My 2 year old has a hard time sleeping: Advice?

My child is two and has a very hard time sleeping…her doctor wants her to have a sleep study done. Has anyone had their children diagnosed with a sleep disorder? Anyone’s child had to have a sleep study? Just looking for other stories & experiences in hopes that it will calm this mamas nerves!


My son has obstructive sleep apnoea if u wanna talk sleep study message me we had hundreds xx

They involve a lot of hookups not easy to sleep in and have to be left on

I haven’t been through this. But try some melatonin it could really help and they make it in gummies for children. You can ask your pediatrician for advice about it and dosage. Some kids don’t sleep well. My niece is almost 3 and she is always up at night and up early in the morning. My son is 4 and he still wakes up almost every single night at least once and is always up before 8. Sometimes before 6. Good luck!

No sleep study here.
My oldest (7) has had trouble sleeping for years because of adhd.
My youngest (2) also has trouble sometimes he has an unofficial adhd dx and sensory processing disorder.
They get it from me. I’ve struggled with insomnia for years.

But sometimes trouble sleeping can be physical…sleep apnea throat issues ect. It’s important to rule those out. Then you can look into other causes and solutions.

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My now 9 yr old had one done before it’s over night stay at hospital she was about 2 -3 yrs old the girl never slept then I had to go backwards with her and when started preschool started sleeping better she use to fall asleep when had to get up and repeat.up till 730 am

Meet with the sleep study doctor and they will help calm your nerves and decide if this is the best option for your little

We didn’t do a sleep study because my explanation told our doctor he had sleep apnea. Just before his 2nd bday they removed his tonsils and adenoids. While under they figured out his adenoids were blocking 98% of his breathing while he slept. Surgery was a huge success after healing. He went from 4hrs a day/night if we were lucky and so many tantrums to a solid 10-12hrs a night and a completely different personality because he gets rest. Good luck with your little one.

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My son had a sleep study when he was just under a year old. It did not go well because they wanted him to have a mouth piece thing in his mouth while he slept… he still had bottles at that point so yeah he basically cried the whole time because he couldn’t have his bottle and he had wires all over. It was inconclusive and we left early

My 2 year old had a sleep study done for sleep apnea and snoring. Ended up having his tonsils removed after the sleep study showed they were blocking his airway at night. Now he sleeps great and doesn’t snore anymore.

My oldest had one done when she was 2. It was more precautionary than anything. Her tonsils were enlarged for a while, which is typical at that age but she was snoring and they wanted to be sure that it wasn’t affecting her too much. I got less sleep than she did that night :sweat_smile:

My son had one. The study found he had mild apnea but the neurologist said his issues were from situational insomnia. He couldn’t put himself back to sleep because he learned to only fall asleep with me laying with him. I sleep trained him at three. He eventually had his tonsils and adenoids out because of recurrent sinus infractions but it also cured his apnea.

My daughter has been this way since birth. She’s 7 now. She has high functioning asd. The sleep was what tipped us off that something wasn’t right.

Around 2 is when both of my boys went through sleep regression. Basically going back to when they were babies. They both suffered from night terrors, which has moved into the second stage for my 4 year old (talking and moving in his sleep) and my 6 year old has started sleep walking with eyes wide open. Their pediatrician didn’t have a sleep study done. They have started sleeping better through the night except when they are over tired and that’s when the night terrors kick in. We cut off naps for the 4 year old and he goes to sleep earlier and sleeps better. Good luck!

My youngest had a sleep study done a few months. He was about 15 months old. It will be harder on you than on her. She will have a lot of wires attached to her head and body, but it won’t hurt. It will just be uncomfortable. Good news is they let you go home early enough in the morning you both can go home and nap for a few hours.

Her diet is important, should be almost bland, no preservatives, caffeine, sugars, salts or too many carbs.

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I wish you could explain exactly what her sleep issues are. I think my son needs a sleep study!!

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I don’t know your thoughts and mindset… but my 20m old struggles and we were given children’s zarbees melatonin to try before they result to doing any studies. It works wonders, but at the same time I worry because it don’t want it to be habit forming or her to be reliant upon it.

I have a 5 year old who has had 2 sleep studies done waiting for all this to be over to have another done even after adenoid and tonsil removal she still has problems falling asleep on her own we do zarbees melatonin no kids don’t become reliant on it

Can’t seem to be able to post a picture of her here but your more than welcome to PM me with any questions

I’ve had a sleep study recently and it was NOT fun. Found out I have sleep apnea. I wouldn’t advise doing it at 2 though.

Zarabees melatonin!!! Works wonders!

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Both my girls have had 1, my youngest was diagnosed with sleep apnea and they took her tonsils out and that took care of the problem.

My son is 16 months and he has a sleep study set for him in September.

My son who is 1.5yrs old doesnt sleep well and hasnt since he was a newborn. I went to a consultant and they told me theyll schedule sleep study for him but they never did. I didnt bother… but his father did one recently and he has severe sleep apnea… i believe my son has that too. Kinda skeptical about sleep studies in babies/toddlers…

My daughter had trouble sleeping for about a year. We tried melatonin and then prescription sleep aid before doing a sleep study. Dr said she needs her adenoids and tonsils removed. Not even a week after surgery my daughter went into Diabetic Ketoacidosis. All her sleeping issues where from her blood sugar being extremely high. A simple urine sample would of caught it. I almost lost her do to them not doing any lab work. She had none of the other symptoms besides no sleeping at night.

Try chamomile tea at night

Mine always did and at 13 still does…Melatonin only on school nights for her. I didn’t start the pills until kindergarten…I just have her sleep with music she enjoys meditate :pray: or listen to a story online for us we are Christian so mainly bible stories…walk down to the corner and warm shower worked sometimes…lavender( three to four drops) in a sock full of rice and lay it near their bed side. Lavender is a good calming oil…I learned it in a class that lavender is very good natural sleep aid…I did that for a few years to stop the low dose prescribed melatonin…worry about to many meds…talk to their doctor before you use melatonin though…

Thoughts…cut out any naps during the day…any sugar after lunch…melatonin…or maybe some warm milk at bed…just thoughts

My God daughter who just turned 3 had the same problem. Did her sleep study and did a few other things and she had sever sleep apnea due to her adnoids and tonsils, which she just had removed a week ago already sleeping 100x better

My 9 month old was struggling for awhile and I put him on a strict sleep schedule. Took some time but now he doesn’t even fuss when I lay him down. Before he would scream and fight sleep until 1am sometimes. Then he’d wake up several times some nights. He occasionally wakes up but it’s been easier putting him back to sleep