My 2-year-old has started becoming a picky eater: Advice?

I’m not a new mother; I have three kids. My youngest being almost 2 is currently my focus for concern. Up until about a few weeks ago, there was almost nothing my kiddo wouldn’t eat. Now he won’t eat anything except meat. I’ve tried sneaking veggies in his food, he just spits out his food and separates the veggies or sides out. The only other exception is grilled cheese sandwiches he will eat. I’ve never encountered this with any of my kids. Anyone have any suggestions I can try aside from the judgmental “eat what you’re given or don’t eat.” I’m not on board with that mantra thanks.


Literally the age. My daughter did the same thing Her doctor said it’s actually very normal this happens

I’d just let him have grilled cheese :woman_shrugging: and give him some of the pediasure

My sons 5 and literally eats 10 things that’s it. The dr isn’t concerned because hes still eating. And hes NOT overweight

Following. My 2 year old is exactly the same won’t eat anything but pasta pizza or sandwiches. Won’t eat chicken pork veggies he will eat a little hamburger but got SUPER picky when he turned 2. Won’t even try stuff!

Cut things into fun shapes … or have a little party with their favorite toys and pretend they’re all eating healthy yummy snacks

I’m really bouta just stop following this dumb ass page yall really got a ton of chicks that be crying bout the dumbest things :joy:
Hes a damn kid expect it!

Dont give him the option. It is normal for them to do this off an on but if you want it to stop and him eat his vegetables you have to take the option not to away. Either he eats them or he doesnt eat. I know you said you dont care for that but it’s really the only choice you have. Other wise your gonna have a picky 12 year old and they are a A LOT harder to deal with than a 2 year old.

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I used to puree zucchini, carrots, cauliflower mix in with pancake mix, pizza sauce etc. The kids never even knew !!


If he’s not sick give him what he wants he will grow our of it

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Just be sure to give him vitamin supplements to make up for what he’s not getting from the veggies.

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My daughter is doing the same thing… grilled cheese, Mac n cheese and that’s it! I also give her pediasure until she’s out of this stage.

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My ever since from birth I don’t know what to do anymore it hurts me, he is now 18 months I’ve been seeing doctors and they do give him multi vitamins but nothing changes

What can I do, he weight is 11kg

Yea I wouldn’t suggest the eat it or go hungry crap either because some kids will literally go hungry,tastebuds change over time so maybe try some new things,I kno I’m not gunna eat something that I dont like or want so forcing them to eat things isnt the answer,as long as they r eating and not malnutritioned let them eat what they want to


I do/ did carnation instant breakfast with whole milk once a day plus what ever they will eat. Pedisure is more expensive and mine like the flavor of carnation instant breakfast better. Same nutritional value

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I had this with my son he is 2 . I went back to giving him 10+ 12+ months baby food for lunch then for dinner what we all ate x

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You can put cauliflower or zucchini in mashed potatoes undetected

There is a method called DOR, division of responsibility. Have a read about it

For all the Mommies on this post and the original poster.
This cook book helps tremendously! How to get those veggies and vitamins in with ease and has some advice for us struggling with picky eaters. It help me understand what I could do to help my son who has sensory issues with food, still get a good meal down.

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My almost 2 year old eats better if he sees me eating the same thing or sharing my food with him. Idk why.
I’ve heard that cutting food into certain shapes help too. Like dinosaurs, stars, etc.

My LO is 2.5 yrs old & has always been a picky eater; when she turned 2 No veggies I tried green powder mixed with chocolate milk - she did not like it. Ive tried giving her a gummy vitamin - she wil not take it. It was suggested to try making the food ‘fun’ to eat … im not a pinterest Mom but im willing to give it a try

Lol I can’t get my two year old to eat anything hardly. I just leave her plate out and if she ever gets hungry she will eat it lol

If she had the choice she would live off of candy :roll_eyes: Halloween has ruined the rest of this month AT LEAST for us. I have to hide the candy now or she tries to get it because she “doesn’t want to be hungry ever again. She wants kingy”


I buy very lean hamburger and mix it with spinach and mushrooms that I processed with the food processor. He has no idea and it’s super yummy too :slightly_smiling_face:


My first born was like this and I was crying because he wouldn’t eat anything except junk. Someone suggested I started cooking with him. Make him stir, ‘chop’, throw in the veggies, wash the veggies, try them while they’re raw and say no you can’t have this, it’s too good for you. Let him stand there and smell the food while it’s cooking, when you try if he was ya to try let him but like I said say no you can’t have this, then he will really want to.
When you’re done cooking say thanks for cooking for the others and he can’t have it, if he insists say you can try it but can’t have it. If he wants to eat from your plate let him. If he ends up eating your food then you win. Pretty soon he will want to be around you when your cooking and always always praise him and tell others he was the one who cooked and you were just helping him.

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I have been known to grate zucchini up in meat loaf or hamburger and carrots, they cook down so you do t see them it add nutrients without the battle .
I did this with my boyfriend he hated onions , zucchini, carrots and now he loves them and he was 38 years old when I started this trick .

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I was literally just talking about my 2 year old being the same way!

If your worried about nutrition give a multivitamin and some of those shakes for kids. I’m so happy that you stood your ground in your post! I get so tired of people’s BS in groups. I come here to read about problems that I may have and read GOOD advice. Not read people’s BS. it just puts unwanted negativity in my day.


The “eat or go hungry” is BULLSHIT. My parents tried that for years. I was hospitalized at 6 for 2 weeks for malnutrition. I was 31lbs. I would go WEEKS without eating then when I’d try again I’d throw it up. I was also undiagnosed Autistic at the time. Texture was a large part of my food rejection. If the texture was off I’d throw it up immediately.
Try different foods and different ways to prepare them. My asperger’s daughter LOVES peas, but will ONLY eat them frozen from the bag…NOT CANNED AND NOT COOKED. Try odd things, until he’s more open to foods.

