My 2-year-old has not been sleeping at night...advice?

Ok I need help. I have a 2wk old who does not want to sleep at night. He sleeps grest during the day but doesn’t want to fall asleep until like 130-2 and wakes at like 5 I am exhausted. I’ve tried swaddling him, not swaddling, rocking him to sleep, putting him down awake, we have tried gripe water, the Freda butt whistle (he is very gassy) I pump breast milk and he gets a small amount of formula to fill in what I can’t produce (he won’t latch) I need all the tips and tricks bec I am so tired. I have a 2yr old who I never had this issue with. He was a great sleeper so I am at a loss


There’s no tips or tricks other than to go with the flow Mama :heart: not a Dr or professional but 2 weeks is too early to expect “normal” anything. They’re still learning the difference between day and night. And honestly…they’re changing so much that when it does feel like they’re falling into a routine that changes too. Moral of the story: do your best to build the routine and habits that work for your family but understand that 2 weeks is sooooo new and you’re still in the never ending changes phase…so don’t stress if it’s not all going according to plan. Last thing…I hope you have a partner and support system to help when you need to catch up on some extra sleep. Assuming you do, let people help who are willing and don’t let your partner slack. Good luck Mama :heart:


At 2 weeks old it just it what it is. They have no sleep patterns that young. Your just going to do what you can to get some rest which I know can be hard. Nap when your s/o is home, call a family member or friend so you can get a little nap, if your toddler and baby are napping at the same time you also need to nap. Ignore everything else, it will still be there when your well rested. Just remember that there will come a time when you get more than 2 hour increments of sleep, it gets better. Keep your head up and good luck :green_heart:


Bedsharing is a life saver!
It’s the 4th trimester and baby just wants to be close and near.
And I would encourage latching and keep working at it, it will help with soothing and falling asleep.


At 2 weeks this is super common. They will mix up night and days. It’s really to early for sleep training or ways to change it. Just need time for the little one to adjust.

I want to tell you to hang in there :two_hearts:. The newborn stages are hard with the frequent feedings and frequent wake times. A newborn is not going to sleep for long stretches of time because they have to eat so often. With my son, he would not latch either and i had to pump every 2 hours and feed him. I had a lactation specialist and it didn’t help us. I got to the point where I was so exhausted that I switched him to formula and stopped pumping. For me, it was the right thing to do for my sanity. Hang in there :purple_heart:


No 2 week old baby really should be sleeping thru the night… they need around the clock feedings. Every two hours…


Best thing I did was switch to email regugine it helped with being gassy. The baby is only 2 weeks old so it’s still getting use to day/night but a constant routine helps alot.

You can check for tongue ties to see if that might be causing latching issues. Also, we went with mylicon drops for gas; they work super fast.
For night wakeups, make sure you keep him in a good sleep environment – as little light as possible, white noise machines if you use one, whatever sleep things you use.
I know bedsharing isn’t recommended but it helped us so much in terms of being able to get some sleep.

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Try a nipple shield if baby isn’t matching to your boob. Breastfeeding is supply and demand. You have to go with baby’s schedule, sleep with your babies whenever you get the chance. A newborn is going to be waking up every few hours to eat. The first month is the hardest and it’ll get easier. Try giving baby a bath before you’d like to have them in bed and get that routine going. You just gotta keep trying things and hopefully baby will like.

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He’s 2 weeks old. They normally wake up every 2 hours for milk anyway. I get it’s exhausting but there r no tricks.

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Some baby’s just don’t sleep my 4 year old still wakes up at night and ends up in my bed and I have a 3 month old that wakes up 4-5 times a night and is up at 5 30 am every morning :rofl: he’s an early bird sucks because it’s 30 mins before my alarm to get my 6 year old up for school but we got in a good routine now took a minute to figure out

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I struggled the same with my 1st. It didn’t help he was born after midnight either. Was yours born in the wee hours of the morning? Mine was also an every 2 hr on the dot feed. I feel your pain. No real advice to give except it’s alright to nap whenever you get the chance. I know easier said than done especially with a toddler.

