My 3 year old nephew doesn't talk: Thoughts?

My nephew is three and a half, and he still doesn’t talk. He is a healthy baby, very active and playful… Should we be concerned and take him to a doctor? Or will he start talking once he joins school? Did anyone experience this before? Please advise.TIA.


He needs to be in speech! Like 2 years ago!


Hasn’t he had physicals? They usually ask about it. My boys were 3.5 years old when they started talking my daughter on the other hand is 2 and talks full sentences. Some kids just talk later then others. I would speak to the doctor just to be on the safe side


Many children develop at there own pace but 3 1/2 is long for not talking. How does your child respond when spoken to?


My nephew is 5 now, he hardly ever spoke either, few words here and there, just really shy, but not afraid to kick his older brothers butt lol. He’s 5 now and talks just fine. Kids will talk when they are ready and have something to talk about.


Just needs a few speech and language therapy classes

My daughter is 3.5 almost to the day and isn’t talking well yet but she trying I wouldn’t worry every kid does things in their own time

He should see a speech therapist

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Can he hear?? You have to work with them to teach them to talk!


They should have noticed this at his well check ups around 1 1/2. Something needs to be done immediately


My nephew wouldn’t talk until he was 4, he was healthy, and has no problems but just didn’t talk. He’s been to the doctors, he has no medical problems and has been in daycare/around his siblings his whole life so we never understood but he did talk eventually. Regardless, take him to the doctor and speech therapy.

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If he wants something let him ask for it

Does he hear ok? My daughter was stone dead and kept getting ear infections. She had tubes put in to drain fluid from her ears.

He should of been seeing a speech therapist and what is his doctor saying about this? If this is not a concern for his doctor I would look for another pediatrician because he should of been getting help


My son just turned 3 and he is just picking up his language and talking, I expressed concern at a well check and the doctor sent a referral to early intervention but he didn’t meet the criteria however I still did speech therapy for like 3 months and even with doing that he started talking when he was ready, I would get him/her evaluated for peace of mind, it’s not going to hurt


Is his dr not concerned? It’s always best to be safe and have children seen by a speech pathologist if you have any concerns.
My son is almost 7 and nonverbal

My son is just now 16months and not talking. Our doctor is getting us into speech therapy right away and an audiology appointment to make sure there is no issue with his hearing.
I feel like by his age they definitely should have done something to see if there is a reason he’s not talking and some assistance to get things moving.


My son was this way. He has a sister who is almost 7 years older so they had their own language. We put him in birth to 3 and he had speech therapists. He is still in speech in the 5th grade. Make sure that if he wants something and is pointing that you repeat what he wants and work with him saying it. It was a long road for us and one we are still on because he does still have a slight speech impediment but definitely get him in with someone.

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I personally didn’t start talking till about 4 or 5 and I also had to go to speech therapy for it. while my son who is now almost 3 won’t stop talking lol. But he started to talk around 2 so I believe all kids develop at different rates . If his doctor is saying he’s healthy and ok then I wouldn’t worry about it , he’ll start talking when he wants too .

Is he possibly autistic

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I was 3 and just giggled.

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Get his hearing check… and a development assessment. One on my grandson didn’t speak until he was ready… and when he started he has a better vocabulary than most adults. He is also very aware of what is going on around him… meaning he listened… he is like a canary in a coal mine… if he isn’t feeling good about a situation… you better pay attention.

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That can be a sign of hedrimg loss please take him to the doctors at 3 he should be talking

My sister is 20 now but didnt speak til she was 4 and just randomly decided to start. Everyone thought she was mute but I guess she just didnt have anything to say lol. Shes never had any issues with her pronunciation and is actually the smartest and most level headed out of my moms 5 kids. :woman_shrugging:


I suppose it depends on what you mean by not talking. If he doesn’t utter anything then yes, there is something not right. However if he’s chattering to himself whilst playing and can name objects, people etc but not really string sentences I would not be so concerned.

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At 3 the pediatrician should have already spoken with the parents about it. My brother was nonverbal until 4 when we got him to a different pediatrician who noticed immediately something was wrong. He referred us to a speech specialist, started speech therapy and by 5 he was talking at a 3 year old level. Went to a behavior therapist and he was diagnosed with autism.
Not saying the same could be with you but I’d definitely get him seen by another pediatrician

He needs an evaluation. Could be an hearing problem,speach ,or signs of autism.

