My 3-month-old has been refusing the bottle: Advice?

My baby is three months old. She was introduced to the bottle from 2 weeks old. She used to drink of the bottle without any Hassle. Recently she has started to push the bottle away and scream and cry at the sight of the bottle. It’s really difficult to get her to feed. Has anybody been through this any tips on what I should do to get her to take the bottle easily?


She might have thrush, I’d take her to doctors.


Maybe different bottles or nipples.


Change bottles or try sippy cup

Yes I thought the same thing she may have thrush take her to the dr.s

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See their pediatrician for medical advice. In the meantime I’d try to Upgrade nipple size, different formula if not on breast milk, try new bottles.


May need to try a different formula and bottle

So Have you taken her to the doctor or looked in her mouth maybe she has soars or blisters inside her mouth. You could also try rubbing a bit of apple sauce on the nipple and have her taste it.

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Try different types .

try a diffrent size nipple


Ask your doctor what you should do? I don’t know what the answer is

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Check for thrush ?? That may be a reason

Might be the formula, or a sore mouth.

Take her to the dr asap

My daughter did same thing ,it was the milk.

Might be something wrong with the formula

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Add cereal to the milk
And change the formula

Change the nipple… Or if it is gas… Lay baby flat on her back and very gentley do bicycle legs to get gas out… Also sitting up helps too… Pretty sure its time to change the nipple to the next size up…

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She may either be teething or have an ear infection. If she’s teething it probably hurts her gums to suck on the bottle and if she has an ear infection it will cause her ears to hurt really bad. Even if she’s not running a temperature I would have her ears checked.

Several things could be what is plaguing babies feedings. Thrush ,Bad formula or nasty flavored formula, gas, slow nipple, baby is ready for a sippy cup. I had one child and a grandbaby who right around this time self weened. No pacifier no bottle not even suckers. Go figure.

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Yes I did an my baby does know the different in them

Changing bottles to sipping cup butt try her on the rubber ones first!

Thrush if top of mouth an toung Whit flimsy dots. If not try putting a little sweet on nipple.

Try a new formula… My 4th and last baby is allergic to soy… We kept telling the doctor for months on end my baby has something wrong from 2 months old. And finally at 6 months old we had him hospitalized and sure enough he was allergic like we said. My 3rd baby is allergic to dairy. Could be an allergic reaction.

Check inside of mouth for white spots. Sounds like thrush or either reflux. Both will cause discomfort while feeding

Irritation in the mouth or may not want a particular formula. Teething in front also causes the bottle refusal.

Take her to a pediatrician for a strep test. My grandson had the same reaction and that’s what it was.

Also some babies who have a cleft pallet cannot drink out of bottles when they are born and need to drink out of a cup. Not saying your baby has that but if they can do it yours should be able too

Give her a cup she’s ready a spill proof one good on her

Take her to dr. Something is wrong

Does she have a sore throat ? Is she congested ? Is there something in her mouth that hurts ?

Teething or maybe a cold nd cant breathe while eating! Hmmm…

Is she having problems with her ears? Thrash?

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Probably time to
Go up nipple sizes.


Do you have difficulty breastfeeding your baby? She might like breastfeeding more than the bottle…

Go up nipple sizes, different bottle and nipples, thrush or ear infection? If she was BF maybe find a bottle with nipple thats like breast nipple.

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Is the nipple too fast? I always kept my babies on the 0+ nipple and never made it faster, when I did try faster ones they just ended up gassy and choking

maybe she is lactose intolerant and a new formula might help.

Could be early teething, nipple size or ear infection. Ask your pediatriction if it continues.

I had the same problem with my son around the same age. Google and do a little research on “bottle aversion” i followed the tips for this after trying everything else and within a week he was eating normal again. Good luck

Try a sippy cup, my son when he was 4 months started using sippy cups and has been using them ever since (he’s 11 months old now). He did well with them and I’ve had no issues. Personally i like the parents choice sippy cups. It could also be due to your baby being sick, having thrush, needs new nipple size, or like mine which i was explaining above wanting to switch to a sippy already. Good luck!

