My 4-month-old wakes up hungry at night...advice?

My almost 4 month old wakes up so hungry during the night. She was doing okay for a while and now wakes up about 3 times wanting to eat much more than she does during the day. I’m exhausted.


My ten month old still does

Our now 5 month old was doing that…tried giving him some baby oatmeal and baby foods early, just to see what he’d do… and to my surprise he took to spoon feeding like he’d been doing it the whole time. No issues whatsoever eating from a spoon and swallowing. My other two struggled with what to do with it at first and we practiced before they got the hang of it. But this one, he’s been a little horse ever since. He now eats 4 ounces of baby food mixed with baby oatmeal 2x a day, followed by 4 ounces of formula. Now sleeps like a champ as well. Usually 645pm ish u til 510 am like clockwork. Has a bottle, and then goes back to sleep for an hour ir two til he’s up for most of the day, and bottles in between that obviously. But it has helped with his tummy issues as well.

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Some babies want to be feed every two hours :joy::slightly_smiling_face: it’s a good sign they want to eat because if they didn’t now that’s a bad sign! :white_heart:


It’s the 4 month sleep regression. Feed her and rock her back to sleep. Rinse and repeat. Welcome to motherhood.


Mayb baby rice or rusk at nyt, a strict routine. And try to take out or keep as much light during the day and dark at bed time x

Probably a growth spurt, feed on demand, thier little bodies need the nutrition.

Lol why does my 1 year old still do this :sweat:. Exhausted still.

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My 1 year old wakes up 1-3 times per night to eat… all normal, she needs that food!!

my 18 month old, STILL wakes up at least once in the middle of the night for milk

Lol I have an 18 month old doing this :laughing::laughing:

I’m going through the same with my 4 month old. I just feed him.

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How much is she getting during the day? But 1-2 wakes a night is normal for her age.

Don’t do rice cereal, those are empty calories. Push formula or nursing during the day, always feed right before bed, swaddle the baby and expect them to sleep maybe 3-6 hours before waking for another feed. Have to fix the babies feeding schedule, right now they are pushing night feeds… gotta do day feeds more. Idk I am exhausted every day for the last 5 years from feeds and constant wake ups. What do I know. (Almost 3 year old, 5 year old as well) just got one out of my bed… :melting_face:. Also the baby is only 4 months old, they just want what they want when they want it. But we can do some thing’s to help them adjust to your schedule l.

My 1 year old still does… its just how some babies are. Especially that little.

Mines 7 months and still up 2 to 3 times a night. She’s baby number 4 and my only one line that

Normal to have growth spurts/ May last a few days, then taper off

She’s cluster feeding , which means she’s hitting a growth spurt :two_hearts:

It’s normal love. She’s hitting a growth spurt. I know it’s hard & your exhausted. It will pass before you know it. Good luck Mama❤

It doesn’t last forever! You’ll make it! I promise :blush: My oldest will be 21 in November. My youngest is 9. I nursed her for almost 4 years. They grow up too fast. Just think of nighttime as your alone time with your baby with no interruptions. It won’t last forever :hugs:

I nursed my kids. My milk supply just adjusted to more frequent feedings.

Could be sleep regression, growth spurt…they come in waves, it’s fantastic

Cap daytime naps at 2 hrs max to ensure baby getting good amount of calories during the day. May reduce her being SOO hungry over night

She’s a growing baby ! Feed her !

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Hey! This is normal for babies of her age. Every time they hit a growth spurt, they wake more and eat more. I know you’re tired. Maybe let your partner know you need help with night feeds so not all the work is on you. If you don’t have one, I’d reach out to a friend of family member so they can come watch the baby so you can rest up some. Hang in there! Soon this phase will just be a memory. I know it’s really tough in the moment, so I hope you get some help :black_heart:


Read about wonder weeks if you’ve never heard of it! Will def help you understand more about when they do things like this

This post makes me nervous. Please speak with your pediatrician and learn that this is normal. These tiny humans are growing and need to eat. I mean this can’t be a real question right.

Edit : because some don’t get my response. Why does this post make me nervous…bc some advice as you scroll is not safe for this age. And she should talk with a doctor on how/why baby is cluster feeding.


WHen my daughter was 2 months old she did this, so I added some cereal to her formula so it was creamy consistancy, and fed this to her at bedtime, and from then on she was sleeping through the night

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My 4 year old has only ever slept 2 full nights in her life. What even is sleep when you’re a parent :face_with_spiral_eyes::yawning_face:


Feed some cereal before bed


Growth spurt, and always ask ped for recommendations on when to start solids. Every baby is different.

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Ummm… That’s normal. Welcome to mom life

Feed her.

Perhaps increase her feeds during the day.

And then feed her at night. Very normal.

