My 2-month-old is having trouble making a BM: Advice?

My two-month-old is breastfed 98% of the time he typically gets formula when he wakes up in the middle of the night, so my partner has a chance to feed him and to give myself a break from the pumping and feeding grind! He goes days without having a BM. The longest was six days, and then the dr gave us suppositories for him. We used one that night, and within the hour, he had a big BM then went the next day again…so now it’s going on three days without a BM any advice? Or has anyone else run into this issue? The formula is not a new thing. This has been since we have brought him home, so it’s not new to him. Any advice is welcomed! Thanks in advance


Breastfed babies can go 7 days without pooping. As long as it’s not hard pellets it’s not constipation.


I know breastfed babies dont always poop a lot and going a week or so with no poop is not abnormal for a breastfed baby. I don’t know if the formula changes that at all? If he’s not getting formula regularly it’s probably normal.and just cuz he is breastfed. Does he seem uncomfortable or in pain? Like he has bad gas or something? With breast fed babies pees are more important to get a lot of than poos. Pees let you know they are not dehydrated.

Totally normal with breastfeeding. My ped said they can go up to 10 days with one but if your worried. Then the 3Ps. Pears, Prunes and Peaches

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That’s normal for breastfed babies :blue_heart:

Usually breastfed babies can go up to 7 days without having a BM and it would be okay. Since your baby has formula at night he should be making a BM at least once a day, but it may not be that much a concern since he’s consuming so little of the formula… i don’t know maybe get a second opinion from another doctor

Breastfed babies oftentimes don’t poop for a. Of time which is not abnormal

It’s normal for breast fed babies to to up to a week with out a bm. Mine could go 3 or 4 easily. Sometimes more. Unless he’s in pain I wouldn’t do suppositories.

My breastfed babies went days, up to a week. It’s normal.

You could give you 2 mo old 2 ounces of apple or pear juice but only use 100% fruit juice pasteurized with about the same amount of water mixed. That should help and u wont have to use a suppository :confounded: Good luck! And rub that babys little belly too to alleviate any gas bubbles/pain.


Start giving them water

Both of mine had this issue we bought some gerber probiotics and used them every morning in their milk or just straight in mouth but it kept them regular and they were uncomfy from not having a BM

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My kids’ pediatrician said to just put a tiny pinch of Benefiber in their bottle. It works.

We used Miralax per doctors recommendation

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I took my daughter to the chiropractor, it was the best thing ever for constipation and colic.


My lo is 3 months and breastfed only and her schedule is every 3-5 days she poops which her pediatrician said that’s completely normal for BF babies as long as she doesn’t seem uncomfortable and cranky he said no worries.

Put a little Karo syrup in the bottle to help soften your little ones poop. Granted, my kids are older but it worked well and no need for uncomfortable suppositories


I add a couple drops of dark Karo syrup to my daughters bottle when ever she has trouble and it works like a charm.

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Your pediatrician :woman_facepalming:not all babies are the same.

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An old school trick I got from my mom for the rare occasions my son had problems, and it always worked, was to put a small amount of vaseline just on the inside of the anus with a q-tip.


An ounce or 2 of apple juice

Some of these comments are just sad :tired_face: miralax, benefiber, suppositories for newborn babies?! Doesn’t anyone realize when they have quacks for doctors?


It is normal for a breastfed baby to poop every 3-5 days. This is because breast milk is exactly what babies bodies (this isn’t to start a debate in “breast is best” or “formula is wrong” or whatever twisted way someone might want to change my statement) needs, therefore, there is not as much “waste”

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Ask your doc if you’re still unsure, but it’s pretty normal for infants to not have a BM for a week-10 days at a time ESP breastfed babies. BM removed the waste, breast milk doesn’t create much waste.

Glycerin suppositories

For my first doc said add alittle Apple juice to diet daily just to get things moving. Once he hit solids I would add in alittle prune… :+1:

My second — we tried everything! He would add small amount of miralax because if he didn’t go after 5 days he refused to eat … pedi said 5 days is tops for a BM simply because that’s toxins sitting in there. We have used suppositories if it was really bad. He has since grown out of it and uses nothing… but he grew into his BM pattern.

Honestly speak to your pedi. You know you child best. If they are in pain and fussy you do what you feel is right for you and you little. As an adult they’re a nothing worse than being backed up… medications are scary… but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Remember you’re still getting to know your child’s routine n functions.
You got this!

Don’t not give a baby that young just water! Call your baby’s Dr and tell them your still having issues they might okay a little juice with a little water to dilute it but he is still young so idk I would just call and see what they say

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When my son was young they recommended an ounce or two of just water. I can’t remember if it was only recommended for once a day or a few times, so you may want to call and ask what is safe. Maybe if your doctor isn’t helping try calling another pediatrician? I also used to use the Mommy’s Bliss probitotic drops but that’s more of an overtime thing rather than an immediately resolution for constipation. We do Miralax now but my son is almost 3, I can’t imagine it would be safe for infants.

my granddaughter had colon surgery and then had trouble with constipation. her Dr put her on small doses of miralax, check with ur dr. it really helps. She’s 9 now and we still use it

Breast fed babies can go for up to a week without pooping for the first few months and it’s totally normal so don’t worry unless it goes on for more than a week and a half.