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Lots of times kids don’t talk because the parents do all the talking for them. The kid points at something and the parent jumps to get it instead of taking the time to say what it is multiple times and encourage the child to mimic what the word was.


Every child is different. My daughter who is now 9 didn’t talk until she was 3 or so. Give it time.

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I enrolled my daughter3 in speech class at public elementary had her talking in no time good luck

Absolutely get him checked. His pediatrician should already be testing him if he goes for his yearly visits. The pediatrician asks questions about development

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When my daughter was 2 1/2 she still wasnt talking. I made a appointment with her doctor and they got me in touch with a speech therapist. They did house visits until she could start pre k at 3. Shes now 6 and talks but still does speech through school. She is a twin and her brother would tell me what she wanted so i guess she felt lile she didnt need to talk.


I would be taking him to the pediatrician for speech asap.

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My daughter didn’t talk until 4. We started at 2 years old with speech therapy and she still gets it at 8 years old. She has speech apraxia. I would get him assessed for a delay

Have him evaluated… Hearing test… Speach etc etc… There could be a reason… Talk with the primary doc

My son is 3 and we had this issue his dentist actually had concerns because he wasn’t talking made an appointment and got referred to an ENT, noticed that he was also snoring (which in turn can be problematic and can cause sleep apnea heart issues and developmental delays) we went to ENT and he took one look in my sons mouth and seen his tonsils and adenoids were severely enlarged which was causing him to not be able to talk he couldn’t move his tongue around correctly to articulate words his mouth is too small, this October he had his tonsils and adenoids taken out and now hes in speech therapy through his preschool he also has an IEP a para and also receives occupational and physical therapy to help him catch up


If he is regularly going to the doctor for check-ups then the dr and parents should be aware already. The pediatrician checks development of those types of things at every appointment. No need to butt in unless parents are neglectful.

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With my son it was because my friends that lived with us from the time he was born-3 would talk for him

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Pediatrician should have definitely done something at least around 18 months. I expressed my concerns at her 18 month visit that she was not saying any words. She talks just no words. My daughter is 22 months and still no words, pointing, or waving. They recommended hearing test. She also she’s a speech and occupational therapist. And will also be getting tested for autism as she is showing some signs on the spectrum.

My nephew didn’t talk until he was 3.
My sister took him to speech therapy and he still didn’t talk.
One day a health visitor said
He will talk when he has something to say.
And he did just weeks later.
He is now 43yrs old still doesn’t talk unless he has something to say.
He is married and successful in life.
Don’t worry.


The doctor should have already expressed some concerns and a recommendation for that. It is definitely something to be concerned about.

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Never go by “kids develop at their own pace…”

There are mile stones for a reason… If he isn’t meeting them on time have him checked out. Could be hearing or tounge tied.

Never assume he’s ok…


Has he not been to the doctor?? By 12 _18 months if there’s no speech, they usually recommend therapy.


My son did not talk till he was 4 and spoke perfect sentences lol, everyone especially his brother did all the talking for him. Everytime I asked the doc when he would finally talk and he said when my older son goes to collage :woman_shrugging:t4:

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I had a talk with my daughters Pediatrician when she turned 2 she said it wasn’t too much of a big deal at that age but still recommended some speech therapists
They evaluated her and accepted her into their program
She’s now starting to talk more and she’s also doing ASL which is easier for kiddos to pick up apparently

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My SS wasn’t talking but he time he was 2. His mom said it was because he wasn’t around other kids his age, even though he has an older sister.
I noticed that he was staying sick; ear infections, sinus infections.
Hubby gave me permission to take him to my doctor, and he ended up at the ENT and had tonsils and adenoids removed, and had needed several sets of ear tubes. Also had to do speech therapy, he was pretty behind.
And now sees an asthma and allergy doctor.
His mom was only taking him to urgent care, not a regular doctor.
So yes, kids should definitely be talking by 3 years old. There could be a multitude of problems.

