My 20-month-old doesn't talk much: Should I be concerned?

Am I overthinking it? I have a 20month old whose very quiet, shes extremely active but doesn’t like to talk, she will say a word when u least expect it, and when you try to make her say it again she will just smile and cover her face? Am I worried about nothing that she doesn’t speak as most kids do? Do I need to see a doctor?


My son does the same thing he’ll be two next week and we have a speech therapist come every week to work with him

Usually they say by 1 year they should be trying to say 10 words, but every child is a little different. BUT, as I am a mother of an autistic child, it can be a sign of issues, something as little as bring tongue tied, or as serious as developmentally delayed. I would at the very least bring it up to your pediatrician

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I would definitely bring it up to the doctor if i were you. I know not all kids are the same and they all talk at their own pace but she should say and understand a good bit of words at almost two. It doesnt hurt to mention it and see what the Dr suggests!

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I’m oddball as usual and say don’t rush her. She probably knows more than you think she does and just doesn’t want to talk. My girls were/are like this and one day just exploded with talk. Now I can’t get them to shut up. :joy:


My daughter was like that too at that age and I found out she needed tubes in her ears she couldn’t hear good

My daughter is 21 months. Same issue. Do what you can and don’t stress. Doctor should get you a speech therapy referral. It’ll all be okay :slight_smile:

Tolk to him more sing to him and get off facebook all day

Instead of letting her point or grunt when she wants something make her say it. Like cup. Easy words. We had to do this with my little sister. Because she wouldn’t talk until we did.


My daughter was the same way. Around 2 i was told to start giving her vitamins because she was also a very picky eater and didnt get enough nutrients. Made a world of a difference for her.

Talk to your doctor, however my son didn’t say until 2-3 months after his second birthday. In the last 3-5 months he’s exploded with language and forming sentences

My sister didn’t talk until she literally spoke in (basically) full sentences arnd 2 yrs old. (She also didn’t take a step until she was nearly 18 months when she got up and walked across the room. She has no developmental delays, she was just doing her own thing. (She’s 46 now…)
I would ask your dr at your next visit but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

My first did this. She thought it was funny watching me try to get her to repeat whatever she said. Now my youngest (12 months) is starting to catch on as well lol shes smarter than you think and her vocabulary is there. Shes probably just looking for a reaction from you lol

As soon as my lil one turned 24 months she was talking up a storm. Don’t over think she sounds normal

Totally bring it up to your pediatrician so that it’s on the radar. Don’t panic. Don’t force. Encourage and reward with gentle to exuberant praise depending on child. My sister’s voice still comes out of the end of my pointer finger (I’m 45, she’s 46). She spoke for me. I could but we fell into the pattern.

Mine was like that too. Dr had us to hearing test, speech and recognition test , therapy, … then in the end they just said she was perfectly fine just stubborn. She was a Late talker. Shes 3 now and while doesnt talk up a storm, she does talk in full sentences when she wants to. So… I would say yes bring it up to the pediatrician and have them checked for causes, but don’t stress yourself out. Either the cause of it can be fixed or it will just all work out over time. One of the big thing I learned in speech therapy is to just play with toys with your kid and talk about what your doing as you play. They pay attention to it better when they are playing like that.

My son hasn’t really speak yet and his almost 2 yrs old. No need to rush them they will learn on there own. Nothing is wrong with you baby.

Oh kids grow and learn at their own pace. I see too many first time moms freaking out over nothing. My son didnt talk much either and at age 5 you couldnt shut him up lol. Just let the kids be unless there is a serious problem like where they dont respond when you talk to them

My 2yo doesnt talk much either but he understands everything.Every child is different, they talk when they are ready.

My son was the same way. He did have speech therapy. Nothing wrong with asking your Dr. If you should be concerned.

Why do people always have to put their child age in months…its like the grown ups movie “hes 48 months” “that’s 4” why cant you just say they’re a year n a half. Sorry not sorry.
Complain idc

My daughter didn’t start talking until she was 2. Now she’s 8 and I can never get her to shut up. She’s also very shy and quiet when other people are around.

Deff ask your doctor. I made the mistake of thinking everything was fine with my kid, she was just a late bloomer, now she needs speech therapy. It’s hard to know, especially if it’s your first child. It’s best to get them in speech therapy as early as possible if there’s a need for it.


Is she an only child? Is she around any other kids? If she is the only little one around, she may not do what most kids her age do. Just be patient!