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It is normal for breastfed babies to go up to 10 days without having a bowel movement there is no need for suppositories please check the AAP her references if need be


Lord there are some terrible recommendations in here please just call your pediatrician before following some of these mothers because they are giving you an unsafe advice especially for a two month old baby

My pediatrician recommends 2 teaspoons of brown sugar in his milk/ formula

Is he gaining weight? I had this issues with my lo and no weight gained and turned out to be allergy…

I had the same issue with my son. He was mostly breastfed but did have to have at least one formula bottle a day to help him grow since he was a premie. The pediatrician told me it was normal to go 5-7 days without a BM as long as when he did have a BM the stool wasn’t hard and he was still peeing regularly.

It’s normal for breastfed babies to not have BMs everyday. They can go without for up to a week


It’s totally normal for a breastfeed baby to go days without a bm. Are the stools hard or compacted? If not then the baby is not constipated and you don’t need to give him juice or suppositories it anything else to help him go. It’s totally normal.

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Light Kayro syrup helps too!


Up to 7 days is completely normal for breastfed babies! Even now that my daughter has started solids the pedi said that she can still go three days without it being an issue.

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Have you tried eating things that can be passed through breastfeeding that could help things get moving along?

Contact dr! My son sees a gastro and nutrionist for severe constipation… Constipation can cause vomiting that can lead to no weight gain! Some baby’s don’t poop for 3-4 days if it’s not hard balls coming out it may not be constipation contact dr

My 2 month old constipation he was going a week without bowels

He is on miralax and suppositorys

Glecerin suppositories for infants… Gentiy insert when baby is relaxed… hold in for a min and viola… so quick and easy… my oldest son had a terrible time without them when he was tiny… might also need a low iron baby formula if he’s on formula…

Also try gas drops and gripe water

My son was the same way. I had to add prune juice 2 oz per 6 oz of milk

Pediatricians here recommend a teaspoon of dark brown sugar in a 4 0z bottle and it does work

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I used pear juice. It was okay with my doctor and she would be in pain after a few days. And the pear juice always worked within a couple hours and i still use it for her.

My daughter was 2 weeks old when I started chopping pears and boiling them. I would then give her the bit of tea. It’s naturally sweet and a natural laxative. When she got older she would drink the tea and eat the pear pieces.

Formula can make a baby constipated

Pear juice (half juice, half water). Or another suppository.

My two month old was having issues but he not breastfed turns out he has a cow milk allergy and was switch to hypoallergenic formula and soon have he was going and i mean up the back going

Give him water or little bit of prune juice 2onces max

My baby’s pediatrician said that if its longer then a week and a half then bring him in but he kept having trouble so he gave him a medication after a test or two saying that his body is not bring down water into his poo so he couldn’t go and after he took the medication awhile he never had a issue again also it could be what you are eating

A primarily breastfed baby can go up to a week without having a BM and that’s considered perfectly normal.


I put the brown kero syrup in my daughter,s bottle but she was raised on carnation milk

Ugh my baby has had the same issue since he was 2 months old. The doctor said it’s ok if he doesnt go for a couple days as long as he isnt in pain. At first he was in alot of pain,making himself bleed from pushing so hard. With did apple juice prune juice and constipation medication and none of it worked. When he pooped it was hard as a rock. Slowly,very slowly it’s getting better. Maybe something you gotta ride out while there body are figuring everything out. But with breastfeeding its possible it’s something in your diet that is affecting him.

Add a little more water. Sometimes formula binds them up a bit.

It’s normal for babies to go days at a time with out having a BM the most is 7 days… you can take a thermometer with some a&d ointment or vaseline and run it around their b-hole and then do bicycle kicks and gently massage their tummy

I feel so dumb I have to kids an don’t no what bm is other then baby mom can someone tell me what it is

Could be the brand of formula you are using. I tried this same thing with my daughter but she would spit up a lot after having formula and she doesn’t spit up at all if she has breast milk from a bottle so I have just kept with exclusively breastfeeding her day and night because it makes her happiest! Recently she is starting to make a movement about every other day and she gets a warm bath every night and leg exercises plus tummy massages.

Normal for breastfed babies

My son has been on osmolax since he was a baby it’s a stool softener instead of a laxitive

  1. Use the probiotic nestle formula
  2. give a tsp of water everyday
    3.and if all fails some prunes juice tsp
  3. massage tummy and bicycle kicks
  4. Breastfed moms do not drink pop, caffeine to much, spicy food, or gas creating foods it all goes to baby, mom eat fiber foods ie broccoli, whole wheat, etc it will be passed to baby to help him/her go

My nephew had this problem and had to be put on a special formula. Doc said it was a form on lactose intolerance.