My son is 4 months I’m up usually twice during the night feeding him

Advice: feed her.
If she’s ready for baby food, you can start a little at a time and it’ll help fill her up BUT only if she shows signs of being ready.


My daughter woke up 2-3 times a night to eat. I was tired but love my baby and would do anything for her. She did this till she was 1, I believe. Be patient and kind with her please.

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She’s 4 months old lol she should be waking up hungry. She’s growing mama.

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Her days and nights may be mixed up. My oldest had that problem and was colicky, so I would give her a couple of milacon drops with each bottle, and she would only sleep in my arms or in her bouncy seat, so I would let her sleep in her bouncy seat, since I was too afraid of cosleeping, for fear of dropping her or rolling over on her, and it worked.

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I’m old school and suggest putting a little cereal in her last bottle before bed. Start with rice for a box before switching up. That way you can catch any allergies. Good luck.


Sooooo a baby? I’m confused for the first while it’s expected for them to eat multiple times througout the night


Shes growing if you can give her a bottle

That’s what four month olds do.

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That is completely normal!! Next week she will change again!!


We’ll feed the baby. It’s completely normal.

Your LO is on a liquid diet. During the first year they grow at a rapid speed.

They burn calories really fast.

Look up sleep regression and their growth spurt periods. You will better understand your babies needs.

The comments on giving her 4 months old baby rice and cereal etc. NOOOO. Stop giving outdated advice out. Just because you did it once upon a time with your babies, it is not recommended.


Like others said, this is normal. My girl slept through the night starting at 3m, but even she goes through periods of time with broken sleep due to hunger. Growth spurts are usually noticed by an increase in hunger and in sleep. Sometimes they’ll go through a period of eating more then their appetite goes back to normal before the excessive sleep. That’s what I’ve noticed this past year with my girl :slight_smile:

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Might be reverse cycling and sleep regression which can hit around 4 months. Sometimes they end up needing to get their caloric intake by night wakings. Try feeding a bit more during the day, and waiting a few mins before offering a feed to baby at night when it’s not the desired feeding time (this can even stretch the time in between feedings). Ignore the rude comments, this doesn’t always happen but it sucks when it does!

Four months sleep regression and growth spurt. Give her more milk


I don’t remember all the ages but there are several sleep regressions. You’ll get through it. God speed my friend.

It’s completely normal, unfortunately haha she’ll grow out of it. Hang in there momma, it’s hard on everyone (her too).


Feed her. My pediatrician said that 23 years ago. Your statistic neither s guideline that books claim. Feed the child. Period! As much as I feel for you we all have there all sleepy …but…won’t last to long. I had mom help it was a blessing. Best you can eat sleep on the same beat. What my mom thought me. Lots of love to you :heart:

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That’s normal, and honestly 3 times during the night isn’t that bad. I feel for you though, being a parent to a baby is exhausting


The Hospital for Sick Kids told me to put a bit of Rice Pablum in with her formula. It will help keep her full longer. Worked perfect… You might have to emlarge the hole in the nipple a tiny bit.

When I had my first baby and she did that they told me they will do it about every Three months growth spurt, just feed her


Umm she’s a baby… They wake up at night to eat. Feed the baby and deal with it. Don’t expect to ever sleep again, you’re a parent.


Sadly you may not sleep for a long time. Children are a challenge. Please seek help if you need it. I am a grandmother now, I still don’t sleep. Keep working at it.

Yeah that’s what happens. Nothing you cam do about it. Feed babu when they wake and then go back to sleep. Sleep deprivation sucks but part of being a parent hahah!


Put a little rice cereal in her bottle it will fill her up and you can get some sleep!!! I did that with my daughter and she is 27 years old now with a Master’s degree!!!


My son was born at 27 weeks & spent 4 months in the Nicu. I was so tired I literally thought I was going to die. He is now 13. Going to school early. I’m still tired. I’m pretty sure I’ll be tired for the rest of my life. Even after he is grown I’ll be tired with worry. I think once your a parent your tired for life.

I expected the comments to be full of bad advice. I’ve read so many supportive comments. So happy about that.


Give her rice cereal. Make it thin with her formula and let her take it through a bottle before bed.


The 4 month sleep “regression”. Which is really progression, your baby is growing :black_heart: It’s hard on everyone in the house lol.


The 4 month sleep regression has made my husband and I sleep in 2 shifts. Nap for about 2 hours when we put our son to bed and then stay awake the whole night (catching up on things, movies, cleaning, etc) and then sleep a solid 3-4 hours from 2/3am to 6/7am (I think lockdown also played a big part in us being able to sleep that late). We’ve discovered it’s easier to just be awake when he wakes multiple times a night then to sleep 30 mins… wake up, sleep again a bit… wake up whole night, that’s just torture! We’ve gotten so use to that sleep schedule, my son is 3.5 years old, sleeps a solid 12hrs through the night and my husband and I still operate like that, we get to have more time for ourselves and we’re also already awake incase our son wakes in the night with reflux or a nightmare. When he was a baby he would only sleep continously from 8pm - 12am and then from 4am - 7am and that’s how we came about with the schedule, you eventually get use to functioning with that amount of broken sleep.

