My 2-year-old doesn't like eating meat: Advice?

Hello ladies! So my son is two and I am having SO much trouble getting him to eat meats, at first I thought he was a picky eater but it’s gotten to the point where he is a little bit anemic, and his face is getting white spots. He eats everything else pastas, juice crackers everything else but vegetables and meats. He starts crying as soon as he sees them. I would really love some tips on what to do to get him to eat more and get more iron!


Minced meat in Chowmein
Chicken nuggets with ketchup…just.dont say what it is

Beans, peanut butter, you could mix the meat onto the noodles… Hide veggies under his favorite foods… You could puree the meat after you cook it and make into a sauce like then put it on the crackers or pasta… Make a veggie and fruit smoothie or buy one that has both in it… Eggs are good protein… Put peas with the eggs… Salmon and spinach with cheese is good… My baby loves pot roast… But im a big meat eater too…

My grandson is 10 and he still eats very few fruits and vegetables. He is better about meat than he use to be but the meat still has to be cooked certain ways.

Work with other foods high in iron… Green veggies have a lot. There are alternatives to meat. My son is still a picky eater at 20, but he finally took to meat about 5 or 6 yrs old.

He needs to get protein from other sources, my son is the same way and won’t touch meat. I give him peanut butter, as many fruits and veggies as he will eat, and sometimes pediasure!

I put veggies with everything thats his favorite… Hes a big meat eater so i hide the veggies under it on the spoon… Start helping the baby eat… Once the baby gets use to the flavor might enjoy it more… I crumble broccolli under the fish… I hide greenbeans with the chicken… Hide it under favorite foods… Thats what works best… They have frozen mashed cauliflower that you can mix with potatoes…

Make smoothies…V8 juices

Pasta with vegies & meat blended into the sauce
Mix fruit with vegies to make home made juices e,g:- carrot , apple & orange combined . sweet potato , beetroot, can be used in juices .

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You could crumble up broccolli, mix with cheese real good and put it on the crackers… Chicken alfredo with broccolli grate it and mix it into the pasta…

Have you had his blood tested for anemia? So many other foods contain protein. Meat is not a necessity. Beans and grains are excellent.


Chocolate protein shake? Fairlife makes one that’s like chocolate milk with protein in it. It’s really good!
I had a friend that used to grind carrots up mix into pasta sauce and such. Personally, I’ve never tried it and don’t know how you can’t taste the carrot taste but she said her family didn’t. People do this with okra and zucchini in desserts as well.


I use to make mashed potatoes and shred the meat into potatoes my daughter never knew the difference

Really ? Go to a doctor.


Kale and pears… Put the pear juice on the kale as well…

If even trying ketchup or something an it still won’t work most like the child will grow up to not really eat meat or b vegan or one of the other my daughter was like that when she was that age she really don’t eat to much meat now

A lot of kids don’t like the texture. I bought finger foods for my boys, like little wieners.

My sister never liked meat as a child, mum wouldn’t let her be vegetarian til she was older so compromised by her eating a small serve of meat at least once a day. Eg: one sausage with veggies at dinner. She’s grown out of it now so it may just be a phase. Google meat substitutes for the vitamin factor.,like nuts etc

Simpeles, barmix it into gravy if he’ll eat gravy.

Or mix into ketcup etc. Etc.

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The fact of the matter is you’re the adult. Yes, you want to do whatever you can to make meals pleasurable, but it’s also your responsibility to make sure your child is getting the proper nutrition…if you have to be the meany, do it the old fashioned way…make him chicken, which is usually more mellow tasting than beef, and a good vegetable…when mine was a toddler, she did not like broccoli…until I melted cheese on it…make it, and let him know it’s what is for dinner, and don’t feed him anything else until he eats that. I know it sounds cruel…but, him not getting proper nutrition is very detrimental to his health and growth…


For my son he had the same issue, our doctor had us put him on iron supplements 2 times a day. Once the levels started to go up he ate more meats such as lunch meat, hot dogs, chicken, vianna sausages, bologna. May work for him, but I would deff get an appt to see the doctor.

Take him to McDonald’s… Everyone keeps saying it’s not meat


Give him something else, he’s smart.

