My 3-month-old is very gassy: What can I do to help him?

I have a three month old baby boy who is teething badly and isn’t colicky; but cries and/or whines when he farts. He has really big burps often and sometimes I can hear his tummy grumble after he has eaten. I want to get him some gas drops because I have heard that they work really well but I am also scared about what I put in his little body. Do you mommas have any advice or know of anything I can give him to make him more comfortable?


I often to bicycle legs and rub my little girls stomach to help release the gas. When it’s really bad and nothing seems to be helping, I give her Cocyntol which works really well.

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Gripe water and gas drops are a lifesaver in my house!

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Try warm perified water mixed with a spoon full of dark Kayro syrup…It has worked on thousands of babies…encluding my four

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I really liked little remedies product. I felt they weren’t as strong but still very affective…

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you can try Gripe Water, although it didn’t work for my little guy who’s also very gassy and has tummy pains it may just work for yours.

Gripe water , gas drops , bicycle legs , rub tummy, warm bath , try less when giving a bottle and then more frequently instead of your normal regimen


Gas drops saved my sanity

Gripewater works well

Infant gas drops are fine to give him… my 5 month old takes them when needed has since she was 2 months.

I push my baby’s knees (gently ofcourse) up to his tummy to relieve gas, works very well

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Butterfly kicks n maybe a little gripe water . It made my son get diarrhea

The only thing I ever found that actually works is dewees

Gas drops worked for mine

When my son was little a very gassy I talked to his Dr and they switched his formula to soy and that helped a Lot.

Gas drops works wonders my little one was the same way and also talked to wic about the formula and they changed it to gentle ease

Go to your pharmacy and get some simethicone.

If he is formula fed try a different formula if you haven’t already. Our baby struggled with the similac sensitive, but we went to comfort and he’s been fine since

Well if it says “baby” on the box I think you’re good :woman_facepalming: also you can Google literally everything and it will tell you. What do you think the World Wide Web is for? You get the same amount of opinions only difference is your phone isn’t blowing up with notifications :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:.

I do a dose of gripe water in every night time bottle. And every so often during the day depending on how he is! I have a 4 month old. Been using it since he was 2 months

I use gripe water from Mommy’s Bliss line

My little one was like this plus few other symptoms turns out he has milk allergy

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He may be constipated…i used to use children sized suppositories and they would help alleviate constipation bloating and gas within minutes

What formula is he on?

Do you breast feed? It could be something you’re eating. Sometimes something too spicy can upset a little ones tummy.

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If you are breastfeeding it can be something in your diet that is causing it. My son was allergic to dairy. I had to cut it from my diet while he was nursing. It gave him terrible tummy trouble. If he is on formula you might need to talk about a switch. My youngest couldn’t do any similac formula, every type including the soy made him completely miserable. We switched to enfamil soy and he was fine after that. Also gas drops work wonders or if you can find it at your grocer metro water with peppermint works great also.


Gripe water for sure

We used Little Tummies when our very gassy son was that age. It did WONDERS!

Gas drops never worked for my little guy but he also had colic. Warm rags on his tummy helped some, bicycling his legs and make sure he’s propped up when he’s eating.

Gripe water worked for my little ones

Mylicon drops are good

Gripe water and gas drops…

When I ate hot food my daughter was gassy. I had to change my diet and do leg circles. If you formula feed… I’m told there are just trial and errors on that stuff

For constipation I use 2.5 ml karo light corn syrup in the bottle it has helped her stomach since she was 2 months old

Try burping him more frequently while feeding gas drops work if formula feed try a gentle ease it worked for my lil man

Gerber colic drops with probiotic work for us to keep him regular and settle his tummy. The dr told me to use a heating pad on his tummy at bed time or after meals as needed. It will help break down the size of the bubbles and make them less painful.

He’s getting too much air during feeding try reposition the bottle and they have gas drops for babies

The gas drops are a sanity saver.

Gas drops are totally safe, they don’t pass the blood barrier and just dissolve gas bubbles along the digestive tract. Pediatricians wouldn’t recommend them if they didn’t work and weren’t safe, especially ours who discourages medication use unless medically necessary.

Do yourself a favor and ask this in a fact based breastfeeding group - I am horrified at the dangerous and potentially harmful opinions that are being given here that have no evidential backing.

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Could be acid reflux if you can mention it to his pediatrician. Does he arch his back while eating?

Formula or bottle fed? Could be a lactose/milk or other thing in diet causing gas

gas drops work wonders! my dr said not do give babies karo syrup anymore, so we stuck to gas drops. it helped my baby boy so much. he was on it from newborn - 5 months.

Gentle tummy massages. Give him a warm bath and lotion him up while massaging him. - bicycle motions with his legs to get it moving, and allow it to pass. Also gripe water apparently helps. I never really used it with either of my kids, but may say it works.

Gerber soothe probiotic drops and gripe water

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Gas drops work wonders on my soon to be 3 month old little boy. The faces he makes when it touches his tongue are priceless lol but my Dr told me it was perfectly fine to give it to him.

