My 4-month-old wakes up hungry at night...advice?

Babies are supposed to eat at night. This is when their brains are doing most of the growing & changing. Please feed your baby when it is hungry- they are hungry for good reason. :heart:

Add some cereal at bedtime. She’s hungry.


Feed her. Babies need to be fed.

And please just remember keeping her awake longer during the day might make her over tired and thats when none stop screaming starts try googling a video called 5 types of baby crying,once i figured out the different cries things became a bit easier for me

Do you happen to be putting any baby cereal in her bottle before bed? If not - I did that with both kids and it helped fill them up and keep them full thru the night

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At 4 months old I would expect them to wake up.


This won’t be a popular opinion, but add rice cereal to her bottle. I had to with my son. I poked holes in his cereal bottle I gave him at night, and he drank almost 8 Oz and slept over 6 hours.

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This is normal. Your baby is still well…a baby. Probably a growth spurt. Hang in there


So your 4 month old is acting like a normal growing baby… No advice but feed that baby.

Also, she didn’t come on here for the sarcastic comments “lol that’s what babies do” give her a break, we’ve all been there. And a little supportive comment doesn’t go a miss. :roll_eyes:


She is still little right now. Just feed her then rock her back to sleep. She’ll go back to sleep. With my kids I always warmed up their bottles and I would add Oatmeal to it and it would keep them full longer at night and they would sleep through the night. But welcome to motherhood. That’s what babies do. Some babies sleep longer than others. My daughter slept through the night at 6 weeks old. And my son started sleeping through the night at 6 months old. They are now ages 9 and almost 6 and I’m so glad that stage is so over with lol. But good luck mama you got that. I can promise you it isn’t gonna last long. She’ll be out that stage before you know it. Trust me. It goes by fast.

Then feed your child. Simple.

It’s normal, that’s why I’m trying to get all the sleep I can before our baby girl comes into the world :two_hearts: I say trying because we also have a 6 year old! I’ve always napped when our son napped! Good luck!


What do you expect of a 4 month old baby

I think that’s normal for that age.

Are you sure she’s hungry and not just wanting you (all she knows)

4 month regression. We just went through the same thing :face_with_spiral_eyes:

My hubby says I mustn’t be unkind as it’s probably your first

Advice…feed her
She’s going through a growth spurt

I gave my oldest some cereal. Not exactly recommended by. Pediatricians. My second and third were breast only for 6 months then they got more. I guess I am old school.

Uh, let me guess, FEED HER

That’s normal. I’m sorry, but it’s part of having a baby.

So…feed her? She’s a baby…that’s what they’re supposed to do.

Means she’s not getting enough during the day and still hungry at night. Totally normal at that age.

Honey my baby is almost 10months old. He still wakes up sometimes in the night for a bottle. Hell even last night he woke up around 1030pm and he did not go back to sleep until after 130am😅
Trust me we are all tired moms. This is just the part of having a baby you gotta deal with. Babies are the bosses not us mommas​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:

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My baby is the same during the day he will maybe have 2 or 3 bottles…he goes to bed between 8pm and 9pm,then he will wake up at 1am for a bottle and then at 4am and then he wakes up 6am and is a busy bee for about an hour then he has his next sleep it is normal for them to wake up during the night/morning,my son is now 5months old

girl better get used to it. I have a 15 month old that still wakes up multiple times a night. we all tired.


Give her an extra ounce or two

Feed them? They get hungry and are supposed to wake.

Lol it’s called a growth spurt. Google is your friend.

Yeah babies do that… feed your baby.

Feed a little longer if bottle fed at extra two ounces

Lmao it’s almost like its a baby


Feed her real food during the day. Mashed potatoes, bananas, applesauce, oatmeal, beans, yogurt dumplings, anything you can mash up that isn’t dry. She needs more food. She will sleep all night if you feed her.
Don’t listen to the bs about how this will somehow harm her. This is how old folks fed the babies that raised you. They didn’t have babyfood in jars (that stuff has been cooked to death and has no nutritional value left in it) and didn’t have time to keep a baby on the tit exclusively for 12 months. They fed the baby whatever they were eating within a sensible limit of variety.