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You can give him protein foods like peanut butter subsatute meat …it’s not important he eat meat👍


I stared to blend veggies into my children’s food during that picky phase. Green eggs (spinach blended with the eggs) not too much to over power the flavor. Make pasta with kale pesto. Or hide veggies in the pasta sauce. Also I have presented all the good stuff and put only veggies on plate then told them to eat veggies first then they can have the rest… also you have to eAt them too. Also I thought I didn’t like veggies as a kids, turns out my grandma and mom weren’t cooking them properly…

If he is getting necessary vitamins and minerals elsewhere, why make it a battle?

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Pediasure makes a shake with protiens…try that

My daughter did not eat meat either. She grew out of it. We just continued to offer it. In the mean time we just replaced the protien with other foods besides meat also high in protein

I went through this, when I was a child. I still don’t like the taste of most meats.
My mother took me to the doctor, who gave me a full checkup and told my mother I was fine and to not force feed me meat. Vitamin supplements were possible, if I started getting sick - which I didn’t.
I would take your son to the doctor just to make sure.
Also, have you asked your son why he doesn’t want meat? There may be a valid reason. Some people can’t handle the texture on their palate.

My daughter was a vegetarian as a child and the drs just told me to keep fresh fruits or any veggie she would eat within reach. They won’t starve. But give him children’s vitamins also even if you have to crush it and put it in juice or scrambled eggs. Or get a vitamin that’s really yummy and yall him its candy. Also look for vegetarian recipes for children they dont need neat but do need protein.

He’s two…makes it a little harder to disguise one food for another or inside another. I bought a$10.00 mini chopper to turn regular food the rest of the family ate into pureed baby food for the grandkids. I would suggest that you get one.
Meat like chicken, beef, and pork can literally be reduced to POWDER with one of these. You just have to make sure the pieces of meat are small enough to not bog down the unit. After all, it’s just a$10.00 chopper, not a super wow power tool.
It would allow you to turn meat into DUST, which you can sprinkle over pasta, rice, potatoes, etcetera.


I wonder if he saw something on TV or somebody said something to make him turn away from meat. I would ask him.

My son is the same his whole. Life and he’s nearly 7 and totally healthy… He eats beg… Fish and other things x

Compare it to his favourite tv/movie characters. My daughter 3 and grandson 4 were like this but love avenger so broccoli was hulk trees, carrots gave them special power of seeing in the dark etc

Chickpeas can make your own hummus dip and Beans.


Have him drink and Ensure drink along with his Meal instead of milk. Those have a lot of protein in them and they’re good.

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There are other foods that have iron in them if that’s what he is lacking. Things like spinach an avocado. Ask your doctor for a list of things that he could have for his protein and iron instead of meat. That way he still gets his nutrition without a fight.


Make blended soups that way you can get everything in there without him knowing


Lots if resources on the Internet that lisr protein and iron rich foods. Have a tasting party.

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Mac and cheese with hamburger meat mixed in

My now 3 yr old still doesn’t eat meat very often. But she loves veggies. The brand Kidfresh has frozen chicken meatballs with veggies in it. Offer some type of dipping sauce with it. My 3 yr old loves raw broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, cucumbers, cabbage and lettuce with some ranch dressing.

There are things in supermarkets like dinner waffles and fish fingers that contain carrots and sweetcorn etc its hidden inside so they don’t see it. Also both of my children went through this phase of not liking meat. My daughter is nearly 2 and won’t eat it except mince but only because I have to feed it to her. My son is nearly 5 and outgrew ok when he started school he will eat anything now

I have had this problem for years. 17 intact with my eldest Ive resorted to multi vitimins forified cereal and chocolate flavor Horlicks. Make deals every dinner time that she at least tries one piece of something even of it is one pea one piece of meat. Pure orange juice too

I was like this as a kid and still am to a a large degree. It’s not that I dont necessarily like meat. Its more that I dont like the texture of meat by itself. My mother said I was a nightmare.

I’d try foods that have meats in them. Chicken alfredo. Spaghetti, lasagna, rice and gravy. Sll things with mest but in little pieces.

Talk to your doctor? Do research on what other foods to feed him to get the same nutrients? Try the kids nutrition supplement drinks. So many ways to get proper vitamins without meat.


There is almost no nutritional value in pasta , crackers and juice . SMFH

Maybe its autism my son was really picky at that age used to give him pediasure.

You are making a rod for your own back.give him no treats explain your consern to the child. If he has a super hero tell him thats what the hero eats a combination of meat and veg.then drop one as the other will compensate for the loss .Good luck love hope all go’s well.