Maybe he’s sleeping too much during the day?? This happened with my first baby; he started becoming nocturnal. I know “they” say, “Never wake a sleeping baby,” But I had to wake that guy up during the day. Multiple times. Once I started doing this (at 5 weeks old) he was sleeping more at night, and by 8.5 weeks he started sleeping THROUGH the night. Try to keep him on a 2-hour cycle of feed, play, sleep.

It’s biologically normal for a baby to wake up frequently. Nothing you can do.


I know it’s frowned upon, but my 2 month old sleeps better on my bed, I don’t have him right next to me, but I think it’s because the mattress is more comfortable. He sleeps good whenever he’s swaddled though. He has a really strong startle reflex

My baby is almost three months and we’re still working on this it’s getting better but the first month he slept in 30-60 burst at night dr said he had his days n nights confused and it could last till 4-6 months before he gets a good sleep schedule now he sleeps about 10-4 so much better then before but still not a full night and he wakes up at about 1-2 am to eat.

I had a baby 7 months ago and she didn’t start sleeping through the night until she was a month old or so. Try to open all the windows during the day to show it is day time. Sleep with lights on if they sleep better in the light.

My best advice would be to cut back on dairy or give dairy free formula if babe is gassy… also gas drops help. Foot massage, 8 sheep organic lotion for baby & toddler, night time mineral from Mary Ruth for toddler, Zarabees melatonin for toddler… do what you gotta do momma

Try keeping the little ones awake a lot during the day. Mainly close to his bedtime. Keep him up. Mess with him so he will get real tired. Don’t put him to bed real early

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He’s two weeks old. You just need to deal with it. He will figure it out. Start a good relaxing routine at night, keep it simple. Keep it bright during the day and dark at night.


Just lay down and sleep when your kids/babies do. It’s really the only answer to all the questions.

The Freda butt whistle ? …just lay the child on your chest when you sleep and please stay away from Fredas Butt Whistles whatever that Is

Let me just preface this by saying those first couple weeks are killer. Give yourself some grace. It’s been a LOT. To add to it, you’re pumping, which adds a whole other level. I have been there and it is TOUGH! That said, sounds like baby has good nights and days mixed up. Our little man is 8 weeks old today. When I noticed the same issue, I started waking him up more often during the day. Sometimes just purposely making him not super comfy enough to fall asleep. Bath time works really well to keep them awake, if you can extend it by giving a longer bath the older they get, and then take your time getting them dressed and their diaper on. Then, I like to lotion baby up. It’s OK for them to cry while you do this because they move and fidget and tie themselves out. Crying is exercise for ours because he kicks his legs and is so much more mobile and active when he cries while I slather that lotion on. Now our little man wakes up once at night and then again usually around 5 am. I usually take one feeding and my husband takes the other. The key is to wake them up more often during the day, use tummy time and bath time both to your advantage. You can also change baby’s clothes or lotion his skin multiple times a day if you don’t have the energy for a bath. You may have to get creative with ways to keep baby awake, but be persistent and consistent. Sometimes simply taking baby outside or on a walk is enough to keep them awake. It really depends on your baby. The more consistent you are during the day, the more consistent baby gets at night. Routines are your best friend! Eventually, baby will be awake longer periods of time as he grows. Be patient, love, with yourself and with baby. You’ll get there! It just takes time! I imagine your two year old is simply trying to learn how to adjust as well. Remember, this is just a season. It doesn’t last forever. :heart:

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For a 2 week old. Best tip is have dad do some of the work to give you sleep. Especially if you are pumping. He can feed the baby and give you a break. If you are doing ALL the work and dads not helping, that’s part of the problem. The first 12 weeks suck and its a team effort to make it suck less.

Pay attention to when you pump your milk .
Feed at the same time.
Milk produced at night, feed at night.
Milk pumped in morning, feed during the day.

Your body produces melatonin at night to promote sleep. If you feed nighttime milk during the day, he sleeps during the day.
If you feed day time milk at night, he doesn’t sleep well.

His days and nights are mixed up which is quite common. Just try and keep him up longer during the day and he will sleep more during the night.

Day and night hasn’t kicked in yet, so even though it’s hard, try to keep your new baby more awake during the day.

You said gassy I would go to the docs maybe he has something going on that is causing him to be awake.

Get baby assessed for lip and tongue tie. That could help with latch and gassiness.