My 4 year old currently hates most meat, won’t eat any vegetables except salad, and hates grilled cheese or Mac and cheese (always has).

Have you tried veggie pasta? Will he eat eggs or french toast? You can shred zucchini into it. Will he eat fruit?

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Yeah, the book by Jessica Seinfeld is good. Yellow or orange squash in Mac n cheese, or au gratin or scalloped potatoes; cauliflower in mashed potatoes; puréed veggies in tomato sauce for spaghetti, lasagna, whatever; purée veggies & mix with cream for yummy soup; zucchini or other undetectable veggies added to bread or cake mixes. Will he drink smoothies? You can hide greens, beets, cucumber, peas, etc. in them.

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My 2yo is the complete opposite. She used to eat everything and now she refuses any type of meat, but will scarf down veggies like she’s never gonna eat again. Try getting some children’s vitamins. My daughter enjoys the gummie kind. You can also supplement with pediasure. We mix her cup of milk half pediasure and half milk to make sure she’s getting what she needs.

I grate up zucchini and carrot capsicums and mix it in with my rissoles my kids hate veggies too but if this is done small enough they don’t notice it’s a daily struggle

My middle kid did this for a few months!! Nothing but meat and plain spaghetti noodles. I resorted to giving him pickleloaf (kind of chopped ham with green bits of god-knows-what but it was green and made me feel better…lol). Good luck! Hopefully he’ll grow out of it soon!

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Our son was very picky from the beginning and expanding his diet has always been a struggle. I found this book to be very helpful!

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It will probably be past something good you are , don’t my with his "steak’

I thank everyone for their input and suggestions. I’m still currently reading all of them. The books suggested, I will look at. I couldn’t respond yesterday, we were in the hospital. He is currently on some meds to help him get better. This is my first time requesting a post and overall, it was very positive. Right now, he is on a strict diet, fortunately things he will actually eat, fruits, whole grain foods, puréed things. No dairy whatsoever and very little protein so vitamins or a supplement is a must right now. I truly do appreciate all the responses!

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My 2nd child was extremely picky. But the food he likes, he ate well. I never forced veggies on him. He only liked specific fruits. I gave him what he liked to eat. As he got older, he started trying a variety of foods. He’s 13 now and eats the veggies and fruits that he likes. So whatever works for your child!!

Pretty typical toddler behavior. My girls were like that as is my granddaughter. Yesterday she wouldn’t eat anything except popsicles and yogurt. Today she had a big bowl of raspberries and strawberries and half an apple along with cheese and wheat bread. They eat when they are hungry. Keep healthy options. My youngest (now 13) was sooo picky when she hit three and now eats pretty much everything and tries new stuff all the time

I am not on board with that either. My 3 year old is picky too. I don’t care what he eats as long as he eats. They make a new brand of chicken nuggets that has a full serving of veggies infused in the ingredients,he wont see them. My son loves them. I also give my boy multivitamins every morning to make sure he gets his dietary needs met.


I’ve heard getting the child to prepare the veggies for a meal helps … here’s hoping

I didn’t have picky eaters, I breast feed until they were 2 1/2 my kids didn’t get teeth until they were almost 3. After thier teeth came in they pretty much ate every thing. But I started them with soft foods like pouched eggs,cereal, oats, u know soft. I wish I knew the secrete

It is a phase that kids go through my daughter would only eat cheese slices/cheese sandwiches and cheese curls and rice chex. but eventually she outgrew it and she is now 32. My granddaughter does not like fruit but will eat broccoli 24/7. Dr said as long as she eats other stuff she will be ok. Maybe get multivitamins. They make gummie ones now.

as my ped told me let umm be just keep offering the food he will eat it eventually a 2yr will not starve themselves to death.

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My 6 year old has always been picky. His doctor says as long as he’s eating, he fine. I try to find healthier alternatives. He only likes sausage or bacon so I’ll slip in turkey sausage and bacon. He hates veggies so I stock up on the two fruit he likes. I’ve been doing this for years now but every now and then he’ll try something different.

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I blended vegetables put them in meatloaf. Put them in spaghetti sauce I also bought drinks that had veggies in it.

I stopped buying chips and not so healthy snack and got only healthy snack veggies. With a good dip at first it’s a strugle but if that’s all you have they will eat. Raw veggies and eventually eat all veggies it worked with my 5 boys hope it works for you

More than we realize our bodies will crave what we need … His body could just be needing more protien or some other vitamin… I wouldn’t worry about it unless it continues for more than 30 days or so… Our bodies are way smarter than we think…

There’s two things children can control eating and going pottery
What they eat could go on thru life. Probably would be texture
And I seen adults that only eats same food since childhood

I second the shakes. Put some fruits and veggies in a blender and have the 2 year old drink the shake. It’s worked for my picky eater.

It’s normal at that age. Keep offering food. They will eventually eat…


My almost 2 yr old only wants fruit…or snack crackers…its frustrating…but I keep offering healthier stuff…just hang in there…

Maybe it’s just a phase at the moment…keep trying though. My oldest whom is 11 is a horrible picky eater and was way worse when he was smaller. We were on a mac n chs and yogurt diet forever lol .My youngest is picky but not as bad. I buy the little one carnation breakfast powder and he calls them his milkshakes cause he hates pediasure and it has plenty vitamins in it. I’ve kinda just said well as long as he is eating then I guess he is ok.

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Make smoothies to go with his meat ,im sure it will pass

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