She is her own little person. She will talk when she is ready. But you can encourage her by talking with her and asking questions . Babies need to be stimulated.

My older son didn’t speak until he was almost two and a half and in full sentences. (He hasn’t stopped arguing with me for the last 38 yrs) count your blessings

Don’t rush every kid is different my daughter started talking at 12 monthes and my son didn’t say much until he was 2 he just didn’t wanna talk now they never stop just give it time

Have her hearing checked out…

I would honestly talk to her doctor about it. If there is something going on with her speech, it’s best to get help earlier. Early help will benefit her the best if there is a problem.

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Everyone says dont rush her. That’s what they said about my son and I knew that it just wasn’t right and I asked for a referral to a speech therapist and she told me he was very delayed and speech therapy made a huge difference. Get her the help she needs or may not need. That was my thing I was told he didn’t need therapy but I would rather get him help and him not really need it than to not get the help and regret it cause trust me I know kids they all said they’ll talk when they’re ready that at 7 yrs old are still not talking the way they should be.

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Absolutely bring this up to your pediatrician I don’t think that there is any red flags to assume something serious it could just be a bit of a delay and early intervention is key and your pediatrician may be able to get her signed on for speech therapy

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I waited until I could say a word perfectly before I’d say it in front of anyone, even my mum. I was always more advanced in spelling and English than other students my age - don’t worry, delay doesn’t need to mean there’s an issue :wink:

Just because your child was a late talker, does not mean that every other child that is not speaking much is fine. Speech delays can be indicative of other things. I work with kids who have delays and its heartbreaking when they dont get the help they need until much later. Early intervention is always better. I always recommend talking about it with the pedia. He absolutely could just be a late talker; however if the delay is caused by something else, it is easier to deal with when he is younger.

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Shes just shy. She will start speaking out more when ever she feels more comfy

If she’s Not talking by 3 have her evaluated speech delays can sometimes be related to autism and sensory disorders etc Sometimes it’s just specifically a speech delay but they can start therapy very young

So ur almost 2 year old lol

My son was the same way , a couple of weeks later and he doesnt shut up anymore :see_no_evil::sweat_smile::joy::joy:

Does no one ever talk to their drs? Nothing wrong with a 20 month old not talking yet. If you believe so, see a dr.


My LG is 21 1/2 months and has only fairly recently began to say more than a few random words coherently. But do bring it up if ur worried x

my niece never talked a whole lot till she was 2.5 to 3ish she does have speech issues but it kinda runs in her family i think even if she could have pronounced words clearly/correctly/average she still would have been a late talker she was more a thinking you could tell she understood everything and what not she just never spoke much shes almost 5 now and has her moments where she won’t talk a whole lot not for any reason other then she doesn’t feel like it lol she’s a stubborn little one

My daughter never talked until she was two she’s 12 now and hasn’t shut up since don’t worry mama she’ll be fine

You know your child best. I had every telling me something was “wrong” with my three year old because he didn’t talk much. Everyone was pushing me to take him to a therapist but I already knew because he was the fourth, he just didn’t talk much because his siblings always talked over him. When we made the effort to always give him the chance to talk, he was speaking in full on sentences! Again, you know your child best.

All kids go at their own pace.:heart:

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All kids go at their own pace. My song just started talking more than a couple words on and off and he’s 2.5.

I used to stress about it but now I don’t and he’s always talking and repeating what I say.

Discuss it with your child’s doctor. FB can’t tell you. There’s many factors to consider. For every story about a child who didn’t speak until 3 and turned out fine, there’s a story about a child who never spoke, and is autistic. If you’re concerned talk to a dr.

My nephew went from wa for water, mi for milk and pointed to things to speaking in paragraphs. He was almost two years old when he surprised us. So don’t be down. They all do things on their own timetable!

My son didnt say anything other than dada and mama at 22 months… then out of no where he was picking up words left n right. Now he has a new 1 or 2 every day and he is 2yrs old and speaking 2 and 3 word phrases

Talk to your pediatrician. Some people might think you can just leave it and her language will just come. But that may not be the case. My opinion is that she needs a evaluation. My almost 2 year old is disabled and my 3 year old has a speech delay. The older one had a couple dozen words at 2 and his pediatrician sent us to get speech and he is still in it and still delayed.

So my kid was three and a half before he decided he wanted to share with everyone the vocabulary that he has. I talked to his doctor and his doctor kept telling me it’s nothing let him develop it’s nothing. Sure enough this kid has a bigger vocabulary than most adults. My advice don’t worry until you have to.