My 3-month-olds eyes are always watery: Advice?

So my son is three months old, ever since he was born he’s had super watery eyes, and he wakes up with them almost matted together with gunk no matter how many times I clean them, the doctor suggests I look into eye surgery but I’d really rather not. Opinions and suggestions???


My son had the same thing, it was a blocked tear duct. They said it could go away but his never did. I had them do the surgery, it was super quick and fixed the issue.

Sounds like the baby has blocked tear ducts give it some time they may up block themselves. Use warm compresses and rub the child’s face along the nose from the bottom of the nose to the baby’s eye. My daughter use to have this issue until she was almost 14 months old.

My son was born with slanted tear ducts, so that was frequent for us from birth. By the time he was two it cleared up. He’s 11 now with no problems. Good luck!

His tear ducts are clogged- he may grow out of it or they may get worse. I’d definitely see a specialist and get a second opinion. Keep them clean and use warm compresses on them.


Taking suggestions from strangers against a doctor’s suggestion? I personally would research the surgery…good luck with yer little…they are so precious :blush:


If your doctor recommended surgery, perhaps there aren’t any further suggestions to give?


I was told a bit of breastmilk on cotton wool and wipe from the tear duct, across the eye. If you dont breastfeed then warm boiled water not hot


I suggest listening to your doctor!


My daughter had clogged tear ducts and her daughter did too. My daughter got sick with a high fever when she was 18 months old and never had a problem again. Her daughter who is now 4 hasn’t had issues with the clogged ducts for several years. However she does have allergies that she takes Claritin year round for. Her pediatrician had her wipe her eyes several times a day with saline on a clean cotton ball when they were gunky. And massage the corner of the affected eye in small circular motion with light pressure. I did the massage on my daughter too.

The surgery was amazing for my son! At least take the time to get a second opinion from a pediatric ophthalmologist.

My son had this, it was blocked tear ducts. It eventually went away. Just had to keep cleaning his eyes with a warm wash cloth, no surgery was ever recommended.

You didn’t say what kind of doctor recommended surgery. Get a 2nd opinion from an eye specialist.


Sounds like clogged tear ducts…my son had the same thing when he was small. Use a warm washcloth on them like a compress whenever he will let you, lol…especially when feeding. Should clear up soon after🥰

Your child needs a nasal lacrimal dilatation. Easy peasy procedure. My daughter had it done, later I would be tech in room during the procedure.

What you are describing are allergy symptoms, and you should consult with an allergy Doctor. Also, if you have pets, try keeping them away from him and see if that improves the watering eyes. If so, its definately allergies. Avoid the doctor who recommended surgery without first establishing a cause for the symptoms.


Take him to an eye specialist.


Perhaps he has allergies?


Are his bottom lashes going into his eyes? My baby girl had such chunky cheeks that her bottom lashes were being pushed into her eyes. Her eyes were always gunky and teary… we saw a specialist but the gunk and teary eyes stopped when her lashes finally started going outwards :laughing:

He has clogged tear ducts. An ophthalmologist can open them.

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Do you have cats or dogs?
My eyes get like that from dog dander.

Have his tear ducts checked and you can wash them with warm milk not hot just warm it helps

Sounds like pink eye. But seriously all kids get this. Just as the person said above breastmilk and cotton ball or warm water.

Does he have light colored eye’s, I am soooo light sensitive!

My son had clogged tear ducts and he grew out of it … About 6 months old …

Go to a eye specialist and an allergist


Ophthalmologist! STAT!


My 4 year old has a clogged tear duct got the surgery at 3 and still left eye is watery from time to time

In the days of Cloth Diapers you could take the Pee Diaper and wipe around the baby’s eyes and the next day they would be clear but nobody believes in Brings like that anymore. :thinking:

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May be clogged eye ducts. My son had this issue when he was an infant. His pediatrician suggested using a warm compress like a washcloth and gently just pat around eyes to loosen up the discharge and bring down any inflammation as well. Definitely helped. You can try that until you can get him into a specialist!

Blocked tear duct maybe

My son had something very similar. It wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion. I had a morning routine cleaning then and a salve the doctor gave me. Cleared it up in a couple weeks. I’m NOT SAYING THAT’S WHAT THIS IS! Again, I’m simply saying, it’s okay, and worth trying to get a second opinion.

