My 2-year-old wakes up at night: What can I do before baby comes?

My daughter just turned 2… and she still wakes up crying at night. And i have to check on her, and she usually goes right back to. but we will have a baby soon, and I’m scared she will wake him up at night because our rooms are right next to each other. does anyone know why she wakes up like this?? and how can I get her to stop?? ( ps the last couple of nights shes been screaming while waking up and wanting to get in bed with me and her dad, and she’s always been good about sleeping in her bed)


It could be night terrors

She might be having night terrors. Night waking is still normal at 2 though.

Has anything new happened lately? New people, new house? It could be night terrors, make sure no one is harming her… is she in daycare? Or have a babysitter?

Sounds like night terrors. It’s not uncommon and it more than likely will happen that she wake’s baby up, you just gotta roll with it lol mama of 5 kiddos in 7years old & under !


There really is nothing you can do, the baby will just have to learn to sleep through it

Maybe night terrors, but your newborn is going to wake up multiple times on his/her own


Its probably the new baby. They will do things like this for attention.

Night terrors maybe?

My son just turned 3 and does this. Sometimes it’s really bad, he will scream uncontrollably for 30+ mins. Other time it’s just a couple mins and hes back to sleep. He hits, kicks, and doesn’t want to be touched. He wakes up my 18 month old daughter so then we have them both up… I have no advise, I just can relate.

Most likely night terrors

My daughter just turned two and in expecting baby in April and she has started doing this recently as well I think its cuz she feels something’s happening cuz even during the day now she is throwing more fits and acting out and at night wakes up and wants me to let her come snuggle etc I wish I knew how to help you but I am in same boat so here for advice as well lol

It’s not uncommon, my daughter did that too. My kids are 20 months apart so at first it was a bit rough because she would wake up crying and I’d sit with her and then my newborn would wake up so I would have to leave here even if she wasnt back to sleep. I finally let her wake and cry it out and know she very rearly wakes up over night

Children have to adjust to a new baby in the house too… sometimes the regress… it’s normal.

My babies are 16 months apart. There were times my daughter got up and woke the baby up… but owell, it happens… and the baby crying used to wake her up. Motherhood🤷‍♀️

I have 3 each within a uear of the next. 4,3,2 at this point. There will be nights where they all get up…some where they sleep well. You just have to roll with thr punches. Theres not much you can do but ride it out.

Try getting rid of sugar before bed. My little man did this. Found out he was waking up because his stomach hurt due to a lactose allergy

Probably night terrors she’ll just grow out it. I wouldn’t worry about her waking the baby though. My older 2 started sharing a room at 1 & 3 and the baby is in the room next to them, they’ve never woken each other up lol just me

My son had night terrors at this age too. We limited junk food and made sure he went to bed early and had a consistent bed time routine. Healthy dinner, bath and a book.

I was always told that noise was good for newborns. Then they learn to sleep through anything and it doesn’t have to be deathly quiet for them to sleep.

With my 2 y.o it’s usually that hes hungry, too hot, too cold.

Kids that age usually start to have bad dreams. If she’s fairly easily consoled and goes back to sleep, it’s probably not night terrors. But kids go through sleep regressions well into the toddler ages. So it’s pretty normal. Just keep doing what your doing, there’s not much else you can do.

I don’t know, mine is 6 and doesn’t usually sleep though the night. Good luck!

My 2 year old daughter is the same, nothing makes her sleep so I’ve given up trying, I keep a toddler cup next to her with water in which usually settles her quickly and she goes right back to sleep. She’s always been like this and can still wake up 6 times a night. I have a 5 year old in the same room as her and he stirs but doesn’t wake up

Honestly just gonna have to work out a routine if even possible, maybe make sure the baby doesn’t get use to sleeping in only quiet places. Like have a tv or music on.

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I have a 3.5 year old. Still drinking at night and sleeping with me… perfectly normal.

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My four year old wakes up still to this day and crys some time just going to have to get the baby used to sleeping with sound i agree saran Sarah McPherson keep tv on or sound radio something so baby gets used to sound

Have you ever seen a baby passed out at a party while the mariachis are blasting music? Lol You’ll be fine. Worst thing you can do is try to make it silent anytime the baby sleeps.


No naps during the day and make sure to get her tired before bed. Also get a routine in place if you don’t already have one.

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Nothing u can do. This is common. My 7 yr old still wakes me up.

The baby will probably wake up in middle of the night also. Just be glad she goes back to sleep. I just dealt with it personally but there are lots of people who dope their kids up or give melatonin. I didn’t do either because those help kids go to sleep, not help kids stay asleep.

Good luck, ask again in 3 years. No seriously, naps are evil … cut out naps, if they fall asleep in the evening to soon, give them a bath

My son is 2.5 almost 3 and still wake up my daughter is almost 5 (1 month away) and literally just within the last 1.5 months she stopped but up till a 1.5 month ago she still did!! I cut her off of naps at 2 and it didn’t work she still woke up in the night!! My son I give him naps and he still wakes it don’t matter if you cut naps or not if the child’s gonna wake up in the middle of the night it’s gonna!! You can try the cry it out method for a couple weeks an see if that works but I didn’t believe in it I don’t agree with the cry it out method

6 kids…ages 26,25,24,16,12,2 …I’m totally pathetic getting them to sleep…Wain still in with us🤦am 46 though so should be the last one🤷😂good luck…my ones still on newborn schedule,down bout 8 up 12ish then whenever he fancies it tbh🙄

Growing pains nightmare sore teeth

Maybe see your chemist health food shop for some herbal vitamins to help her sleep or your baby health nurse about sleep

Pretty normal for a 2 year old to still wake during the night

My daughter was scared of the dark. so I had to leave a lamp on so try in get a lamp for a two years old and see how they do because they are going to be scared when it is dark at night. All the best

Sounds like nightmares and possibly night terrors. I’ve had them all my life. My kids did too. Make sure she has things like a teddy bear or a blanket they help her feel safe and comfortable.

I believe these are called night terrors. Does she have a night light? That worked for my little ones.

She’s going to need just mama daughter time when the baby comes sometimes. Keep w the same routine before baby. Don’t cave! Potty trained? Good luck! I have Irish twins and yeah it’s fun sarcasm.

I believe my son has been having growing pains off and on because of the way he wakes at night. Screaming like he’s full of pain but doesn’t usually come fully awake. Patting his back and noises don’t affect his calming down…just have to wait it out. I have been giving him pain reliever in his last cup of milk before bed for the last 3 nights and he hasn’t woken up at all. I did multiple times of course.

Don’t worry, I was able to vacuum in the bedroom without even awakening mine.

This would be something new for her and so young in age. The thing is in my opinion it sounds as though she might need some comforting. A Child like that at times may get her/himself thinking that he/she is enjoying having mom and dad to herself/himself and then discovers that may not be so, and so some kind of reassurance should be imminent to that situation