My 3 month old hates tummy time: Advice?

Alright, Mommas! I’m struggling with getting my three-month-old on tummy time! She will do it for maybe a minute before she starts screaming! She will sit up in my lap and holds her head really well! I just know how important it is.

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They ALL hate tummy time

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Timing may be an issue. No tummy time too soon after eating. Keep her engaged in an activity or lay in front of her and “chat”. Make it a bonding time. Playful. Engaging. Start slowly & add an extra minute as she gets used to a routine.

I didn’t do the traditional floor tummy time, I would put my son on my chest and kind of lay down with my top half a little elevated, it killed 2 birds with one stone (tummy time and skin to skin), he’s now 7 months no problems and now lives being on the floor

My 10 month old hates tummy time! Hell last not even a minute every time… I’ve never forced it

All babies hate tummy time. Try placing a mirror on the floor so they can be encouraged to look at the “other” baby which is really themselves. That helped my babies

My babies have all been tummy babies and hated being on their back

They all hate it distractions like play mats etc you might get a few minutes longer

I have 5 kids and they all hated tummy time so I would do it long enough to where they were ok with playing with me or dad but then when they would start to scream then I would roll them around and they seemed to like that lol

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Honestly my kids didn’t tummy time as much as they should have. They all walked and crawled early and have strong necks

Try tucking a soft receiving blanket under her arm pits when she’s on her tummy. :hugs:

My 9 month old just started getting comfortable with it last week now she’s crawling. If her dr isn’t concerned you shouldn’t be. Each baby is different.


My pediatrician said that holding my baby on my chest, facing me, counted as tummy time, so we started with that. When she was strong enough to push herself up and away from my chest I put a tummy time pillow on the floor and laid her chest on it, with her arms forward and I’d lie on the floor beside her and talk to her. Just 2-3 minutes at a time to start. Gradually building up time.


All kids develop at their own pace. I would say relax and it will happen. For the record when mine were babies they recommended that babies only be on their tummies. Boy have times changed.:kissing_heart: You are doing a great job Mommy!


When my kids were babies, they were never required to have tummy time and they were fine and did everything on schedule. Don’t even worry about it. Sometimes they just can see enough of what’s going on, sometimes they just don’t like it yet. All of that is fine.


My son did the same thing. I use to worry about it all the time. He started walking at 9 months :woman_facepalming:t3: some babies just don’t like it. Just keep trying. Let her do whatever she’s comfortable with :blush:

Right! No need to worry . My granddaughter didn’t do tummy time. When I put her down like that, she screamed like a banchee for hours. She was MAD :angry:! she’s a healthy young lady who loves riding horses.

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Lay her on her tummy on your chest. Many babies are recipient and accept touch more. That’s what we did with our babies.


Put her on your belly while you lay on your back it’s still tummy time. Don’t stress too much just keep trying it’ll happen.


They all learn to walk eventually! Don’t worry so much!!! I never did, and they turned into strong men.


Lay down in front of her on your tummy and play with her and her toys

My last one hated it. I would sit and put her on my lap.

If she has trapped gas in her she may get to be very uncomfortable on her tummy. When she starts fussing, burp her then put her back down.


They scream at first some for longer than other the more she gets used to it the more she’ll like it

I will.say you are doing fabulous! every baby is different! follow your instinct and go with it. what worked for me or anyone else may not work for you.

My son did zero tummy time. He never crawled even one time. He just stood up and used the furniture to navigate. Every child I’d dofferent. No worries mama…

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It is good for the shape of their heads, my G-Baby had to wear a special helmet to make his head round. It was flat on the back from sleeping too long on his back. I dont think it had anything to do with walking or crawling. When I had babies the norm was to let them sleep on their tummies. I understand that is not acceptable now, but what I noticed with my G-Baby is that an inclined bed was recommended, but in my opinion that limited the babies head ( side to side) movements so the baby could turn its head to alleviate pressure

U do tummy time with her :wink: face to face and keep her interested worked for me


Holy cow! so many opinions And options! your head must be spinning! breathe, do not stress. tummy time is not an issue. your baby will be fine and perfect.

