My 2-month-old cries all night long: Please help!

We have a 2 months old babyboy, he’s a very cute boy and he smiles a lot. But bedtime is a hel. I’m mentally on the edge of depression. He cries and cries. We tried everything and I’m sick of being awake the entire night. My husband works double shifts so we can give our boy everything, so I don’t want him to help, he needs his sleep. Can you give me advice?


I went through it with my 3rd. She had reflux.

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Could baby possibly have colic?

Please have him checked for reflux


How much is he sleeping during the day? Maybe try to limit his sleep during the day so he will sleep longer at night.

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Does he sleep during the day? If so keep him awake as much as possible! Also try a sound machine and swaddling :slightly_smiling_face:

Ours had awful awful reflux and the day dreamer was the only way she’d sleep. And extra food and gas drops. Sound machine on low helped and still helps so so much too

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Yep sound machine a nice warm bath and baby massage and wrap him up see how that goes

Hi there!
My first born was like that until he was nearly 6mos old.
I feel you.
I don’t have any advice, but to let him cry it out.
it will be a passing phase…
Hopefully not a long one like my kid🤯
Hang in there mama!
I know it’s hard.

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They have infant melintonin it help them sleep. Give 30 min before bed time

Sounds like colic. My son was colicky from a month to 6 months old

Maybe colic, try good warm bath, good rub down of the lavender/chamomile bedtime lotion, good feeding, burp really good, lay him on his side swaddled, with soothing music, I have 3 children and even helped with my first that had colic super super bad

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Try to get up early and let him only get one nap then night time give him warm bath lotion warm milk and melintomin

They have a device that you attach to the underside of a baby bed it has the motion of a moving car I have heard some insurances will cover it

Try co sleeping. I did with both my kids but I’m a very light sleeper. And we all slept great! Only problem is they still sleep with me.


My son was colicy also, but it ended when he was 2 months old.

My boy was the same. We changed his formula to soy and he slept through the night. Consult his pediatrician

throw it away& start over🤷🏻‍♀️


You need help. Don’t be scared to ask a friend or family member… if your BD works alot like mine did I get it. And also talk to your Dr about depression mine lasted with the first kid a yr… and the second year and half

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Maybe colic turn the vacuum on

My son lived in his swing for the first 3 months. Kept him asleep all night unless he was hungry

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Yessss…try “white noise” it helped immensely

Limit hi sleep during the day so you can have him sleep at night. When my daughter was born her schedule was completely flipped. So I just had to keep her up as much as I could during the day, and by 2months she was sleeping through the night, until about 3am when my husbands alarm would go off, so I’d change her diaper and give her a bottle and she’d go right back to sleep


I had a cloth gas wrap for my gassy cranky newborn it had chamomile tea bag pouch the smell and warmth would calm him I got it from buy buy baby. worked like a charm also homeopathic all natural gas drops the nighttime brand good luck!

Baby needs both parents, not things.

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Could be colic or gassy my kids Dr had me use a little rice cereal at night in bottle to help but should talk to dr

Gas =colic tummy calm is the best next thing to bread and water and the windi to very simple things will change your life we wnt through 8 formulas and hell with gas mine is 5 momths old now and great but really look up the windi that helped the best then tummy calm was 2nd

Do you wrapp him to sleep.letting him cry it out is NOT the answer. Do you use a pacifier. Gas drops, do you have a swing that vibrates. To maybe put him to sleep.good luck. Or hold him til he does go to sleep

Try winding him he may want to be near you too try getting a bed box that goes right by your bed x

Can you bring baby next to bed ? So you don’t have to be completely up. That is still very young, the frequent wakings are healthy.

Try a white noise machine. He might be too little still but try a baby picture projector. Also consult his doctor. It could be colic or he could be allergic to something in the milk he’s drinking.

Some babies just don’t sleep no matter what you do. Try lavender baths, lotion and massage time, warm bottle prior to bed. Maybe limit the naps during day or try noise or a rocker. swaddling and side sleeping may help as well. But listen mama if you get overwhelmed depressed or anything PLEASE ASK FOR HELP.

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Maybe colic. Did you try a swing? It work so good for my daughter, we let her sleep in it.

My son loved listening to the vacuum or blow dryer… Passed right out. Get a friend, hire a sitter and get some rest so you can think clearly.