My son is 3 and doesn’t say full sentences, and his words are still coming out slowly but surely. Every child is different all you can do is talk to him and encourage him


Are you one of his primary caregivers? Do you have knowledge that this isn’t being addressed with his parents and pediatrician? Because there are sometimes reasons that kids don’t bother talking as early as others. My second son never had to because his older brother never STOPPED talking. Either what he wanted was interpreted and vocalized for him or he never had a chance to get a word in edgewise. Either way, he had said a few words and proved that he could, he just didn’t want to for whatever reason. At 4 he started talking and at 8 it hard to get him to stop talking. If you aren’t around 24/7, you may not have the whole story. Just because he doesn’t talk while you are around doesn’t mean he can’t.


It’s completely normal… :heart:
Dont have to worry… He will talk very soon… Patience plays a vital role❤️


both of my boys were non speakers until they were 4/5. My older son was reading hooked on Phonics kindergarten books but didnt speak full sentences to us. within a couple of months he was speaking clearly and didnt stop talking. :slight_smile:
some kids take longer. we did get him tested with a speech and language therapist. She said, “Talk to him more. ask questions that need more than a yes or no answer” etc.
if you feel you need to get your child tested, do so. it made me more comfortable doing it.
we tried sign language with him and he seemed to prefer it. his grandmother didnt like that. she was frightened. she wanted us to take him to drs.

He definitely should be talking by now. He may need speech therapy

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Yes go see your doctor and express your concerns. He sounds like he might need some early interventions in language and speech development.

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My daughter was like this … took her to her doctor n they didn’t wanna hear me out said she talk when she wanted to but I knew something wasn’t right so I took it into my own hands and called around to specialist took her too an ENT come to find out she had enlarged tonsils that need removed along with adenoids was keeping her from talking after her surgery n healing time she started talking but to this day still has speech therapy twice a week
Would def go see your doctor

I would take him to a neurologist…


Both my kids were delayed with speech and were referred at 2 years old.
The doctor should have already expressed concerns.

Don’t rely on your child’s pediatrician for advice. You know your child better than anyone. You obviously feel something isn’t right or u wouldn’t be asking.Contact your school district for early intervention evaluation. If i had listened to my son’s pediatrician that his behavior and not talking was normal he would not have gotten the help he needed. So glad I didn’t listen to dr.

I would talk with your doctor but that was a sign for us to have my son tested and he was diagnosed with autism. There were other factors as well, this was just one of them. He didnt really start talking until he was around 5.


There’s lots of reasons-some might be medical & maybe he doesn’t need to talk-other siblings might do it for him-or parents might do it too. I wouldn’t wait -worth it to have him checked. Could be he can’t hear very well!

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My son didn’t say hardly anything til he was 4 then he started speaking full sentences.

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My son didn’t talk, and when he did it was completely unintelligible, aside from mom , dad, and Nana. We took him in several times and our pediatrician kept saying he would talk when he was ready. At 3 he started headstart(pre-school) they did hearing tests and he failed twice. Then they did a tympanic movement test. They put a tiny puff of air in the ear to see if the ear drum moves. He had zero movement in his left ear and very little in his right. We then took those results to his doctor who gave us a referral to an ENT. He was in surgery the following week having tubes put in his ears to drain fluid. It took about 3 years of very intense speech therapy. He’s now 15. He still has a slight speech impediment, and has 75% hearing loss in his left ear and 35 to 40% in his right ear. Trust your gut. If you feel something isn’t right it’s probably not.

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My daughter didn’t really talk at 3 either. Talked to her pediatrician. She did a hearing test, checked for visible problems like tongue tie. After all that was rules out she said she was just a slow talker. At 4yo I took her for an eye exam. No reason. It turned out she really serious vision issues. After getting glasses her speech improved greatly. She did have speech therapy for a few years because she was behind.

No little boy in this family can talk. They’ll say a few words here or there, but no where near where ‘they should’ and definitely no sentences. There’s at least 5.

My boy has been taking his time and slowly getting there. If any concerns your nephew can be evaluated for any issues. Otherwise, just work with him and give him time.

My grandson just turned 3 he barely talks and babbles incoherently. He does sign more though but that’s cause I’ve been teaching him since he was around 7 months old to sign. Now he tries to say what he signs at the same time. Thats his only delay though. His dad was slow to talk too.

Tell your pediatrician and they should put him in speech and it’ll help him!

My son is 3 and he doesn’t talk much the dr thinks it’s cause he’s not around kids his age. I’m putting him in school next year

Enjoy it while you can. Once they start they won’t stop!