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Habits tend to be hard to break. Have you tried “dips” kids love to dip. If he wants to put his pork chops in ketchup or ranch, or applesauce let him. Also don’t offer so many choices. My mom would make meat, a starch whether potatoes or rice, and a veggie.
She said “if you’re hungry, there is something on this table you will eat “ ( there were no alternatives)

Don’t worry about it? It’s normal for kids to be picky from time to time. Don’t make it an issue, but continue to offer him meat.
If he seems anemic, there’s a lot of other things he can eat and of course it is important and even more important that he has vitamine pills.
Wish you the best of luck​:pray:t3::relaxed:

There are many other foods with protein and iron. Talk to your pediatrician. My pediatrician said not to worry. My daughter didnt eat meat until she was 4. Not even chicken. Shes 6 now and eats everything. Give it time.

Beans!! You can even puree them into sauces! He doesnt need meat <3


He is 2!!! Try some Bolognese on his pasta,give some snack meats,…Don’t worry too much or you’ll just stress yourself and him out…Offer bowls with couple grapes,jelly cube,cucumber ect…xx

And there is now pasta made from veggies that you can buy!

You can get protein and iron from other food other then meat. Google the options and see which ones he will eat. I also like the idea of puree the meat into sauces.

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If you’re worried about protein deficiency use other protein sources like beans, lentils, tofu and other plant based proteins. Learn to cook them in a way he will like. As far as veggies sneak them into things. If he likes fruit smoothies then sneak some spinach in there. If you bake muffins add in some shredded up carrots or zucchini. Instead of regular store bought fries, make your own with regular potatoes, or sweet potatoes or hell make carrot fries. I’ve had zucchini fries. It’s just zucchini cut into strips, breaded and fried. Not the healthiest thing but eh whatever. The point is to find alternatives. Don’t force him to eat what he doesn’t want.

Fresh fruit and fresh vegetable smoothies…hope that helps

Soybeans, lima beans, white,black beans, and lentils.Green peas, green beans,spinach and squash.
Great bean/lentil/pea/ squash make great soups !!
Good with rice too. My littles loved peas and green beans raw…defrost frozen ones!! Add spinach to everything…cut up small, shrinks when cooked-seamless in tomato sauce!!
I raised 2 healthy strong vegetarians.

This is a 2 yo. Mom you are allowing this 2 year old to dictate what he wants to eat. When I was a kid our breakfast, lunch and dinner were put in front of us. That was it. No discussion. Talk to your Pediatrician. Where or who did he learn this behavior from? That’s learned behavior. Good luck.


Meat broth to make the food.

Stews soups hide the meat

My son doesn’t eat meat never has. You can give him pedia sure for extra nutrients. Vitamins. There is lots of other iron and protein rich foods just google and keep trying. Good luck!

Meat is totally unnecessary. He’s a smart kid. Lots of other, healthier options.


I wouldn’t worry about it as long as he eats other things and veggies. My daughter who is 11 never ate meat either and still doesn’t. I was the same way until I was in my 20’s.

Beans are a good source of protein I’m not a huge fan of meat myself but hubby is so i eat it i try to make lots of bean based foods too tho and theres tons of varieties to try

Then don’t give it to him…problem solved


Give him multivitamins and start blending up high iron veggies and add them tonhis pasta sauce.

My daughter is 6 and just started eating chicken a couple months ago… she had severe feeding issues though. We supplement with daily iron gummies, along with other vitamins as well and havent had any issues.

Refried beans,broccoli, beats…lived on these while pregnant to bring my iron up…can try grinding up meats and hiding in the veggies he likes

I’ve had this issue with my little one. He was probably 4 at the time & saw me cooking meat and didn’t want anything to do with it since. It was frustrating and caused a lot of worrying. Dad eventually sat down with him and mixed it in his food and we went from there. It was surprising to me to see him actually eat it. Also we got meal replacement drinks to incorporate into his daily routine. Just to give him the extra stuff he was lacking. He would drink it regularly usually after school, rinse out his own bottle and put it in recycling. Since dad has helped him a lot , he eventually just did it on his own. Now he’s good at eating most of his meats. Still drinks the meal replacements which he calls his (special drinks) and has gained weight and is 6 now. We’re proud of how far he’s come. Stick with it mama… do what’s best for your child. Hagd

Trick him and sneak it in. Only eating carbs is gonna destroy his body.

