My 3-month-old has one brown eye and one grey eye: Advice?

My baby is three months old, and he was born with one eye gray like it’s been since he was born and the other brown. Has anyone else’s baby’s eye changed one at a time or is it heterochromia?


it will change as he gets older don’t worry about it if it doesn’t chance by the time he school aged that’s what color contacts are for

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I feel like that’s something you should ask your child’s doctor…


My grandaughters did that she is 4 now they finally are hazel but that left eye still has more blue in it we have to look closely now to notice lol

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My son has hazel eyes. His eyes are often two different colors but some days they’re the same. They fluctuate from grey to green to blue to brownish

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My adult cousin has one blue & one brown.

Who cares he’s a beautiful baby so why does it matter as long as medically he’s fine


I think 2 colored eyes are absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t worry about it at all unless it is a medical problem


Either way it’s nothing to be concerned about :slightly_smiling_face:


One of my relatives has one green eye and one brown eye hers have never changed color but it doesn’t seem to bother her or affect her vision

My daughter is 7 and her right eye is still blue other one brown( nothing is wrong with them either also her eye dr actually said her left eye does have it to just we can’t see it.

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That’s cool honestly

My granddaughter has one eye with blind lashes and one eye with brown lashes. Two genes fighting for dominance

My youngest has had 2 different colored eyes since she was born. I love her eyes. One is blue. One is green. She’ll be a year next month and I’m fairly certain they’re staying 2 different colors.

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There are 3 reasons that a child/person has 2 colored eyes. One of the weirdest causes is that there were twins and one sibling merged with the other

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I would think it was so beautiful and unique if my child had this.

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Two different colours is AWESOME!!! They might change anyway, my baby was blue born and changed to brown.

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My daughters changed slowly and she actually ended up with one brown eye and the other half blue and half brown. Its not necessarily “normal” but it doesn’t seem to affect her vision or anything.

Best friend had cat shape pupils, was freaky to look into them but doctors never said anything was wrong as long as her vision was okay. So I guess same goes for different colored eyes, as long as he can see well I would have zero concerns

My friend in school had this. She needed glasses but she was super pretty & got a lot of compliments on her eyes.

My daughter is 2 and her eyes are different colors she has hazel but one eye has been lighter the the other since birth and she has a dark green and the other is light greenish brown

My 17 year old has one blur one green no biggy

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What advice is needed? If they stay the same it’s cool. If not there is time it will change

I think its absolutely gorgeous!!! Take pride in knowing your child is definitely unique because not most children have that. Your baby is literally one of a kind. :blush::blush:

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Wow. If you have to question the uniqueness of your child… then :woman_facepalming:. If it bothers you get color contacts :woman_shrugging:.

Being that he’s just 3 months old, his eye color can still change. The most dramatic change happens between 3 to 6 months and they can still change up until 3 years of age. Even if eye color doesn’t change, heterchromia is nothing to worry about. It won’t bother him in any way. It’s also more common than what people think.

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My 9 year old got one blue and one brown eye.
Doctors said nothing wrong with his eyes, just got a eye color from one of his past family members. He also got patches of dark hair what looks like patches of a dairy cow lol

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I am 31 and have heterochromia. It hasn’t ever caused any type of issues. I’d bring it up to her pediatrician and see what they say but two different colored eyes is very special.

My nine year old eyes


This is my son as a baby/toddler & now 7 years old :hugs:


His patches when he was one but he still got them

My sister myself and one of my daughter’s have one blue eye, one green eye, I wouldn’t say it genetic but it’s normal, no vision problems,

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Wow, that’s pretty neat!

if it doesnt bug the babys eye sight then i think thats amazing. :slight_smile: a unique trait.

My daughter has 1 blue eye and 1 green eye.

I had one blue eye and one brown eye when I was little and my blue eye slowly got darker over time. It’s now almost impossible to see a difference x

My daughter was born with blue eyes they turned brown at age 3 but change in slices of blue and green now at age 9


That’s so weird this is posted today I googled this this morning! My 3 month old daughters left eye is much lighter than her right! The doctor said it’s normal!

My cousin has this and she is in her twenties. I always think it looks soooooo beautiful.

Most likely just heterochromia. It doesnt cause any vision issues or anything. It is hereditary so somebody else in your family may have it, just not as prominent. I have it and so does my oldest daughter. Mine looks like a freckle in my iris, but hers look like this!


