My 22-month-old is refusing to nap: Advice?

My daughter is 22 months old, and for the past two weeks, she has refused to take a nap. She has always been a really good sleeper until recently. I feel she is too young to be grown out of naps already. Am I wrong?! Tips??


That’s about when mine chose not to take them and they started sleeping longer at night as well🥰

My daughter at 2 stopped taking naps. Just do quiet times

My first napped till he was 3, #2 & #3 stopped napping at around 18mths :frowning: as long as she’s sleeping good at night let her be :slightly_smiling_face: every baby is different :raised_hands:t2:praying #4 will nap longer :joy:

My son quit napping shortly before that age. Instead I would just turn on a movie and we would do a quiet snuggle time. Sometimes he would fall asleep but most times we would just relax together. Still do it now at nearly 4 lol

My daughter stopped taking naps early so we just had quiet in her room

My son is 4 and still takes 2-hour naps. I know my others did at this age too because their preschool had some sort of magic touch that knocked them out 1.5 hours a day. That was until they started kindergarten. But I know every kid is different. :woman_shrugging:t2:

My daughter is 20 months and I can only let her take a very short nap cause if it’s to long she won’t go to sleep till midnight. No nap is best for her but some days she just needs a nap she’s so cranky lol

My daughter stopped all naps by 8 months and slept through the night. Doc said it was ok.

Enjoy the time with her. Let her be a baby for as long as she can.

My son stoped naps at 20 months old. Went from sleeping at 10 pm until 11 am every day… And he was fine. My 18 months old stopped napping at 16 months. Goes from sleeping at 9 pm until noon and she is very happy. We do quite times and sometimes she falls asleep and sometimes she doesn’t. As long as they are happy and not cranky… Its all good

My stopped napping then too, But slept better at night. She’s almost 5 now and is still the same way unless we have an overly active day then the car ride home always gets her

Mine didnt stop napping until she was 4, and now that she is 13, she takes naps again.

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My first took naps til 1st grade. Still today is a great sleeper he’s almost 16.
Number 2 stopped naps early, age 4, she is not a big sleeper today, age 11. Number 3, he takes naps 2 1/2 hr everyday around 3 pm, sleeps 10+ at night too, age 2 1/2
Try going longer thru the day and do the same routine that you do at bedtime. Milk, rock, tv? Then say nap time… I feel you get them on a routine and it will help give you a break. Makes for a long day for a baby.

My younger daughter did the same thing. Unfortunately you can’t tie them to the bed.

My son stopped naps on his own by the time he was 1. But he sleeps 10-12 hours through the night so I just accept it lol

I still make sure he gets some “chill time” where he lays down for a bit to recharge but he won’t fall asleep lol. He’s 3 now

Take Gatorade n excedrin

My daughter stopped napping around that age and we never had any issues. If she got too cranky we’d just send her to bed alittle early and she’d sleep through the night

All kids are different. According to my boyfriend’s mom he stopped napping around 1, my mom said i took naps till about 4. Our daughter doesn’t really nap unless she isnt feeling good and shes 9 months but she sleeps really good at night

My 4 (5 in May) and 6 year old still take daily afternoon naps for about 2-3 hours. It helps tremendously since there are 4-6 other kids in the house daily. It doesn’t effect their bedtime (around 830) and it keeps the cranky-ness at bay from being overly tired.

My daughter stopped napping before then. It sucks.

Children stop talking naps as early as a year. My youngest stopped naps by two. It’s normal. If she’s not active all of the time don’t worry about it. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I think it’s the age, my daughter is the same age and suddenly starting this new change too lol always been such a laid back sweet baby, now everything has changed just this month. My oldest never really did that

Mine is the same and he doesn’t really do naps anymore. He wakes at 9 and goes to bed at 8-9. My daughter was the same way but my twins are almost 4 and still take naps. Some kids need them some don’t. If she isn’t super super exhausted and crying I don’t see why she couldn’t go with out.

My brother did the same thing, but in return, he sleeps through the night usually

Mine went on a nap strike. I stuck it out, and the napping resumed. I say stick it out. I know all kids are different, etc etc. But most kiddos still need that added rest time.

Some kids stop earlier than others, however I need a break so we had a quiet time for her in her room. She could read her book or play quietly.i rested in the living room

My oldest was done with her naps at 2. But i explained to her, from 12-2 you will park it. It’s quiet time. She did very well.

Little man stop napping at 12m. He’s almost 3. My daughter is 14yo still naps after school.

If they’re done napping, just do like an hour of quiet time in the afternoon instead.