Try massaging his eyes by the nose are on both sides just for a couple of minutes, the wipe clean with warm cloth easy does it not hard. Maybe about 3 times a day or even 4 times a day may need to be unplugged from dust . N. Iratating the eyes. One of my children was like that

If baby needs surgery to fix a issue I’d rather not isn’t how you handle it…

My son had this and eventually had to have his tear duct opened with surgery. They told me to massage the area twice a day but it never helped him.


Possibly allergies? They can draw blood to see if he’s allergic to anything environmental. He’s too young for skin testing yet.

Keep getting opinions

I mean if you won’t listen to a DOCTOR and would rather ask strangers on facebook then your kid has much bigger problems than his eyes…


Get a second opinion, maybe see a specialist.

What eye surgery? Eyes are to valuable to not look into every option. Mine had to have eye surgery and she can see just fine.

Sounds like conjunctivitis. You can get an eye ointment from your pediatrician

Sometimes babies get carried the wrong way and get injured. The gunk will go away after the baby gets proper massage on the shoulder or legs, depending where the injury is at. Old school remedy but it is always the case from where I am from.

First I would contact an Eyeys, ears, and nose specialist, if no luck see an allergist. If your dr wants to do surgery find out why and what is the problem then seek out a specialist in that field.Your Baby comes first.

My baby had a clogged tear duct and had the same issue. I was told to get a warm, not too hot, wash cloth, and using my pinky massage the inner corner of her eye a few times a day. It helped tremendously!


It’s a blocked tear duct my son had it when he was an infant

This happened to my niece, she had a clogged duct. Contact your pediatrician. I’d get a couple opinions if it were me.

Clogged tear duct the baby should outgrow it

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Try breastmilk. And massage the corner of the eye pulling down towards his nose.

My grandson had that also. They gave her drops similar to pink eye meds to help clear it up. It went on til he was about 3 months old & then cleared on its own & hasnt come back.

My baby had that too. Pediatrician recommend daily massages in the corner of the eyes twice a day, also prescribed ointment, then moved to drops… But nothing got rid of it completely when she turned 1 we went with the tear duct procedure where they opened her tear duct. 3 months later they took out the tube from her eye & so far so good! No more gunk or watery eyes. No side effects, nothing. Shes 20 months now.

Maybe clogged tear ducts. Best to get medical advice from your pediatrician though.

Why not ask the doctor for something other then surgery instead of a bunch of strangers on FB


Sounds like blocked tear ducts. Both my girls had it to varying degrees. Use a warm wash cloth to wipe their eyes every time they wake and try a gentle massage around the ducts to open them up. Should go away on its own.

Wash his eyes with young coconut water or breast milk…if you can get teramycin ointment for the eyes you good to go this problem dont need surgery.


Clogged tear duct. My doctor told me to use a warm washcloth and gently wipe the gunk away. Took a couple months for it to go away but it did. I also used my breastmilk, just squeezed a little near his eye.

My youngest had a clogged tear duct from the time he was born until he was three months old. We had to wipe his eye out several times a day with a warm wet rag and we did a special circular massage technique the pediatrician taught us and it eventually cleared up

I would find a pediatric eye doctor. My baby had this issue in one eye and it was a blocked duct and it cleared itself by the time she was 6 months old, no surgery required. I would definitely at least get a second opinion before committing to eye surgery. Good luck :heart:

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Blocked eye duct… my son had the same problem in one of his eyes. You can lightly massage the duct between the corner of his eye and his nose to help it. I also used a warm wash cloth in the morning to clean the gunk out of my son’s eye. It didnt take too long for it to clear up. Just remember not to panic and if it goes on too long seek advice from another doctor. Sometimes getting a second opinion is best.

My son had this and doctor gave him Tobramycin drops. All cleared up in 3-4 days.

My son had the exact same issue. It was mostly due to clogged tear ducts. We’d massage the tear ducts with a q tip and afterwards applied this “eye lubricant” to the tear ducts and within a few days his eyes would be back to normal. It would reoccur till he was about 8mo but afterwards he was fine

I waited the whole year in Hope’s it would clear up. It never did. It was a clog duct. But I’m so glad I did the surgery because my sons quality of life was improved greatly!