I have one green one and one that’s half blue and half green :slightly_smiling_face: Doctor told parents it would change, never has :slightly_smiling_face:

I had this as a child & now as adult it has changed. I have hazel eyes but in one eye I’ve a larger slice of brown. I’ve had it checked out & it’s completely harmless.
I grew up aware of it & i actually loved that it made me unique & still do!

It could be heterochromia or they could change. Give it time and if you’re concerned about it then ask your sons doctor. It may take a while for the eye color to be done changing. My brothers eyes changed colors multiple times until he was almost a year old.

I always wished my eyes were two different colors! How awesome and unique.! :two_hearts:

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My sister had one brown eye and one green eye from birth until she passed 4 years ago from cancer.

Yes it is most likely hetrochromia. But unless your doctor tells you to be concerned and your shows signs of sight issues it simply means different colored eyes or a partially different colored eye. If your child is otherwise healthy there is no need for concern .

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My brother has one full blue eye and then his other eye is half brown and half blue

Heterochromia is so beautiful :heart:

My friend was born with one blue and one brown eyes. Found she can’t see out one eye

They won’t have their actual eye color until 2-3 years old. 3 months is probably too early to tell. My sister had blue eyes and then when she was 3 they suddenly turned green

For what it’s worth…I had an older brother with brown eyes, but one eye had a distinct patch of blue!

Was he a twin in the womb by chance?

pediatricians say babies get their final eye color around 1 year old!!

Just sounds like heterochromia. Totally harmless. If it causes you concern, speak with your child’s doctor of course. Other than that, I think it’s an awesome trait to have. :heart:


My youngest son has heterochromia . He’s had it as long as he’s been alive he’s 18 now. No issues other than glasses because his dad & I both have horrible vision.

He’s actually had several kids comment on it & it’s been a positive thing.

I also have heterochromia. When people notice they say wow! How did that happen? And I say I was born like that! :relaxed: Then normal life resumes. Probably heterochromia!

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My mother in law,my husband, our daughter,and my son’s daughter ( our only granddaughter) have a brown patch in their blue eyes. Think it is the left one. Four generations and we’re told it’s a birth mark.

My eyes are different colours. Know a few people with different colour eyes and can see it slightly in my childs. No problems with it and I’m in my late 30’s x

My son had to see a specialist. For a hemangioma in his eye and she said that eyes can take a year to change to there set color.

I have a cousin who has a blue eye and a brown eye, he is in high school now. It’s rare

What did pediatrician say?

He’s fine. It happens in less than 1 percent of the population.

No way to b sure i think its like up to 6 months to a year is when eye color is permanent although my niece’s eyes changed when she was older does anyone in your family have different colored eyes cus my oldest daughters father has blue eyes but in one there is brown in like a quarter of his eye and his aunt had the opposite brown eyes with a quarter of blue in the one of them

My daughters eyes changed dramatically back and forth til like a year old

my son has heterochromia, but babies eyes can change up until their 1st birthday.

My sister was born like that. My mom said at about 6 months the grey eye turned ice blue, my mom called the Dr cuz she thought maybe she was blind in that eye. Dr looked at her and said nope nothing wrong here she simply has one brown and one blue eye.

My daughter is 9 and has 2 different colour eyes, absolutely beautiful xx

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My grandaughter went from Blue to green at 7yrs old…my son went from blue to brown 2yrs old

My daughter has one blue eye(that sometimes looks green and sometimes looks gray) and one hazel/light brown eye. She’s almost 2.5yrs old has been followed by an ophthalmologist since birth and has never had any issues.:woman_shrugging:t2:

Your best bet is to see a eye doctor. My sons pediatrician had no idea what was going on with his eyes when I mentioned his pupils were not round (he has choloboma)

Eyes can change color any time before 1yesr of age. If at 1yr the eyes are the same as they are now. It will be permanent

Idk but thats so cool


I’m almost twenty 5 Nd have perfect vision I have a green and a brown nothing wrong

I have 1 brown & 1 green eye

My niece has one blue eye and one hazel eye and her sister called her blue eye her magic eye so she’d think it was cool. She’s 12 now and has never had vision problems and loves her magic eye

My son’s changed everyday till he was about 1

My sons eyes change from blue to green but so do mine

My cousin has 1 blue eye and 1 green eye, it’s been that way her whole life

My son has a blonde patch on his head, l love it

This pic is a little better

They can still change

My brother has one blue eye and one green :woman_shrugging: but the eyes can still change. I wouldnt worry too much.

I have a friend, Who is now in her 40’s and has 2 different coloured eyes