Colic? Try gripe water, they have it at Walmart and health food stores. It’s good for the tummy

Good luck Mama

Right before you feed her put a magic bag (the kind you heat up in the microwave for sore muscles) in her bassinet. Once the feeding is over take the bag out and put her down. It worked for my baby girl. They like the heat, it’s like they’re sill being held and they fall asleep before it goes cold.

Does your baby spit up - a lot and often? Could be gerd/acid reflux.

Ask your pediatrician about reflux. My first was the same way until about three months. There’s probiotic colic drops. Don’t lay baby flat. There’s special pillows you can get that help keep baby at an incline or if they sleep in a crib, put some pillows or a wedge under the mattress to lift it a bit. Doing all these things finally got mine settled at about 3 months

Get him checked for reflux just to rule it out. Swaddle him tightly and try running a fan or white noise machine.

I know it’s easier said then done but sleep during the day when they do. It could be colic also. Maybe see your baby’s pediatrician and see if they have any suggestions

There’s this thing called the shusher and it helped all my kids.
Also is he crying after every feeding? That is a sign of colic, acid reflux.


Try swaddling him. When my youngest was little, I would let her snuggle next to me. I’d keep her close to my heart and she would go right to sleep.

Have him tested for a milk protein allergy. It’s very common and makes babies so fussy.

There are vibrating pads that go under the mattress people swear by

This is me right now. My baby is 6 weeks old and the last 2 weeks has been staying up literally screaming and crying. Acts hungry but starts crying like it hurts as soon as she latches. Nothing seems to help her. Im fuckin exhausted. And lost on what to do to help her! Its ONLY at night. Shes fine allllll day until 10 pm rolls around. Its so frustrating

Check out The Fussy Baby Site Support Group | Colic, High Needs Babies, Spirited Kids.

Turn on a radio for a few nights, it worked with my last son, he had his days and nights mixed up.

Did you talk to your doc.
Are you breast feeding. Is he getting enough.
If you are breast feeding try to give him a bottle of formula before bed it seems to hold them longer.

Talk to your doctor about your mental health and the pediatrician about the baby. Ask someone to help with the baby.

My oldest was like that. Doc suggested Gripe water. Also, we used a happy tumi found on amazon. Worked great. He wouldn’t sleep all night but gave me a few hours in between feedings and fussing. You can also try letting him sleep proped up. Raise the head up and see if that helps him. White noise is great, they also have pink, gray noise. Different frequencies…

It gets better i promise. Sleep with the baby…when the baby sleeps or you’ll slowly go insane.

Soft music jazz, low or no lights rock or dance to sleep. In the summer I always danced my babies to sleep outside

Google the 5 S’s by Dr. Carp. I swear by it!

Routine every night same time. A couple weeks hell be on a routine and start falling into the cycle. Least my daughter did at two months and we never lost sleep after that. Shell be four next month and she still sleeps all night.


Nice warm bath at a regular time, dim lights, play some white noise… Just relax. It doesn’t last forever. It will get better. Just remember to take care of yourself first.

Sleep when he does,I loved on naps

Sounds like colic get him on probiotics asap

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Day sleep will create night sleep too. Check your daily schedule - focus on sleep/wake time and get on a really good schedule for the day. Make sure you are swaddling. Don’t force the baby to stay awake during the day to get him to sleep at night- an overly tired baby will have even more trouble sleeping!! I loosely followed a babywise schedule and my son was sleeping through the night (6hrs) by 9-10 weeks. Honestly- if my son’s daytime sleep is messed up, his nighttime sleep will be awful!


You can try to rock him and just talk about anything like what you did that day! And dim lights, Your voice might soothe him to sleep!

Maybe formula or breast milk isn’t enough. Mix very little baby cereal with his bottle. He will sleep. My boy did that. He wasn’t satisfied with just milk anymore

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Breast fed or formula? If breast fed, something you’re eating could be causing tummy trouble. Formula fed? Maybe switch to sensitive/gentle. If that’s already been done maybe milk allergy? Also, gas drops, gripe water can he life savers. Does he arch his back and cry? Acid reflux. A simple prescription from his pediatrician will take care of that. Is he constipated? If so, my pediatrician said 2oz of apple or prune juice to make him go. (I’m obviously not a doctor, nor do I know your child, but I have 3 under 3 and all these things have been life savers for me!) Good luck mama.