Seriously, talk to him. Encourage a response.

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My daughter talked but then stopped. Found out something was wrong with part of her brain. She has been in speech since age 2 but can talk now.

My son had a speech delay (no autism was tested) he started saying a few words 3 and a half years old, but I put him in preschool with a speech pathologist and now he talks like crazy

Talk to your doctor. I thought my son was just delayed until he was finally diagnosed with selective mutism.

My son never spoke until he was 4. Took him for assessment but found nothing. Eventually when I spoke to him, I would go down to his level and tell him to look at me and i would talk slowly. Eventually he started saying full words and then sentences. Now at 21 I can’t shut him up! Just give him time and be patient and if nothing changes, then take him to be assesst. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

My grandfather didn’t speak until 4, when his tongue tie was corrected. My son spoke, but was also tongue tied and had it corrected when he was 4.

You could mention it at his next appointment but I wouldn’t be overly concerned

My grandson just turned 2 and he can put 2 words together some clearly some not

He should be fucking talking before he starts school fml

Hel talk when he wants hes prob shy, i was the same as a kid i would talk until about 3- 3 n hlf, i could talk i just wouldnt lol

Send him to preschool 2 days then up him to 3 days!! He will talk in no time I’ve experienced this with my daughter now she’s non stop lol and starts kindy in January. Kids teach each other!

They usually talk when they’re ready. But if he wants something, try and get him to say it. And try to get him to say please and thank you. My son talked fluently at 2 and you could carry on a conversation with my daughter by the time she was 18 months. My granddaughter is 20 months and says momma, mom mom, daddy, mimi, pease, tanks, bird, doggy, and a few other things. All kids are different. They learn at their own pace and some just keep it all in until they are confident enough to let it out.

My youngest son didn’t either. We took him to speech therapy starting at 4, and put him in preschool and now he’s talking sentences! It’s definitely worth starting if he’s not saying anything.

Have him evaluated by a behavior center. He could be on the autism spectrum. The earlier you find out the sooner he can get therapy before starting school.

My cousins kid couldn’t talk right because he couldn’t hear he had fluid build up in his ear.


If he is going for well child checkups with a pediatrician. They usually do developmenta evaluations

My nephew and a grandson didn’t talk but they had older siblings talking for them

My granddaughter was tongue tied, no one found it until she was in speech for a couple of months, but speech therapy helps tremendously, good luck

Take him to a doctor and have him evaluated. He should be talking by now or at the least saying words.

My son didnt talk till he was 4 came strait out with sentences. He did have pronunciation problems but with speech therapy it came right

Take him to speech and language professional.

My daughter is 2 1/2 and still isn’t talking much and was diagnosed with apraxia of speech and has been in speech therapy for a while now.

Hes only 3. Maybe he just isnt ready to talk yet?
My son is almost 3 and doesnt talk…he just doesnt have anything to say.

Yes yes yes! How has your peds not picked up on this yet?

He just doesn’t have anything to say.

Talk to your pediatrician about speech therapy.

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All kids are different, but by age 3 he should definitely be speaking some words at least. It wouldn’t hurt to reach out to his pediatrician and voice your concerns!


My daughter was a premie and couldn’t get her ears checked it wasn’t until she was 2 or 3 that we found out she had fluid in her ears. We still had her evaluated and because of the fluid her speech was delayed. We got her twice a week therapy sessions, and the program paid for her to go to preschool at 3 for an extra year. Have him checked, better safe then sorry, and the more help a child can get the better.


my youngest brother didnt talk until he started school it’s not that he couldnt he just didnt the doctor said it was because I was talking for him so he wouldnt have too lol it wasnt intentional maybe is there other siblings

He will start talking when hr start school how I know is bc my cousin was like that at his age and now he wont stop taljing

It’s simple! Have him checked! If he doesn’t have any issues, that’s great, nothing lost. If he does, get him help sooner than later. Win win situation!

If he hears and responds- He is listening and taking it all in. If he is otherwise healthy he will talk when he is ready

Take him to a specialist so he dosent start speaking wierd like my sisters kid she was told to take her she didnt not good results

Have him evaluated at your school district. Most offer speech therapy for preschoolers.

Might just have a speech delay, speech therapy is very helpful!