Do not have eye surgery my eyes water all the I have small tear ducts a close friend had the same problem had the surgery said worst decision he ever made now still has the same problem

When my daughter was born 50 yrs. ago,she had an eye irration,green gook,eyes pasted together it was horrible.I had to clean her eyes with boric acid solution, on a cotton ball twice a day .Once in the morn& once a bedtime.Any other time of the day warm water on a cottonball.50 yrs is a long time,I guess it’s different now.

So you want suggestions from Facebook rather than a regular MD doctor?

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Clogged duct. Give it time. It should unclog eventually.

DO NOT PUT ANY FRUIT JUICE OR MILK IN HIS EYES. I would use a warm damp wash cloth to wipe it off and ask for eye drops to help with a clogged duct

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Try putting eyebright (get at health food stores) in her milk or food.

take him to an eye doctor

My son is a month old and he had this happen, dr said clogged tear duct and just keep wiping it… I also read that you can rub his tear duct to loosen the clog and itll stop.

Get eyedrops from the child’s doctor and follow actual medical advice…
Do not use breast milk…it is food, not medicine


My granddaughter does that and i do too

My granddaughter had that and it was clogged tear ducts. All we could do was just keep wiping her eyes and now they get funky when her allergies act up. They have eye drops to help clear it up. If your Dr is sounding surgery I would find a different Dr

I thought this was normal because their tear ducts are still developing. My son and his cousin had the same thing. Just use a warm washcloth and gently wipe from the inner to outer corners of his eyes. It should resolve within a few more weeks

I should mention that my son’s cousin’s was a little worse. He was prescribed a cream. I agree that surgery sounds a little extreme, but I don’t know how bad your baby’s is.

Have you ever tryed tea bags old indian trick war.m Water tea bags drip in eyes set them on wyes if possible for 15 min

The eye ducts probably are blocked. What you do is you gently but firmly run your thumb down his face from the corner of his eye in a downwards motion along the side of his nose, and do the same thing again from the inside corner of the eye to the outside corner of the eye. Do that two or three times to each eye and two or three times per day.


Second opinion from a different Dr.

My son was born with clogged tear ducks. Then it cleared up and When he hit 10 months old they were clogged again his eyes were so bad that they were bleeding he had three surgeries on his eyes I recommend Dr Massaro at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee he’s a excellent doctor.

massage the tear duct

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He might have an allergy to something…or overactive tear ducts( glands) whatever there called

My son had the same problem when he was a baby and it ended up being a clogged tear duct determine by his eye doctor. When he was 9 months old (after months of doing the clearing, rubbing and massaging mentioned in previous comments) he had his tear duct probed by his eye doctor. It isn’t surgery and an outpatient that can be done in the office. He hasn’t had a problem since and he is now 5.

Blocked tear ducts will resolve on their own if they haven’t by one surgery may be needed

In my culture when my children gets that my mom told me to use my breast milk. It helps with the tear ducts and yellowish in their eyes.

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My son was doing that too but my doctor said it was his ducts weren’t developed just yet and now they’re slowly starting to get better he doesn’t have as much Gunk when he wakes up in his eyes

My daughter had this at birth. I used a cotton ball and saline solution at every diaper changed and did a duct massage (Google it). That being said, I had a daycare kiddo who had a clogged tear duct as a baby. She had to have surgery eventually because it wouldn’t resolve. I know they had to wait until she was a certain age first. Poor thing always had goopy eyes until the surgery :pensive:

They just go in and make sure the tear duct is open and able to function properly, but again that’s usually after a certain period of time and eliminating other possible causes.

Gently massage the the bridge of his nose a few times a day. It’s because hes so tiny and it’s not fully developed yet and the passage way is very narrow so instead of draining through nose it comes through eyes… something like that lol. I’m bad at describing things but I do know massaging will help. My sons eyes were exactly the way you are describing. Its what my sons pediatrician told me to do and the issue was resolved very quickly🙂

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My baby has this. She is now ten months old and just seen an Opthalmologist. They try to avoid surgery. She showed me an"exercise" to do to try and open the duct up, and allow it to help drain. You pretty much just massage up against the nose under the eye a few times a day if that makes sense

I would have his ears checked. If he has tons of ear wax ask the dr to clean it out ( if theres too much wax you cant see the ear infection). My son had the same problem and he was so backed up the fluid from his ears was coming out his eyes

The antibiotic drops often cause eye issues. Take him to a doctor.