My 3-month-old has started crying before naps: Advice?

My 3 1/2 month old has started to cry really bad before naps. He’s been doing this for almost two weeks now. He goes to sleep fine at nighttime. I try everything I can to help get him to sleep. I walk around with him, I rock him, try his swing, try laying him down by himself, and even try breastfeeding him. But it’s like the only thing that eventually works is walking him around with hair dryer on and sometimes that doesn’t even work. I’ve been watching his early signs of tiredness and try to start putting him to sleep so he doesn’t get overly tired but it feels like nothing helps. He stays awake about an hour before I notice he’s getting tired again. He won’t take a pacifier and when I try to breast feed him he screams even harder. I hate that he has to cry like he does for 30 minutes to an hour before naps. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions on why he might be doing this all of a sudden?


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Have you checked to see if his tummy is hard before these episodes? He may be gassy or not getting enough to eat. If he’s getting enough food you might try some simethicone drops.

Might be time to drop the nap.

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My daughter did this at that age an it was a leap it stopped after a few weeks

This is very common behavior at certain ages. Look into wonder weeks. Just do what you need to and I promise they’ll be back to happily napping soon