I second the nipple size. It can either be too fast, or too slow. Check for signs of thrash or an ear infection. Can also be signs of early teething. Kind of hard to really pinpoint but I would move up a nipple size first and take it from there. Can also be a growth spurt going on.

This happened to me. Try every bottle under the sun- ask around in FB groups to help offset the cost of you need to. In the event that doesn’t work, bc it didn’t work perfectly for me either, just know that even though baby doesn’t take a bottle while you’re at work, they will make up for it on the boob when you get home. Good luck!

Try a different bottle. My son would suddenly decide he hated certain bottles too randomly

Check to see if she has any mouth sores. Th nipple may be harsh or she may be having a hard time getting milk from it. Change the nipple to something softer.

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You can start to see signs of colic at 3 months

Try new formula. Also look for thrush. Teething can also prevent babies from taking bottles. Ear infections and sickness.

Try a different bottle / nipple

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Wrong nipple, wrong temp, wrong formula, your child is trying g to tell you something even at 3 months old. Ask your pediatrician IMMEDIATELY. Not FB.

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Maybe it’s the dish soap you use. Try smelling the bottles. Unless you have dishwasher. Sometimes those bottles get stinky.

If you’re going to try different bottles there’s a company called Babylist and they sell a bottle sample package for like $30 with 5 of the most popular bottles, which would be more budget friendly

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She may be teething, my kids used to not want to eat when their teeth were coming in.

Comotomo Baby Bottle, Pink, 8 Ounce (2 Count)

Check they flow of the nipple. My baby did this and it wasn’t a fast enough flowing nipple

My son has started doing this for the last week (8 weeks now). We have several different types of bottles but sometimes he just won’t take it, even if it’s milk I just pumped during his nap. It could be nipple flow or dish soap or whatever, but it could also just be a comfort thing. My son has a pretty good bout of colic and sometimes only wants that comfort boob.

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Try feed her some ceral and the bottom, she might be hungary for something else.

Could be a number of things…
Colic, nipple flow to fast or slow, oral thrush, teething, the bottle itself, ear infection?
Dont use sippy cups they arent good for their teeth and you dotn want to have to break a habit if baby ends up liking it, when ready try a 360 cup dentist recommended and doesnt harm their teeth

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For my daughter it was milk temp. She loves her bottle unusually warm and it took us a while to figure that out.

My son used a sippy cup from the time he was six months old I breast fed and he did not like the nipples on the bottles hes 23 now all will be ok

Does she have a sore in her mouth or a sore throat?

Have you switched the bottle nipples to level 2?

Make sure theres no medical issues, throat, ears, mouth…Otherwise try different nipples.

Does your baby take breast milk or formula it’s normal for some baby’s to have phases where they prefer the breast if ur breast feeding

That or with formula I noticed with my daughter if she was teething she ate less or wasn’t feeling good when your baby is hungry she will eat ask the pediatrician there appetite can be effected by diffrent things some not to worry about some can be more of a concern

My daughter is 3 months old and refuses the bottle also… I’ve never really had her on the bottle except when she was a couple days old… I’ve started to work with the bottle now. The baby will most likely not take a bottle from you smells your milk so leave the room or house while someone tries! Make sure they are trying before really hungry, try standing to feed, try different nipples

Try sanitizing the bottles first. Maybe there is a nasty taste? I used to fill mine 2/3s the way full of water and microwave them for like 4 or 5 mins

Also on some brands of bottles there are little nubs around the nipple ring that fill up and get nasty. I had to go in there with a q tip to get it out. Baby could also just have a preference for nipple over the bottle. Some definately do. You could try different nipples as well. My second didnt take to any kind but dr browns because it was similar to the natural nipple. Good luck!