My 3-year-old doesn't talk: Advice?

My daughter just turned 3 she doesn’t talk she knows her colors shapes and understands what your telling her she is very smart but no sentences


Have you had her hearing checked? Does she possibly have a tongue tie? Have you tried speech therapy? There’s numerous things that can delay a child’s speech. Kids learn at their own pace. My cousin didn’t start talking until he was 4. I would talk to your pediatrician and see what they recommend :two_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Had a friend with a son like that, he was 4 before he started talking. Once he started carrying on conversations his parents asked him why he didn’t talk to them earlier…his answer…"everything was okay till then.

My daughter is like this. She has a very bad lip tie & we are currently going to speech therapy twice a week.

My brother didnt talk until he was 6, he has Asperges

Give her time and make sure when people are asking her questions are talking to her other people aren’t answering for her. Give her time and let her answer.

Get her evaluated for autism

Is she around other kids? If not that helps alot. Also make sure no one is talking for her, if she wants something try to get her to say what she wants. Speech therapy helps alot but, all kids are different just work with her and don’t give up.

How do you know that she knows her colors and shapes if she doesn’t talk??

Give her time. my 3 year old wasn’t talking. Now he will talk in front of people who we call family or us but not strangers.

I would contact your doctor, they might suggest speech therapy. It helps a lot of kids.

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I would think by now you have seen doctors. No?

I would give her time. We have some kiddos in our center who just don’t speak and suddenly at 5 they just let loose and gabber away!

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My best friend didn’t talk until she was 5. And she has a double doctorate