Get her up earlier and wear her out. Sometimes I lay mine down with me
He is 26 months.

My daughter was my sleeper…as an adult she still naps if she can. My son was not quite 2 when he wouldn’t nap. But he would sleep 10-12 hrs at night. They’re both very different!

My oldest stopped naps around that time

She’s probably going through a growth spurt. My 19 month d is but I still put him in his crib for nap time. Whether he sleeps or not I keep the routine and schedule the same.

Some kids just stop napping. I did. My kids did. Both stopped taking naps at age one. I never pushed naps because they slept great at night. They just didn’t want to nap.

Mine stopped taking naps at 8 months!

I have to allow my daughter to cry it out I feed her change her and give her a sippy cup and then put her to bed and let her cry it out.

I have 2 that stopped at around that age my 6 year had naps till he was 4 and my now 2.5 year old still has a nap for 1 to hours during the day but kids change there sleeping patterns if she’s teething that could be the reason or sometimes they are just plain stubborn lol

My two kids grew out of them by 2 they will only sleep if there not well or maybe my youngest may have a sleep in a car but that’s it’s really x I wouldn’t forced them to take a nap if they don’t want to

I was told there’s a 2 year old sleep regression! Mine always napped 2-3 hours and she suddenly stopped but then was really over tierd for about 2 weeks then I kept pushing nap time and shes back to sleeping as normal. Only thing is if they are waking really early in morning then reduce the nap during day. Mine still goes 2 hours but each kid is different. I did however get everyone saying she was never going to nap again :joy: there may be hope haha xxx

My daughter quit napping at 2 completely. I started putting her down for bed 30 minutes earlier to combat the crankiness and that seemed to work.

My boys stopped napping from 9 months old

I would still put her in the crib and have “quiet time” obviously you can’t leave her in there for two hours, but keeping the schedule of her getting in the crib might help her get back to it. Some kids do stop taking naps earlier than their loving parents would like though :joy:

Sorry afternoon naps do have to stop at some stage, Mine were a lot earlier than that.

My daughter also quit napping around 18 months. But I had her lay down with books for an hour and sometimes she would drift off for a short time. Good luck!

You’ll be okay :+1:
Sometimes they take a break from napping for a few weeks and go back to it, sometimes they’re just done with napping.
Quiet time, read a book softly and slowly, maybe a nap will will happen, maybe they’ll just rest.

My daughter started sleeping through the night at three months and went to bed between 7:30 and 8 pm. Never was a napper. My sons didn’t sleep through the night till they were a year old and took naps all the way through kindergarten. Each child is different.

And so begins every tot mom’s worst nightmare. It’s totally normal, but annoying, LOL!!!

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My 3 yr old doesn’t take naps and hasn’t since he was a baby. If he does fall asleep he won’t go to bed at night

#fanquestion after a year can we just say how many years old the kid is? Like round it off. A year, a year and half, two years, etc…

Mine grew out of naps around 18 months …

My daughter out grew naps at 15mos :woman_shrugging:

Be happy they lasted that long :joy: my son was out of naps at 16 months :flushed:


My kids both outgrew naps before 2! Sometimes kids just don’t need them. When they do they crash where they are.

My advice is try not to control naps. I do “quiet time” so if they don’t want to sleep, they have to play in their rooms (when they were younger). They are 3 and 6 now and my 3 yr old randomly naps when she needs to. Puts herself down


Mine didnt when she had a growth spurt

I feel ya on this. My 20 month old is the same. However clearly tired

My daughter stopped napping regularly at around 2. She’s now almost 3 and has a rare nap after nursery sometimes (maybe once /twice a fortnight). Tbh I’m glad she stopped napping because it means she goes straight to bed at 7pm and sleeps until I get her up for nursery at about 815 the following morning.

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Mine stopped then started again when school hit.

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Lol well that’s pretty good it’s lasted till almost 2 years old…when mine stopped napping after they had been up for 6 hours I would sit on couch with a blanket for just in case an have my child sit with me an color an read books it was successful lots of the time they would lean over on me to listen to story an fall asleep sitting up lol

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My son goes through spurts. I treat it like nothing. And still make him have quiet time and then his strike ends for a few months and then he decided to strike and i still gives him quiet time

My son stopped taking naps for a while around that age, but he still did quiet time in his room for the same amount of time, he’s back to taking naps now

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My oldest gave up naps shortly after she turned 1 :sob: and my 2nd gave up naps around 2.5 again… :sob: lol I do quiet time as well. It helps a little at least!