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She may have gas. Sometimes tummy time will make it move around and causes pain. Put her on her tummy over your lap and elevate the knee under her butt. Pat her on the back to see if she releases any. If so, maybe she needs a hot water bottle under her tummy or a warm towel in a zip bag.

never did tummy time. when they could rollover they di it on their own.

Tummy time is so important, especially now when babies are put to sleep on their backs, they don’t have to lift their heads to rotate from side to side as they did when they were in their bellies. This leads to pushing into elbows, extended arms etc. which all strengthen neck, upper extremity, back muscles which are all essential for developing core strength. If babies resist it try to increase time by rubbing back, distracting them by putting stimulating toys in front , possibly put something soft under their belly to see if that makes them more comfy. In time they will get used to it.

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I has 6 babies. They need to build arm muscles.

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Your kid will walk into kindergarten. It’s not always easy, but show grace to your child. If she’s sitting up and holding her head then she’s going to be fine.

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Maybe she has gas and her tummy hurts

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Be patient! Let her decide when she is ready. No need to force it on her!

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Mine does tummy time over my thigh the best. He will do it for a short while on his floor area, but he gets bored quickly.

Just keep practicing mama! Baby doesn’t like it now but she’ll get used to it.

Had had six babies, not one cared to be on tummy except when learning to crawl

It’s very important. It is how they develop the muscles and coordination to crawl and walk

Is it possible she’s having some sort of discomfort?

she may be too full?
try doing it before a feeding or just after a nap?
try burping well before tt?

It’s hard for a baby to be on their tummy when you lay them on their back to sleep. She’s 3-months of age…put her on her tummy to sleep.

Prop on Bobbie or pillow. Give her things to reach for

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Just keep trying but try some of the other suggestions too

Never heard of tummy time, kids will develop in their own way and at the pace is different for all of them. My oldest brother crawled everywhere until my other brother a year younger than him started to walk. He could crawl so fast he didn’t want to walk untill he saw his brother doing it. You shouldn’t force kids to do anything that they don’t feel like doing. They will be just fine. If you think something is wrong, ask Grandma, they probably know more about babies then the doctor’s do. It’s crazy what they do to kids and parents now.


That baby is not grown and has no say so

Just hope the baby isn’t in pain is all

Do u like laying on your tummy

Drape baby over a boppy.

Put her down and leave her. I do.

why do tummy time in the first place?


I’ve had 12 kids all hated tummy time. I tried everything with each. After trying I quit lol my kids are fine. All walked by 10 months wo it lol


All babies hate tummy time at first! Baby will love it once she has gotten use to it. Keep at it. So like set a timer and start with like 5-10 mins and bring all of her favorite toys or teethers. Don’t do it right after a feeding because gas can make it uncomfortable. Let her scream and be upset. It’s only 5-10 mins and in that time she’s getting upset, she’s still building arm, leg, neck and core muscles! It’s hard mama to watch them be so upset, especially when all we are trying to do is what’s best for them.

But as nicely as I can say it, get use to it now​:sweat_smile:! It will make it easier in the future. Good luck mama! She will get it down and you are doing great​:heart::heart:.

Tummy time on your tummy or chest. My 10 week old hates it and with only do it on me or on the couch with me on the floor in front of him. My older two loved it.

I never did tummy time because my daughter hated it. Do what I did, let her sleep on her tummy on your chest. The dishes and laundry can wait. Eventually she started lifting her head to look at me, didn’t take long at all

My son hated it when he was that age but as he got older I kept trying it and he got used to it xx

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Some babies just don’t like it. Try laying on your back with her on your tummy at first and gradually getting her used to it. It’ll happen but maybe in another month or so.

My first HATED tummy time to so I’d just lay down with him on my chest or sit in our recliner and eventually he would lift up his head and gain that strength. Fast to actually by about a couple weeks old he was trying to lift his own head !

We did some interactive yoga and both did tummy time and played a bit to get him used to it a bit more. He sleeps on his stomach next to me or on top of me. I try not to push it if he’s not feeling up to it. So far everything’s been turning out well

My daughter hated it too. Try putting toys down that she can reach for or using a tummy time play mat. Or get down and play with her for a few minutes if you can.

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