My 3-year-old doesn't talk much: Advice?

I have a question for anyone that can help. I have a three year old that really doesn’t talk much and moves a lot ( i don’t mean a typical running around movement) he moves his hands and legs opens his mouth a lot more than usual. I have gotten referrals for speech therapy and other things. Is there anyone that has gone through this with their little ones, and is so what your approach on how to handle it was?


Going through it with mine now. Some days are better than others but you cannot force them into anything playing on the floor and reading have helped my little a lot.

Have him tested for Autism, would be my guess. Nephew was the same way until his parents had him tested

Have his Hearing tested.


Pay attention to what the doctors and specialists say.
Be sure to be you child advocate.
Get additional testing. Involuntary movement is much more serious than the speech issues.
It could be something as simple as an inner ear problem than can be easily fixed.

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There is usually something like early intervention its called. They can screen him at home.

Get him in therapy ASAP. Also try getting him in with you local CDS.

I’m just wondering what you birth was like? Did you have fetal distress? Or complications? Sorry I ask cause I did and my son came out not breathing and he has speech communication and laungue disorder . I wonder if we had similar birth experience

I had a problem with my son ,he did speak except no one could understand him .
Problem was partially deaf due to a blockage between his nose and ear .
He therefore outdone only repeat what he heard and that was garble.
Speak to your doctor and maybe see a ear nose and throat specialist also a therapist as recommended.
Good luck hope all goes well.

Speech therapy & have him tested for autism.Talk to his pediatrician,they should be able to give you recommendations on where to go for speech therapy & to have him tested for autism.My youngest son spoke only a few words before 3 & they wanted me to send him to speech therapy & they wanted to diagnose him as autistic but we & his siblings worked with him & he has been talking fine & saying alot of words & talking in sentences.He watches alot of learning videos,childrens song videos & loves Peppa Pig.He has picked up aloy.Every child learns at a different pace.Take time & teach him & find his likes & it might help him learn to speak more.It takes patience & don’t give up.

With that kind of problem you’ve got to see a child growth psychologist for your child’ s evaluation those presentations are not normal to your child’s age.

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My 3yr old never shuts up

Do the speech therapy and get him evaluated as much as possible. There are resources and support groups available, the doctors and therapist should be able to point you in the right direction.

My grandson was like that. He is on the Autism spectrum. He tried to talk but it was jibberish. He was diagnosed in kindergarten and started speech therapy. He is 13 now. One of the smartest kids. Please have your son tested. It may be something else but at least you will know.

I would talk to your doctor if you are concerned and see what they say. My dd took a while to start speaking cohesive sentences but was talking non stop before she turned 4. I had her in preschool and the amount of contact with her classmates helped.

I have a friend whose 3yo daughter isn’t speaking much (youngest of 4) and she has her in speech therapy.

Hearing test get his ears cleaned out at Dr First the hearing tested EEG maybe

My son was very similar. All I can say is, support is so key, for you and him. Make sure you absolutely utilize every single outlet you are offered for assistance and support. The earlier you can build a tribe of support and love around you and your boy, who are there to cheer you both on, the better.

Make sure you arent just giving him what he wants before he asks…my youngest daughter just made lots of noises…took her to doctor. He watched our interactions…told me I was allowing her to not say anything verbally because I knew what the sounds meant and gave it to her. I stopped doing that, made her say the words…a couple months later…we had the problem solved…lol

My son was the same way. I read him books to help him hear the words and did speech therapy which hes been doing for a while and has made huge progress! Give it time and be patient all kids learn differently :blush:

Yes 3 of my kids. I got them tested when they were 3 and had them in a preschool for special ed until they were 5 and went to kindergarten.its better to get them help as they are younger.

Make sure that he doesn’t have a cleft tongue. Meaning the skin under the front of his, tongue is developed correctly!

Support and stay on team with your drs

Have his hearing tested

Have they checked him for autism

Start the speech therapy asap. Preferably in a preschool setting.