Use things like cauliflower for potatoes and sweet potatoes fries. You can get things like veggie burgers made from soybeans which is just as healthy and fortify his diet with vitamins if needed…and kids hotdogs…buy beef hotdogs or corndogs… been there with three picky eaters as well…

had a granddaughter who didn’t like chicken as a small child but she would eat my “big rice and little rice” never knowing it was full of chicken. It’s basically rice a roni chicken flavored with small pieces of chicken in it. Today she eats meat and chicken. Other alternative is to look up iron rich foods (darky leafy greens and beans) and feed that to him while you eat meat and I bet in no time he wants meat again. Make sure to smell the house up with meat smells when cooking! :wink: It’s usually a phase and they out grow it in time. Drive you crazy while they are in it though!

You should really watch anything made with soy because it contains estrogen which is not great for little boys

He is only 2 it’s ok if he isn’t eating meat. My oldest is 8 and she still doesn’t eat meat with all her meals. Give him a kids multivitamin and some pediasure. He will be just fine

Serve vitamin c with high iron foods to help with absorption.

Kids eat what we teach them to eat. If his hungry enough he’ll eat the veggies and meat. But if your allowing him to eat sweets and junk food? Then your the problem. Your the adult and the parent and you should be teaching him how to eat healthy…His 2 your making the choices for him…

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Forgotten who that TV nanny is called but she had a child whom would only eat 1 certain thing and she blamed the mum, typical, they gave the child food and he started to wretch and his mum face when he nibbled the food was sheer horror, nanny took her to one side and told her off, they went back to the table and virtually ignored the boy while he ate and chatted among themselves, when the boy finished he was proud of himself, he had eaten a cheese sandwich and a yogurt, he had never eaten these things before ,at least your son eats a lot more than the boy the nanny saw, so your ahead already, result, he needs to eat vegetables, try the nanny way might work x

When he’s not looking mix his food with a little of both meat n veggies I’m 38 and the only way I’ll eat vegetables if I have them mixed in food

my grandson is 17 hasn’t had more than one meat meal a week since he was 5 but he eats lots of salads. I buy him greek yogurt if favorite flavors, mix it with milk carnation instant breakfast and some ice, or ice-cream and blend it, he drinks it and has for years; the instant breakfast give 12 grams protein, the Greek yogurt gives 13 the milk about 9 I think, that give 34 grams per drink; if you can get him to drink that at least once a day it will be a basis to work on my daughter was the same way now she eats everything

and he does eat pizza and barilla has a high protein pasta that works for him too, he says he wont eat animals lol

Shedded chicken was a god send when my son started not eating meat. Mix it in pasta.

I heard lots of kids don’t really like meat until they are a little older. I have to put shredded chicken in stuff to confuse my daughter and trick her into eating it lol

my son is also 2, i grate things into say pasta sauces and things and you can’t even tell they’re in there :slightly_smiling_face:

Beans , peanut butter , anything high in protein , can also give pediasure for more iron, also talk with doctor


Try a multivitamin? My son thinks they are lollies. We use the gummy ones.

Beans, lentils, veggies have iron! also polyvisol is a great vitamin I used it for my daughter. Meat is NOT the only thing that contains iron. That’s a misconception

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My 5 almost 6yo has only really just started eating meat. Mostly it was nuggets and sausages but now also eats chicken, bacon, beef schnitzel and fish. Give him time.

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… maybe try purees until he acquires a taste for meat and veggies and isnt freaked out by sight.

Smoothies but put vegetable in them too

What does the doctor say the white spots are exactly? are they related to his not eating meat? What are the dishes he does like x

Grind up the meat or cut into tiny pieces. Serve with gravy or juice to be easier to swallow.

Find him meat alternatives. There are tons :slightly_smiling_face:

Tofu beans chickpea quinoa all have lots of protien.

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Don’t be afraid to season things it improves the flavor and they might like it better

My 2 year old will not eat meats either. I’m not worries. When he gets older it will change.

Beans, nuts, pediasure, vitamins!

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Their is a lot of things you can eat to get what most need from meat. Beans are a big thing to try. A lot of meat is chewy and hard to eat for kids. I found that cooking it In a crock pot, low and slow. It’s much easier for them to chew. Also dipping sauces can help. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I have 3 and they was closer to probably 4 before they ate it with any consistency. It hasn’t hurt their growth at all.

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If he is anemic and you rub gold on his skin it will leave black marks don’t worry they go away but that’s a simple way to tell them get him checked. I’m also anemic and I mostly eat meat. My two year old also hates meat if it s in a lot of pasta he won’t notice it. His dr said there is no concern and it’s normal