My 3-year-old has started stuttering: Advice?

My son is three years old. He has been talking well before one years old. Recently I have noticed he has started stuttering and in the past week it is getting worse. I plan on calling his pediatrician Monday. I was wondering if any moms have gone through this? Do you think he may out grow it? Im starting to get very anxious. I have tried telling him to slow down but I think he just gets super excited. Any suggestions?


My oldest is 6 and he was doing this about a year or so ago. He would stutter and get stuck on a word or a thought. But it was usualy when he got exited or more hyper he just couldnt find the next word he was looking for. He has out grown it now.

Following, my 3 year old does this as well.

Most kids outgrow it mine all did it. Don’t draw attention to it just ignore it and I guarantee in 6 to 8 months it will stop. I’m a speech pathologist and I work with kiddos like that and stuttering usually isn’t a problem until they are six or seven and continue to do it


Sometimes at this age children stutter as they have so much they want to say but can’t get all the words out. In most cases it passes and then you will not be able to stop them talking :see_no_evil::rofl: if your worried though trust your instincts and speak to someone xx

I owned a daycare for over 30 years and it’s pretty typical in little boys cuz they’re brain thinks faster than the words coming out of their mouths. They say to try not to bring attention to it because it makes it worse

I think it might just be a thing…ignore it completely, if you comment on it, it’s possible he will keep at it. Others blink/ squeeze their eyes and again to ignore it…with the eyes it’s attention seeking…with the stutter it’s sometimes they are going too fast…the mind hoping to fast for the tongue

It can be quite normal. It’s usually because their brain is working faster than the words coming out of their mouths. My daughter did this. She had 2 different stages that she did it, once when she was 2 and once when she was 3 but she out grew it very quickly.

My son started stuttering at around the same age, he had so many thoughts, he just couldn’t get them out quickly enough!! It didn’t last long with him, maybe 6 months and his language caught back up again. He had very good language skills from a very early age, sentences by 18 months old. Definitely ask a doctor about your concerns, they may take a wait and see policy but generally intervention when the child is very young by a speech therapist has great results :smiley: good luck with it all xx​:heart:

My daughter had a British accent for awhile. Maybe just a phase :woman_shrugging:

It’s normal for their brains to work faster than their mouths. My boys went thru a stuttering stage which made me nervous as well but both grew out of it. Talking to your Ped is a great idea

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Please take your son to a Speech-Language Therapist. He may out-grow it, or it maybe become full blown persistent stuttering, and it’s a lot harder to deal with at an older age.
PLEASE don’t listen to people saying to “wait” or “not to worry”, not even your paediatrician. Take your child to a Speech-Language Therapist for an assessment.

Does he have a tongue or lip tie?

My now 4 year old started to stutter around 3 years old. He still does it but not as often as before. It’s just because they get so excited and their brains are working so fast. I remind my son to slow down when excited to tell me something and most of the time he corrects it.

I think your right he’s trying to talk to fast keep trying to get jim to slow down when he talks

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All of my kids have done this at some point. They all grew out of it. Their ped said it’s a phase they’ll go through when their language really starts developing. He was right!


Their little mouths cant keep up with their little brains :black_heart:

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My daughter stuttered when she was about 3-4 and now at 15 only stutters when she’s talking too fast or is nervous. I stutter myself when I’m nervous so :woman_shrugging:t3:

My nephew started stuttering around 3/4 out of nowhere, it was a mix between his brain just moving faster than the words coming out of his mouth, and needing tubes in his ears and his adenoids out, he’s five now and only stutters when he is over excited…

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Your son is being delivered from the spirit of stuttering in the name of Jesus Amen

Anybody who stutters I will pray for you please let me know in Jesus name amen

Ask his pedi for a speech referal

I stuttered until sometime in high school. In it high school had me talk to a speech person and it made me more nervous and I felt the stuttering became worse. The next year the school tried again and I refused to talk to the person. Often if I slowed down the words came out but there were a few letters that caused more stuttering. At almost 69 there are still times where I am talking too fast and I have to stop because I catch myself stuttering.

Normal, as they speak faster than they can process things.

I teach a class of three year olds, a lot of kids go through it. They just cannot talk as fast as they want and end up stuttering. They usually are out of it in a few months, some take a little longer, but I haven’t had anyone develop a permanent stutter yet.

He may have had trauma you don’t know about…

I stuttered horribly as a kid. People could barely understand me. It would get worse if I got scared, upset, excited, anxious, whatever but my mother always looked me in the eyes and told me to take a deep breath and think about what I wanted to say first. My son who is 16 sort of stutters and stammers so I tell him the same thing. I would be cautious about telling him to calm down because it that my not be what causing it.

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Just remember that all children around that age have so many thoughts and ideas running through their mind it’s a little harder for them to process it all and communicate so dont be too worried just remind them to slow down and try to help them get all that they’re trying to say out in complete sentences

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Sometimes they just get a little anxious and their not able to get their words out as fast as they are thinking. Polietly tell them slow down think about what your saying then tell me.

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Yes my son went thru the same thing he is 3 and I was nervous at first but then some weeks past and he was fine it’s just a phase I say give him a couple of weeks he should stop if not then go see the doc

If he wasnt stuttering before but is now it can be something simple and nothing to worry about but DO take him to the Dr. on Monday as planned to just be sure .

Don’t say anything or do anything to control your child’s speech. Just get on his level, look him in they eye and listen. Slow YOUR own rate of speech. Normal dysfluency lasts about 6 months. Typically is a sign that his language skills are developing faster than his neuro-motor capacity to handle the growth. It’s best to get a speech pathologist to monitor the stuttering if you are concerned.

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Some advice whatever you do…do not interrupt him or try to help him when he is trying to get a word out-that will only make it worse. If in a few months or so it has gotten worse or not gotten any better then I would suggest taking him to a speech therapist to be evaluated, most elementary schools have one on staff

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Some kids who have ADHD/ADD suffer from stuttering and the medication helps, some outgrow it

I think it’s what you think also it sounds like when he’s super excited/enthusiastic about what he’s talking about his mind is just going faster than he can get it out. My daughter was the same way and still kind of does it I just have to say ok calm down and slow down and get what your trying to say in order and it puts a smile on her face because I can tell she gets frustrated when it happens

Yes, some if my kids stuttered for a while. It helped to slow down and spend more time listening to them.

My granddaughter is 7years old she tends to say umm umm before she explains something I know for her it’s excitement and trying to put her story together

I’m an Aussie SLP.
Please feel free to PM me if you’d like some advice. :butterfly:

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My son is add/adhd and when he was little he stuttered a lot and I would stop him and tell him to slow down, think about what he wants to tell me then say it. I’d have to make him stand there and be still while doing this but eventually he would do it himself. He wasn’t diagnosed until 1st grade. Now he’s 24 and only stutters mostly if he’s under pressure talking to someone about business or on the phone.

My son is 4 years old and is going through it himself. He was fine before and has a vocabulary of a 10year old when it comes to speech but recently he started stuttering and no matter how much i tell him to slow down he just does it more. It might be a phase or something but if you feel like you need to take him to his peeds dr. then do it mama. Good luck to you and your little boy!

Just keep him slowing down

Was he scared did somebody scare