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I am 78 years old and I don’t remember when I quit taking naps but I do remember my mother had a terrible time when I started Kindergarten because they had nap time and ,since I n didn’t take home I saw no reason to have to take them at school.What I’m saying is giving up naps at an early age is not new and nothing to worry about, you might find that without a nap ,she may go to bed earlier or sleep later in the morning.( I think both my kids have up their naps early to)

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My 2 year old rarely takes naps anymore!


Unfortunately we can’t force them to nap. My suggestion is to replace nap time with chill time,let her lay in bed or on the couch and watch a movie and have some cuddles. This way she’s at least still having some down time to relax


Everytime kids are refusing sleep/sleep regressing I feel as though it’s because of a biological reason. So teeth, growth spurt. Keep being consistent. All kids NEED naps. Her sleep schedules also just might need changing. Try to adjust as best you can. Our baby was being like this and everyday at the same time I would give him a bath before nap time (the biggest one during the day) so maybe for you that’s noon as well. Give her a snack, a bath and put her down for a nap. Try different methods but stay adamant about the nap. Even quiet time is necessary to recharge. She doesn’t have to sleep at first but you should be putting her in there and following your routine. Hope sleep comes back to her! Goodluck.


They do grow up right before your eyes.

That’s about the time my son quit napping & hasn’t since, he’s 5 now.

Normal. All 4 of my kids stopped napping around 2 years old. But they would go to bed at 7 and sleep 12 hours so I was okay with that!

3 kids and have run a daycare for 10 years. Kids nap till age 4, then quiet books and show. If they dint nap they still lay down quietly. From 130-3 everyday. Some would be fine without a nap, some absolutely need it. But everyone has quiet time. If you want them to nap then dont budge. They’ll eventually sleep…you can always put some books and a stuffed animal for them to stay with.


My daughter didn’t stop napping til the year she started kindergarten. Kids refuse to nap sometimes. If she is not sleeping more than 8 hours a night she needs a nap

Its probably the heat. Make sure her room is cool, & curtains_/blinds are drawn. I believe she still needs a pm sleep…

Tell her she doesn’t have to sleep but she does need rest time. Make it a little colder in the house and put her under a blanket. Remember. NO SLEEP! They lay there to “rest” and will end up falling asleep anyways

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After 18 months, neither of my daughters took a nap. I had to find a new daycare for my second daughter because they didn’t want to deal with a child who would not sleep for an hour

My daughter refuses naps sometimes but she still has quiet time in her crib with her stuffed animals. She will play and babble for about an hour and then cry to get out. Some days that’s the best we can do🤷🏻‍♀️


Both my kids stopped taking naps around that age. I just had them have quiet time during their usual nap time. They ended up going to bed a little earlier and sleeping a little longer at night.


By the time my kids were 2 they stopped napping all together :woman_shrugging:t2:

My little girl is 18 months and some days she doesn’t nap. I don’t force it unless she’s cranky. She is also in bed between 7 and 8 pm and sleeps for 13 hours so I’m not to worried about it.


Kids that age often don’t need naps even though most parents wish they still did. Instead start quiet time activities for some down time.

Just have her lay down and rest for a while. It might turn into a nap

My son quit napping about the same age he’s 3 now a nap is a rare gift. They have to much to learn and see and explore :rofl::joy:

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Tell me about it my 7 month old sometimes won’t nap :sob: and she’s super energetic haha and gets bored easily so I gotta constantly try to figure out different things she can do haha

Every kiddo is different. But if you’re looking for quiet time then you’re not putting her down for a nap you’re just doing quiet time.

Nah my daughter quit napping around there too. She would only nap after eventful days in the car home. Or we’d find her passed out somewhere in the house. But this was rare, maybe twice a month. She’s 6 now and is just fine.

My niece and I just lie down and watch movies for an hour or so and she either goes to sleep or after the movie she runs around

All 4 of my kids quit napping at about 1.5 - 2 yrs old. They would go to bed at 7:30-8:00pm up by 7:00am. If my 3 yr old is having a ruff time throughout the day we have movie time or she can go up to her bed and take a moment to herself…she’ll even ask sometimes if she can go to her bed and take a moment…lol :wink:

My son stopped napping at 20 months
He is now 27 months and only naps when he is sick :woman_shrugging:
Kids are different

There might be a “magic trick” to get the naps going again, but, I’d just reccomend trying to get the baby in bed earlier.
Thst way they’re still getting plenty of sleep.
My son used to be up at 8, nap by 1, big bedtime by 9

Now he is up at 9, big bedtime by 7.