Maybe he has gripe…try putting him to bed on his belly, rub his belly gently and use gripe formula…for me personally I used lime buds and it helped a lot…

My baby was like this. I could swear he hated me. My hubby worked too and I’m not the kind of mom that would ask for help when he’s already doing so much. But he could put him to sleep in two minutes. I felt so bad but it worked and he napped for a good solid hour sometimes two and I passed out with him.

I went on YouTube and searched sleep music. You have to try many but I found one that my baby would fall asleep almost instantly to.

I also later found out that he was colic because he was allergic to something I ate through my breast milk. It’s rare but It happens. He was also allergic to formula so Dad could never feed him as I do not respond to pumping. So have him checked out also.


Try all the advice because something will work and hang in there. Sending you good CALMING vibes mama!

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Mine did this and I moved his bedtime up an hour. It really helped.

Sometimes it’s the formula causing colic or milk allergy.

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Try singing and rocking. Zen music helps

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I went through this with 2/3 babes… it’s so hard. I tried everything from gripe, changing formulas, dark, light, noise, no noise, finally with the first one a pedi put her on an antacid for acid reflux, in two days we had a brand new baby, with the 3rd I knew what it was and once she was on antacid for reflux she too did a total switch. Now neither baby showed the classic signs of having reflux , only cried at in the evenings and nights. I hope you find something that works! I HATED nights! It’s so hard on everyone… there were days I didn’t think we would get through it but we did!!! And so will you!


Hi sweetie poor both y’all my advice keep urself calm as a cucumber baby is probably senseing ur tired or nervous also use music for both y’all and light lights just relax and even sing any lullaby I did just so I had twins worked like a charm good luck to both of u

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We used lots of night time gripe water & gas drops. If she’s just had shots add in a bit of Tylenol. Also get a Halo sleep sack & wrap her tight. & We literally had to take turns holding my grandson & sometimes we could get home to sleep on his own by placing him in a boppy pillow with head & legs propped up & butt in the middle. Was the only way my daughter got any sleep. It got better by 4 months & a lot better by 6 months.

& Do not forget a baby will feel all your emotions so you need to stay very calm quiet & loving.
I found craddling him in both arms with my lips pressed to his forehead in a dark quiet room with a soft light & sound machine & a rocking chair worked wonders at calming him to sleep.

I used this… but please read the directions and ask your doctor before. It helped for my little one.
Also, you might want to start on a routine. Try giving a warm bath, swaddling, bottle, and a noise machine. Rock with him/her till they fall asleep.
Last, babies can feel how you are. So try to relax and not be so anxious


He could have reflux or colic.

We had to use a warm mist humidifier I guess the sound and the moisture helped him sleep better also I am absolutely obsessed with mylicon it helps with gas sitting in the stomach and worked wonders . Baby might be colic too . My now 3 month old had a sensitivity to the formula we were using but he stomach adjusted and now sleeps through the night

Baby could have colic. I have used mommy bliss and it helps my baby sleep

Try to relax, it’s extremely hard when you are sleep deprived and tired, but they sense you are tense and emotional. Try not to let him sleep much during the day, especially evening. I am betting colic, good luck! First one cried for a year!!!

Whatever hes drinking could be upsetting his stomach or could still be hungry or need burped, our son had acid reflux really bad so he had to sleep kinda sat up at an angle and it helped alot, maybe try to prop him up when hes asleep

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My baby had colic day and night. It’s so very hard.:cry:have you tried swaddling him?

Put a little baby cereal in his formula I had to do that the night my baby boy was born formula wasn’t enough and may have days and nights mixed up keep him awake as much as possible in daytime

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Feed him puree food 2 hrs before bed. He would only need 2-3 spoons at his age then his bottle or breast before sleep time. Soothing music also helps relax baby. Good luck mama bear

The baby shusher is also amazing to settle baby to sleep if he is fed, changed and ready for bed

Give 3 ounces of 7 up, when he pass gas, he will go to sleep.

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Take him to a chiropractor… I swear I didn’t believe it til I did it … like a miracle :heart:

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Lavender and chamomile!!!
Make sure he isn’t teething,
if you breastfeed let him suck until he falls asleep.
Try to put him in the swing with music on until he’s asleep and then sneak him into his crib, pacifier (if you use it, i personally said fuck yeah because mine wouldn’t without something to suck on)
swaddling for me didn’t.
Make sure they’re full and maybe a bath before bed next time.

