and and vibration will help

Try a swaddle. Or no swaddle. At a month my daughter was sleeping in a thin layer of jammies cause she hated being warm and being bunched up.
Check ears. Always.
Change formula if on formula. Change diet if brestfeeding. Some foods can cause their baby tummy’s to be upset causing the fussiness.
Co sleep. My daughter was formula fed, but due to lack of funds we shared the same bed from the time she was 2 months to 9 months. Plus it gave me a lot of piece of mind.
Run a fan. Or something with a little white noise.
How long has this been going on? Growth spurts are constant when they are that little. I know my LO had to be held and fed 3 OZ every 45 mins to an hour at around 2 months.
Drive baby around in car. Nice and warm and the vibration will help.
I known it isnt recommended, but put baby in swing or a boucey chair and let him sleep there.
Yes, it’s important that working dad gets sleep, but a tired and stressed out mom isn’t any better. By being tired and stressed it also makes the baby stressed making matters worse.
Best of luck mama

I have a 2 month old that is sick right now. I wrap him up like they do when they are newborns. And just kinda prop up in bed with pillows and blankets and let him sleep on me! I wasn’t sleeping because he is drowning in snot and I was scared he wasn’t breathing or choking on puke. So lately we have been sleeping as if I’m the bed. We finally are sleeping. It doesn’t have to be permanent just til he gets in the hang of sleeping at night for a bit. Or do what my grandma says… Grab them by the ankles and swing them counter clock wise 3 or 4 times I think. Then they switch from night to day! Or something crazy like that lol

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Someone else said something about the baby may have colic, an old wise Tale my daddy told me was to keep socks on baby’s feet. Also your baby may have his days and nights messed up.

Wrap them really tight like a burrito and sometimes those outfits that are similar to them work also try something like a vacuum cleaner or a noise machine or a heartbeat any of those things car rides will sometimes work my son was like that and I wish somebody would have given me a little bit of advice when he was going through it because that was hell

Both my babies had awful colic and reflux.
Nothing helped, I tried everything! Luckily they slept at night because they cried all day.
Ask if a friend/relative can come over during the day and watch baby while you go and have a nap. That’s all I could do!
My 2nd is 4 months old now and still cries! X

Keep him awake more during the day. If that doesnt work…Take him to the doctor.

Colic? Acid reflux? My son was horrid. Easy pregnancy and delivery then… May be the doctor can suggest something? In my day they didn’t. Prop him up a bit in bed. Put on your knees stomach down and pat his back. Rocking chair helps too. Kudo’s to your husband too.