How much milk is she having each fed

It’s biologically normal for babies to wake up.

Talk to your pediatrician about adding a small amount of rice to her nighttime bottle.

4 months is very normal ans still getting into routine just fed baby when they want fed and put back to sleep as you’ve always done from newborn some babies dont sleep whole nights for months ans months I know babies still feeding every 2 hours at this age… this could go on for weeks or months yet having a new baby is exhausting especially for the first 12 months…

Ummm… feed the baby? 4 months is still young.
Before introducing food ask the dr if the baby can handle it. Some babies cannot and will cause more discomfort/crying.

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Normal. She’s an infant. They eat often. They are growing.


Talk to her ped. About adding rice cereal


Babies do that, it’s how we survived as a species. Feed the baby as quickly & quietly as possible & go back to bed. Don’t worry about whatever happens between 0-2 years old, in the night. It’s all fucked & it’s all 100% normal. Do what you can to get sleep. Follow the safe sleep 7 & bedshare, nurse your baby whenever the hell you feel like it & go with the flow. Whatever keeps everyone happy in the first 2 years, that’s what’s important. Baby is probably going through a growth spurt or a mental leap, or a sleep regression. Feed the baby, comfort the baby, sleep whenever you possibly can & try not stress.

Ffs you are talking about a 4 month old. Are you unaware of the size of their tiny stomach? They HAVE to eat constantly. I swear some people shouldnt have kids.

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Do be a dumbass, give that kid a boob and then go back to bed .

My son will be 6 months this month and he still wakes up at night wanting a bottle. Totally normal.

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She’s growing, doll. It’ll even out. Hang in there mama!


“The [nights] are long but the years are short” -Gretchen Rubin
Sleep regression is no joke. My little slept in a playpen(it had the lifted top so it was kind of like a bassinet) so he was at my level. If he woke up, I’d check his diaper, feed him, and lay him back down. All his needs were met. At first he wanted to just be awake and playing and with time he learned night time is for sleeping. If he was fussy, I’d poke my arm in his play pen and pat his tummy going “shh, shhh, shh” (while he lay) so he was still soothed but fell asleep laying down instead of in my arms.

Put a bit of rice cereal in the bottle worked for mine. Some babies can eat

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Feed your baby. I could never bring myself to put my daughter on a feeding schedule. I always let my daughter eat till she was full

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Only 3 night feeds at 4 months… lucky you!!

Babies that young are not supposed to sleep through the night yet. If they do sleep too long without a feed they should be woken to eat. Their stomachs are small so they eat frequently. Also during growth spurts they eat more

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My advice, feed her each time she wakes up

That’s normal for the next few years.

My five year old still does. Good luck :joy:

Babies need to drink water at night if there fed regularly during the day it’s thirst that wakes them .

So…FEED her…is this a joke post?..:woozy_face::roll_eyes::woozy_face::roll_eyes:

Are you breastfeeding? It may be that she isn’t getting full at night so she is hungry more often. Monitor her fluid oz intake.

Welcome to motherhood, sounds like she needs a better formula for during the day. Check with your pediatrician.

Thats normal…I know babies/kids do not come with a handbook but come on these post are getting ridiculous most of them can be answered with a little common sense…but again I guess that doesn’t grown in everyone’s garden…:woman_facepalming: Babies/ kids eat more when they grow…but almost All 4 month old are going to be waking up more than once to eat…thats NORMAL!! You being tired thats NORMAL too and won’t change welcome to being a MOM…

I’d start giving oatmeal or something you can wean from 4 months but recommended age is 6 months. All babies are different some of nine never made it to 4 months without food

Growth spurt. Feed the baby. I understand… I have twins and they woke up every 2 hours for a while! :pray::pray::pray:

Feed her and join the crowd.

Give baby a bedtime bottle with rice cereal and a little fruit in it.