For my first doc said add alittle Apple juice to diet daily just to get things moving. Once he hit solids I would add in alittle prune… :+1:

My second — we tried everything! We would add small amount of miralax because if he didn’t go after 5 days he refused to eat … pedi said 5 days is tops for a BM simply because that’s toxins sitting in there. We have used suppositories if it was really bad. He has since grown out of it and uses nothing… but he grew into his BM pattern.

Honestly speak to your pedi. You know you child best. If they are in pain and fussy you do what you feel is right for you and you little. As an adult they’re a nothing worse than being backed up… medications are scary… but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Remember you’re still getting to know your child’s routine n functions. Maybe even trying to add more veggies ect to your diet. Look into your diet to see what can change for him breast feeding wise. :woman_shrugging:t2:
You got this!

That is totally normal for a breastfed baby to go up to 10 days without a bowel movement. If they arent turning red and struggling to poop, baby probably isn’t constipated. My daughter dealt with constipation and if it was so bad that they were struggling to poop for days, you would know. My daughter would scream every time it was hard for her to poop. Do not give the baby anything that the doctor doesn’t prescribe or suggest to you. It can hurt more than help. Also a laxative making them poop doesn’t mean they can’t poop, it is just softening everything that goes in making it digest and pass faster. They just dont make as much waste with breastmilk naturally because it is so nutritionally sound.

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I had to give my son diluted apple juice and Gave him fiber cereal he liked and ate and it helped him go, plus out growing holding it in now he goes regular and I give him a daily fiber gummy which helps him from getting constipated…good luck

My 4 month old is only breastfed and from what I understand it’s common for them to go longer spans without a poo bc your breastmilk has everything they need so there is not much waste to expel. I bought some infant probiotics and give them to him as per the directions and usually he’ll have a poo the same day.

Or sometimes I’ll use gripe water

Hope this helps!!!


Put about a 1/4-1/2 tsp karo syrup in the bottle & it will soften the stool to help your little one to have a bm. That’s been long used & we had to do it when ours was a baby & now w our new grandson.


My son was like that too due to the formula he was on. His doctor suggested a prune juice bottle in the morning. 1 part prune juice( I used apple/prune juice just because it tasted sweeter I think) 3 parts water. Do not use straight prune juice. It has to be diluted with water. Worked wonders and kept him pretty regular. My son is almost 15 now but I have suggested it over the years to many people and they all have said it worked for them too. Good luck

Both my boys have constipation issues. We tried switching formulas and nothing changed. So They were put on lactulose by our pediatrician as babies. Once they reached a year they were moved to miralax.

Why don’t you call the pharmacy who filled the prescription and ask them how often you should do that if he isn’t pooping? Facebook people aren’t your pharmacist or physician. This is your child’s well being.

I played and exercised my kids legs and rubbed tummy…made sure I ate a lot of fiber and that. Never had a kid go long without going but I remember watching my mom work with my brother with the exercises and gently using an anal thermometer to stimulate the process (lol she was complaining under her breath cause the doctor instructions seemed ridiculous right before the floodgates opened! Timing was hysterical)…I breastfeed and the only thing I was told to give during colic was boiled sugar water if gas seemed to be hurting and man did my oldest go! So that might work as well.

this is not unusual! dont give him Karo syrup or try and induce the bm with anything but leg movement. breast milk is so efficient that often there is litlle waste, baby uses up everything the milk provides, and that is why waste (bm) doesnt happen frequently. unless the babys stomach is rock hard and baby is obviously in painful distress, theres nothing to worry about. just have fun time pumping and bicycling babys legs and a warm bath…within an hour my son was pooping.

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My one son had the same issues. Dr said it wasn’t something to worry about until 12 to 14 days without pooping. But yes more fiber in your diet and more fruits will help. At 2 months I personally wouldn’t be feeding juices just yet.

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My grandmother gave my aunt a glycerin suppository every day at the same time and used grunt sound. By 6 months she had her pooping on tissue. But sounds like your baby needs fiber. I would suggest some cereal, but modern moms would string me up.

I have a 4mon old, he has a hard time pooping too his doctor approved 1oz prune juice either before bed or in the morning daily so far worked for us he goes daily or every other day now

Maybe what your eating.Add more fruit to your diet.Lije papayas, mangos, bananas & almonds.Alot of veggies also . Change formula without iron.

I use mineral oil to help my boys when it’s hard for them to poo. Get more fiber in your diet might help

Dude. My son was bf and went two weeks without pooping. It’s normal with breastfeeding because there’s more water to absorb than with formula

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What kind of formula is it? Breast milk is a natural laxative. Breast fed babies usually poop more than formula fed because its easier to digest. Id try a little extra water with the formula or switch to one with low or no iron. If it keeps happening make an appt to see your doctor again.

For my kids this was in the dark ages. I took my babies to the chiropractor. It was very light adjustment. Was able to go no problems.

I had to give my daughter sippy cups with 1part apple juice, one part prune juice, 2 parts water

get gerber pair juice and give baby a little each time he has trouble it works great

Ok so your asking fb drs instead of a real dr?