My 4-month-old nods her head yes or no when we ask her a question: Is it possible she actually understands?

I have a question. My daughter turns four months in a couple of days. She shakes her head yes and no to questions already. At first, the doctor didn’t believe me till she did it in the office. (She’s only done it for the past week) It’s not to every question, but to some questions she does. The pediatrician was very shocked and confused. She said babies don’t do this until they are toddlers. She said she is advanced. Has anyone else had an advanced baby? I am so confused right now…


Baby’s understand as long as they’re being taught! My boy understood a lot at that age…

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Anything is possible, but at 4 months old it’s highly unlikely. They just don’t have the cognitive skills yet. 6 months and up, sure I can 100% see that.


My baby is 6m and been doing this for last month and half. She also signs to eat and be picked up already

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Yes, my kids talked young and sign language is picked up fast. Embrace it.

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Idk most kids have things that develop earlier or later than the recommended age. All my kids understood simple sign language signs (for food, play, sleep, and diaper change stuff) from 4-7 months. They responded in various ways, but didn’t sign back until 9-11 months. Her response could also be based on the tone of voice rather than the actual words, but anything is possible

I’d say yes it is possible…every child is different. Some are more alert and aware of surroundings and some do certain things ahead of others and some things will be slower… more time spent with a child is always good😊


My daughter knew her name at 4 months old and would look at you if you said it, I was told she was advanced for her age. She is 3 now and can count, say her ABC’s, shapes, colors, simple addition/subtraction, uses 3 syllable words correctly. She has had 2 cognitive evaluations and they said she is functioning at a 4&1/2 to 5 year old level.


Every child is different and cognitive development can be different for everyone.

That’s awesome.

Definitely possible! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not just toddlers do it :joy:. If you are teaching your baby then yes they understand.


Mine is about to be 11 months and can talk more than my 1 yr old niece. Like full sentences. She’ll say what’s that? Who’s that? I need that, I want that, see that. Things like this. She can’t even walk alone yet (she’s trying) all babies are different!! Its possible she is understanding


Most likely shes mimicking what she’s seen. She’s not actually answering questions, not as we know it


My son did the same thing and by a year old he was potty trained, talking full sentences and was smarter than most 3 yrs olds at a year! Now he’s in 6th grade and as normal as the rest bc he doesn’t want to excel over his friends so he just does the minimum! Keep teaching your child as if she’s older than she is as in abc’s, numbers ect… It will definitely help her mind grow!


She may just be mimicking what she is exposed to just enjoy your baby right now :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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It’s more than likely a coincidence
Funny story…when I took my second oldest for a check up around 2 years old and the doctor and nurses kept having about how advanced she was for her age, fast forward a few hours and I’m excitedly telling my next door neighbors about what they said and as soon as I finish my “super advanced” child comes running towards the open from door to come outside and runs right into the door frame


My baby did that too. I was not suprised when my baby did that because my cousin also did it at 5 months.

My oldest did. He also spoke in sentences by a year old & knew all his colors & could count to 10 by 2 years. He graduated a year early

Do you often nod for yes and shake for no? If its something that is very common for her to see, she may have learned it. In my household we tend to say yes and no without the head movements, so when my 5 month old appears to be shaking her head no, I believe its just coincidence.

Every child is different but yes they understand and parents should understand it is ypur job to teach these children. The sooner you start teaching your children the faster they learn

Mine did “no” when she was that age too! “Yes” took longer to figure out I guess :joy:

My child was doing algebra by the time she was 7 months old.


It’s possible she understands. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything extraordinary though. You may just use a lot of gestures in your house and she’s picked up on it. My daughter has waved hi since she was a little over three months. I also wave to her every time I say hi. So, she sees it quite a bit no surprise she’s picked up on it. That’s awesome she does it though, sounds adorable! There’s nothing to be confused about. Your daughter nods. It’s cute. Leave it at that for now.

Mine was trying to sit up and roll over at 2months nodding yes and no at 7 months now she knows a few words of sign language to communicate with us… she’ll be 1 at the end of the month

My baby was reading Kafka at around 5 months and at a year she had written her first novel. It’s probably thanks to our vegan, organic, dairy, gluten and soy free, keto diet though.

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My babies were all advanced in one way or another, but my third was using 6-7 word sentances in two languages by 18 months and completely potty trained herself at that time as well. She’s 8 now and supremely bright. Make sure you keep her stimulated. Teach her as much as she wants to learn, but don’t push her too hard or she will associate her self-worth with her brain and forget to ne humble and friendly.


Yes it’s possible. My daughter is the same way. She’s mentally advanced for her age… but is a delayed walker

I do. Keep her stimulated and read to her lots. My son taught himself to read when he was 4, and then moved on to long division.


It’s certainly not common but yes, its definitely possible. Babies develop differently and some focus more on communication, others on motor skills, etc. Sounds like you’ve got a baby who is itching to get involved in the conversation! Very cool. Enjoy it!

Yes it’s good actually all three my kids did that and they are just too clever my 1 year old already understands what I’m telling him he even answers back in words. Babies are born clever just don’t baby talk to her and you will see trust me you will be surprised

Each baby is different your child could be gifted enjoy it

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