That’s normal. Feed her :sweat_smile:

Try some baby cereal mixed with milk fuller belly

its normal. good schedule and keep feeding them. 4month sleep regression. happens again at 6 and 9 months to i think.

Thats normal. I was up every couple hrs to feed my daughter in the early months.

My kid didn’t sleep all night until she was 11 years old. :person_facepalming: Feed that infant and help her grow.

Feed. Him feed. Yourself

That’s what infNts that age do. I’ve never had a 4 month old sleep without waking to eat. I had 6.

Going thru that with my 4 month old daughtershe been give the ok to start foods and iv noticed it does help to feed her some baby oatmeal before bed.

You feed her. What is the question again?

I keep bottles with 3oz of water already in them and a container that has 3 slots for formula on my bed side table along with diapers and wipes!! Makes waking up in the middle of the night so much easier on both of us he gets fed and changed quicker than if I’d have to go to the kitchen make a bottle or worrying where I left the wipes at!!

Mine is 5 months and he eats at least 7 ounces once a night. It is exhausting but it’s a good thing and eventually they’ll get through the night without waking up

She’s probably going through a growth spurt or sleep regression. Its normal. Just feed on demand. Good luck

I’be heard to try to ignore a couple of outbursts ( very hard to do) in case she’s just testing you !

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My son is 7 and are always hungry! Welcome​:woozy_face::joy::joy:

Babies have growth spurts and sleep regressions, wow who knew?! Lol. All jokes aside. Welcome to mother hood. This is why they say sleep when baby sleeps which is so much harder than it sounds. Typical regressions happen every couple of months, appetite increases sleep decreases and bam they grow in the blink of an eye. Definitely do not start feeding your baby table food until 6+ months. Research virgin gut & all the signs needed to be shown before trying food. Tongue & swallow reflex down pat , complete control of their head and neck muscles, sitting up unassisted with ease, reaching/grabbing at food near them & opening their mouth if food is offered. Also reach out to a lactation consultant or your pediatrician to learn more about the spurts & regression time frames & characteristics.

Probably going through a growth spurt/leap . Feed that baby.

Fed her if she’s hungry she’s still tiny

My Mom gave us cereal at night, even mixed it in a bottle if formula feeding

Sounds like she’s entering in a sleep regression. It’s normal.

Um, maybe try feeding the baby :melting_face:

Oh lord have mercy, Wait until she is crying at night because she is sick, She is 4 months old !!! My son didn’t sleep all night until he cut his first tooth, ( 9 months old) He woke up at least twice at night for a bottle. After that night & his tooth came in, he slept 12 hrs a night :slightly_smiling_face: Put a little baby oatmeal cereal in her bottle, hopefully that helps & you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night with your baby!!! Plus she also just might be teething !!

That’s what babies do lol duh

Maybe only address her the first time. Feed her but If she isn’t hungry ignore her and she’ll go back to sleep. They learn they’re crying will bring a parent running. Our babies slept through the night at 6 weeks old.

Try giving her a little cereal before bed time.

I’m old school. A crying baby is usually a hungry baby. I fed my babies all the time. No Dr. Can tell you what is normal for your baby. No two are alike.

I mean…this is normal for a 4 month old…they are supposed to wake up to eat…

welcome to parenting a newborn… every baby is different & no 2 babies react the same time trial & error…

Also would like to add some babies (breastfed) eat constantly the first year, even when we began BLW my son would still nurse 8+ times a day. In the beginning though it was rough. He had a 3 week nicu stay so we had to adjust from bottles to nursing & once we got that tiffed out he’d nurse just about every 2.5-3 hours (nicu feed schedule) but at the nicu it was X amount once he realized he was nursing and not on a bottle he’d stay latched and he’d comfort nurse around 1.5 hours so i was literally only getting like 30 minute-1hour breaks betweenfeeds . This led to him being quiet a chunky baby. Now he’s an almost 9 year old 110lb 4ft11 boy :sob: it really dose fly by one day you’ll miss these sleepless nights & your little baby & all these cuddles.