My (27f) boyfriend (29m) won’t stop liking and following nearly naked women

My boyfriend (m29) and I (f27) have been together for just under 3 years and we have a 1 year old daughter. In the beginning of our relationship I caught him messaging girls on Snapchat premium and buying content as well as subscribing to girls on OF. I told him I didn’t like that and consider it cheating. I told him porn (from a porn website), when done discreetly and privately so I don’t know about it, is one thing but I do not like that he can directly interact with the creators on Snapchat premium and OF and I don’t like that he gives them money for content. He stopped that from what I know. I also told him that I don’t tolerate strip clubs (not relevant to this but :woman_shrugging:t2:). After that conversation I thought we were fine. Then I noticed that I was getting a lot of h*e pages under suggested because he (and celebrities I follow) followed them.

I noticed he was liking and commenting on their posts which I found very inappropriate. I spoke with him and told him that made me uncomfortable, and I did not like that he did that. I explained that it’s one thing to look and keep it pushing, but it’s another thing to comment and like where everybody can see it. He told me he would not do it anymore, but he has consistently kept doing it. He no longer comments, but he will like the post and continues to follow these women despite me asking him to please stop. I also know for a fact that he sends some of these posts to his friends as he has accidentally sent me a few posts before.

I’m hurt. These girls are all absolutely stunning and perfect, and have body types that look nothing like mine. I have tried to explain over and over that it hurts me, even to the point of crying because I’m hurt . He keeps saying he’ll stop and that he doesn’t want to lose me, but he keeps doing it. I feel like my feelings don’t matter and I don’t understand why I am not enough for him. And I don’t understand why if he has to look, he can’t just LOOK and keep it moving. Why does he have to like or comment or a follow? I’m so exhausted from talking to him about this. I still love him but it’s getting to the point that every time I see that he’s still doing this, I lose a little bit of my feelings. It’s getting to the point where I don’t want to do any adult activities anymore because I feel horrible and like he’s settling and not really attracted to me. Like he’s getting all worked up looking at them and just using me as means to an end. It doesn’t help his exes are all built similar to the posts he’s liking. That and he’s not even just liking “models”, it’s regular girls with the same body type too. I question his love for me sometimes too. How can you love me yet keep doing things you know hurt me? I don’t know… how can I make him see his behavior is really hurting me and negatively impacting our relationship?