Ummmm, babies do that, it’s normal…

If you are bottle feeding, don’t just go by the guide on the tin. All babies are different. Consider increasing the amount you give her and see how she goes

It gets worse, just wait😂


This is where cosleeping was a life saver for me… not having to get out of bed to feed made the nights much easier when we hit sleep regressions

Never put cereal in a bottle


I was told many years ago when my 35 yo was born that a baby doesn’t have enough baby fat to get them through the night until they are at least 10lbs. It’s almost been dead on with my girls and grandchildren.


It’s developmentally appropriate to eat through the night as an infant.


My six year old does too. He eats dinner. We read books before I go to bed. He hangs out with his dad for another hour and has a snack; usually fruit and a protein bar. Wakes up at least once a night still hungry. I feel like I am feeding the very hungry caterpillar!
I really didn’t know boys really eat this much!

Girl feed that baby it happens and it will pass
That’s what happens when you become a Mommy say goodbye to good sleep :roll_eyes:

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Yep lol you’ll be doing it for a few more months

My son and daughter-in-law have a 6 month old and a 2 yr old.They are the most sleep deprived ppl I know.Both kids wake up multiple times a night and by the end of the night they have them 2 kids and the dog in their bed :sleeping_bed: gotta hang in there unfortunately.Have you got family or friends that could help? I help a lot during the days to give my daughter-in-law a break for few hours

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Not feeding enough before bed, and also they wake up more during teething and that doesn’t mean they are hungry

Put rice in his bottle. Feed him real food before bed. Fill his tummy and he will sleep longer.

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Want advice?
Feed her.
She’s an infant.
That’s what they do.

Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do anyway ? Mine is 6 months still wakes up 3 times

Infants pretty much eat every 2-3 hrs it’s normal and sleep is pretty much nonexistent the first 6-9 months.
Get family to help whenever possible if it becomes to much for you.

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My 3 yr old went to bed at 830 last night and woke me up at 3am with IM HUNGRY! Then didn’t go back to sleep until 8am for 1 hr…she’s still up. Get used to it. They go through growth spurts and sleep regression. Then there’s teething and learning to fight sleep.


Sounds like a growing baby. Growing baby equals growing appetite.

This is a trolling post…. Right?? I mean, seriously. :roll_eyes:

Growth spurt! Just feed!! Less more often!

She’s having a growth spurt

Many years ago my son was sleeping an average of 5 hours straight at night but at about 4 and a half months was again waking every 2 hours to eat. I was nursing so was up a great deal of the night and had gone back to work in the mornings. Doctor said start cereal at 6 months . My child was a very big baby for his age so I just gave him a little rice cereal at night and he started sleeping better again. He is now in his forties and no ill effects from it.

Put some rice cereal in the last bottle of the night. I started that with my kids when they were a month old. My kids slept through the night from a month old. My kids have been taught this for their kids.
It fills their tummy, where simple formula or breast milk can leave them hungry unless you just non-stop push a bottle.

Probably a growth spurt i know its exahusting but hang in there mama you got this! Baby will start sleeping more soon

4 month sleep regression, normal. It sucks but I promise it will even out soon. Hang in there Mama :heartpulse:

That’s what babies do wake every 2- 4 hours to eat . Try keeping her up during the day more if you can less naps or shorter ones

Growth spurt it’s pretty normal just gotta feed her lol no other answer

I know it’s hard, but you got this, enjoy this closeness and bonding time, because before you know it it’s better again, raising children is literally a rollercoaster ride full off ups, downs, twists and turns, sometime you scream for joy and sometimes for fear, but at the end of the ride you would do it over again. Mom of 4, lol. Best of luck.

Normal. Please feed on demand.

All infants do this, it’s normal. Idk how many times I almost fell over on my bed from exhaustion throughout the night when my son was that little. Breastfeeding almost killed me lol

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She’s growing put just a little rice cereal in her bed time bottle works like a charm just don’t make it too thick where it clogs the nipple

Oh girl please, get up and feed that thing. The baby is hungry and doing what a 4 month old is supposed to do!!!

Mine is 9 months and still does the same…

Wow so many rude mamas on this thread! Clearly this is unusual for this baby, and baby is eating more than during the day. Check your attitudes everyone! This mama is in need of compassion and not your judgment

Thats what babies do sweetie, get use to be lol


Cereal before bedtime bottle or feeding.

Mine had cereal at 2 weeks and baby food at a month. With a spoon. She’s 41 and fine. Grandkids did too. They are fine. All off the bottle at a year and no Binkley after 6 months.

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