I co sleep. My baby sleeps all night with me. The Le Leche League can tell you how to safely Co sleep with your baby. Or you could request to join a FB group called The Beyond Sleep Training Project and they have very specific information about how to safely Co sleep.

  • very firm mattress
  • both parents sober
  • no smoking in bed
  • baby isn’t swaddled
  • no gaps between headboard/footboard and mattress
  • covers only to your waist baby wears sleep sack no blanket for baby
  • only 1 pillow for Mom and 1 pillow for Dad pillow is kept away from baby
    There are so many other helpful specifications to make your bed safe to include making your crib into a side car.
    If you’re breastfeeding this allows you to lay on your side and nurse on demand and sleep while baby is nursing.

Try swaddling him? A white noise machine with a projector so he has something pretty to look at? My son slept in a Woombie swaddler for quite a while as a little baby. Gas drops?


Could he have reflux??

god fucking dammit people quit recommending this person feed a TWO MONTH old solids FFS, no solids till 4-6 months!

Try some probiotics! My daughter was super fussy at about two months… Dr said to give her probiotics once daily in her bottle ( we put it in her bedtime bottle) we did this for MAYBE a month and she has been an angel since!

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Add rice cereal to his night bottle. Cut nipple for thickness. Start light a couple of TBSP adding more as baby ages.


You are stressed… the baby feels it… start a relax and wind down routine for you and the little one… make dad watch him about an hour for you to decompress after the baby’s bath… I used to take a hot bath, read for 30 minutes and drink a cup of chamomile lavender tea… then go rock that baby to sleep… works like a charm.

My mother kept babies for the state. She had one which was about one and 1/2 yrs. old. During his naptime he would continuously cry. He did this at night, also. My mother told the agency and they said put in in his crib. Give him his bottle and make sure he’s not wet. Leave the room and close the door behind you. Just check on him often to make sure he’s okay

This is gonna sound crazy but it works. Swaddle him in a shirt you’ve worn all day. Also boil in a large stockpot a head of lettuce for five minutes then a simmer for 15 on low. Let cool it down to a comfortable temperature and use it to rinse in his bath. Not sure why this works but does.

Do NOT put anything but formula or breastmilk in his belly. He’s too young. How often is he eating? Babies do a lot of growing in the first few months. He could just be hungry. If you’re breastfeeding, maybe it’s gas due to something you’re eating. Gas drops helped my newest little with gas. I co sleep with my babies. Maybe try that? There are SAFE ways to do it. If he isn’t rolling over yet try to swaddle him. Music or a white noise machine can help too. Also, baby can feel YOUR stress. So take a deep breath, relax. Put him down and try again if you have to. You CAN do this! He won’t cry forever.

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Swaddle. Some babies like to feel tight as if still in the womb. They sell them at the store ones that zip up. My daughter liked to have her hands free so we got one that is made with the hands up and covered and its a sack/swaddle that zips for easy changing. The fabric is light and breathable but warm enough.

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Dont put anything in his bottle or feed him anything other than medication and formula or breastmilk. Sleep when baby sleeps until baby grows out of this stage. Try to keep him up more during the day and get into a nightly routine. Like bath time with lavender soap before bed will help with sleepiness. He will grow out of it momma. Hang in there


We didnt co sleep. She sleeps in a crib now without any real hassle haha shes 16 months old.

Flip him head over heels, gently of course. It’s an old wives tale and it works. Just do it 1 time should be good to sleep. Did it with mine,thought my Grandma was nuts lol but it really worked on more than one of my kids.

Does he nurse/feed well, my granddaughter would cry out of the blue and my daughter did some research and found she had tongue and lip tie, saw a pediatric dentist, they tasered the ties and was a different child immediately. Worth a look

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My last 2 both of whom are girls weren the same until they started sleeping in their swing. We made sure there was a strict bedtime routine in place which was warm bath, lavender baby lotion rub down and comfy warm pjs, followed by snuggles and feedings then would lay them down in their swing while they were still awake and they would peacefully fall asleep watching and listening to their swings music and light mobile. All 3 of my children 11, 9 and 3 now go to sleep perfectly fine by themselves in their own beds in their own rooms without complaint and I truly do believe it’s because we followed bedtime routine no matter what. It will help now and in the long run.