My 4 year old gags on food: advice?

Does anyone else’s 4 year old gag on their food often? My 4 year old has been gagging on his food more often than he ever has before and it’s not food he hasn’t had before it’s the same food that he’s been eating for a while. Is this normal?


If it’s something new I would definitely ask the pediatrician about it.

On the other hand of the doctor issue, I see this often in my center. Kids are getting new nerve endings, bigger mouths and new had eye coordination everyday. Gaging is normal and a really good response that his body is doing it’s job to protect him!

If you feel you need to have him seen, please do so. You know him better than anyone :slightly_smiling_face:

My son has texture issues. Things he ate as a toddler he won’t touch now. The so called normal kids foods he has issues with. Your taste buds change every few years too.