Definitely to much air when feeding, make sure to keep him upright when feeding maybe even change bottles. Our son had the same problem and had acid reflux. we changed formula, bottles, and kept him upright for at least 20min after feedings. Gripe water is also amazingly helpful to have

Gripe water and youtube stretches to help your LO pass the gas.


Gripe water worked miracles for my daughter

Gripe water it’s made to help babies when they have gas. Also bicycle kicks will help. Certain massage you do on the baby’s belly and it will help release gas. Also there is a massage you can do on the feet to help them poop as well.

Gripe water, my son was gassy all the time and had the hiccups it helped alot

Simethicone works well

Gripe water is a waste of money

Gas drops and a heating pad on low . My son was the same way . My dad but him belly down on a heating pad wow . It works .

Call your ped and ask what they suggest is what I’d do

Im in Australia but i used infant friends all natural worked brilliant but took a few days to kick in to help pass alot easier without the sore tummy.

Gripe water! Totally does work. Also you might need to change his formula, or bottle if maybe he is getting excess air. Or if you are breastfeeding you might need to change up your diet a bit

I swore by Mylicon drops for my now 17 year old son and 16 year old daughter. At that time 2002/2003 in Hawaii (stationed at Pearl Harbor) the Army Doctors in OB/Pediatrics Clinic approved of it at that time. I now have a 13 month old and have not needed them. I mention the time frame and that it’s was “then” because things are changing constantly. I do not want to give outdated advice, however if it is still approved if I swore by it then!!!

My son had to use gas drops for a while. Gripe water made his system really upset. I nursed him so I had to watch what I ate, no beans or broccoli.

Let him lay on his stomach it it will help release gas

Burp him sitting uprght every 3 to 4 minutes until he burps.

Mylicon drops are the best gas relief for babies I have ever used in my life and I have four children.

Get with pediatrician maybe it’s his formula

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For all of my girls I used gripe water and gas drops I also gave them a tiny bit of water with peppermint in it. But I recommend the gripe water and gas drops I’m gonna use them on my soon to be born babyboy

I can’t remember the exact type it is, but my wife and I use Enfamil that’s specificly made to help with gas. Between that, making sure the formula is settled and that she has the bottle in the right position, we’ve been able to eliminate the overwhelming majority of our daughter’s gas.

No idea if it’s actually factual, but I feel keeping her legs active helps keep her digestive system flowing and to help her pass smaller gas bubbles before it builds up to painful volume.

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Mylicon is what I use and,the only thing that has helped my 3 month old

Mylicon drops. I put one of two right into her bottle and it helped get rid of some of the bubbles and the gas.
Also my daughter is on enfamil ar. It’s helped drastically with gas and spit up

So he is absolutely colicy and gasy :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

Thank you for your advice everyone!

I think it’s called Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Drops. I used this with my son because he had a lot of gas too. It worked really well

Gas drops are awesome

Gas drops never worked very well for us but gripe water was a miracle worker and helped SO much!

I found gripe water helped. I also am a fan of gas drops. All of my kids are grown and I have grandbabies all doing well.


I used gas drops and I changed her formula. She did so much better

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I’d check allergies. My kids could only use a certain formula because it wasn’t milk based.

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I recommend the Mommy Bliss line. I love the probiotic, it really helps with gas and tummy troubles. I also use the gas drops for a few days just to give the probiotic a chance to build up in the baby’s system.

I have 6 grandkids and they all had gas drop…doesn’t hurt them…

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Tummy time…will help alot.

Gripe water works great

Might check into a milk allergy. My son was the same way til I got the formula changed

I used to give my son mylicon drops that used to do the trick.

Gas drops were a life saver for me.

Soy formula for the win

I used to give my son a weakened peppermint tea.

Probiotics drops also

you could try mylicon drops they worked great for my daughter

Put 2 drops of peppermint in a bottle of water. Let him drink as much as he wants

check with his pediatrician but gas drops won’t hurt him. but he might have acid reflux or you might be able to get a prescription for something at no cost to you

How about old school and use simple fennel tea. As easy as it sounds, boil water, add fennel seeds, let it sit and cool. Works every time.

I have 5 kids and I used Mylicon drops. They are safe enough to give every 30 minutes until the baby is relieved. A warm bath will also help to relax his stomach muscles.

Talk to Dr first before giving a infant anything.

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He sounds like he could be colicky

Keep his tummy warm n rub it with your hand :raised_back_of_hand:t3:. Or Lay the baby on your tummy too .

I don’t think gas drops are harmfulat all. Consult you pediatrician

Burp him more often when you feed him, like every half ounce often. Sounds like you have a gulper on your hands.

Maybe he drinks to fast and you have to get another bottle and another teat. When he drinks to fast he gets a lot of air in.

I wonder if he has reflux?

Gas drops and gripe water work wonders. Also the suggestion about moving his limbs.

The gas drops are great of the problem isn’t allergies related both my kids had to be on a soy formula

Gas drops are a God send and you may have to burp him more. Also if he’s not having regular bowel movements. I’d talk to Dr about putting Karo syrup in his formula.