My 5-month-old refuses to eay for days in a row: Advice?

Hi i have a question we are scared for our baby so don’t judge or bash were doing the best we can our baby is 5 months old and she will go three or four days without eating eat than another couple days without eating/drink we try to"“force”" and just not act hungry and reject bottles won’t drink or eat and I need to know what can cause this? Her dr says nothing’s wrong since she’s playful and alert. What’s up?


I’d be finding a better doctor. This isn’t normal.


Take your baby to a different doctor immediately!There could be a serious issue with her stomach, bowels or any number of things.


5 months very young for solid food. introduce solid food gradually. dont force utill she is 8 month old


I know she is young but try a tiny bit of cereal. Make it on the runnier side, not thick.

an infant not eating is not normal toddle yeas… or just want certain items. is she teething?


I have never heard such a thing. I would take that baby to the doctor immediately. It could be a bowel blockage or something.


Find another doctor quick. Try giving her table food just be gentle on the seasoning.

My son does this too. He has been that way since he was born and he is now 3. You can not force a child to eat. I simply leave food down and he can decide when he wants to eat. Since yours is only 5 months old, all you can do is keep giving her a bottle and see if she will drink it.

Find new dr she will dehydrate take her to your hospital

Why is she eating at 5 months???


You need a second opinion. That’s not normal. Get a new pediatrician, ASAP

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Or a chemist or baby health clinic nurse midwife

I agree- take her to another dr and if possible I would just bypass a family dr and go straight to GI- go with your gut… not normal


Find a new doc ASAP. That’s not normal.

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Go to another Doctor…

A baby not drinking a bottle for 4 to 5 days? If true how does she even function?


Find a different doctor. Her brain is in serious building mode right now. She needs regular nutrition. Maybe it’s her formula. Either way I would be extremely worried about dehydration.


Baby need cereal in her milk bottle.
My grand daughter is seven and she want hardly eat.
Dr says she will eat when she hungry

You might need to take her to Houston to a pedi dr

I would see a different doc. She could be avoiding the food for a reason not typical such as it makes her sick or feel sick or she has a physical problem such as not being able to suck a bottle. You need to find out the cause. See a different doc

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Ummm get off FB and act like a REAL PARENT take her to the actual hospital if her Dr is telling you she is fine, he’s obviously wrong. Get her a new doctor right away. If it were my daughter I wouldn’t even have time to post to a FB page​:astonished::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Definitely not normal! There can be numerous reasons why the baby isn’t eating. Bottom line this baby needs nutrition to live! This will cause dehydration and other problems. Get the baby to a children’s hospital asap! Something is wrong!


That’s not normal. I’d be taking her to a GI specialist. She may have something causing eating to be painful.


Try a different formula!! I went through a couple different ones before I found one that her stomach would tolerate. And if your child weighs in properly then they must be getting what they need.


She be dehydrating get a second opinion on the matter we can do with out food for small amounts of time but need regular fluids hope your sorted soon

Ear infection? I would get a second opinion.

Have they checked her mouth and throat! I am in no way a Dr. but I raised 4 children. It could be anything but I would start with that then check the foods you are giving her. I would always take the first taste of my baby’s food or bottle because if it’s a bad bottle or it has gone bad you will catch it before it goes in their mouth. Good luck and trust your instincts

So the baby is 5 months old and not eating? And her doc says that’s ok? I think it’s time for a different doctor


I would definitely get a second opinion.

Different doctor. Check blood sugars etc

My Dr always said to me when my son won’t eat as long as drinking that’s fine but once refusing fluids it’s time to go to the hospital. So I would take the baby to a new Dr. I would be concerned. Try a hospital and a new Dr

Your baby could become dehydrated, I would find another doctor ask around. This is definitely not normal, I’m not putting you down but please try all different types of food maybe you’ll get lucky lots of luck!:angel:t4::purple_heart:

Get a second opinion! Cause that dr is on crack! My son did that at 8 months old and we spent a week in the hospital! He had a virus that coukd have killed him. But he didnt show any sign of a virus. No fever just threw uo after each feeding when we forced him to eat.

My son wouldn’t drink formula… So I fed him cows milk and baby cereal in his bottle… Push up bottle… Try it… :heart:

if baby is refusing all intake (breast, bottle, water, etc.) then find a new doctor or urgent care right away. If baby is just refusing solids and sticking to liquid (breast or bottle) intake, then that’s pretty normal for a five-month-old as they don’t NEED solid food at that age anyway, just learning to experiment with eating solids, and start with banana to see if it’s a texture or tongue-tie or teething issue. But seek proper medical advice, from urgent care if need be.


Call your doc, it’s failure to thrive!!!


Don’t panic. Kids go through phases. They say nothing other than formula or breast milk for the first six months. Everyone feeds solids before they are needed. If she’s been checked by your doctor and he’s not concerned I wouldn’t be either.

Get a Second opinion from another doctor.

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Ditch that doctor and take her to the e.r so they can run test on her.

Go to a different doctor!


The days your baby won’t eat try and give her Pediasure.

My child did that all the time. But I would get a second opinion

U need a second opinion.


Babies who through stages. They will eat you out of house n home then grow all of a sudden and then revert to eating little to nothing for a bit and then again. It is a cycle that makes us nervous but if she is active and her color is good, she is ok. But! And this is a big but your motherly intuition is telling you something is wrong, do not ignore it. I always think better safe than sorry. I rather pay the ER bill and know my babies are ok, than to sit with an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I’d see about autism my child did the same wouldn’t eat or drink they tested her chromosomes and found an alteration

I work at a daycare & we have babies like this all the time. Is she still soiling her diapers? Losing weight? If she’s acting normal & doesn’t seem to have health problems from it I wouldn’t worry too much. A second opinion wouldn’t hurt though

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You should be getting a second opinion with another doctor. You should be seeking advice of a professional. There could be many underlying reasons why your baby is rejecting the bottle. Keep an eye on the baby’s Fontenel. If it is sinking in, your baby is dehydrated and needs to go to the ER ASAP. I’m not judging but this is a medical issue not for social media.


Find another doctor.


My son would have days where he would just play with his bottle not eat the whole thing. I was told as long as he had wet diapers and it didn’t persist then he’s fine. I wouldn’t know about solids we started those at about 6 1/2 months

I can understand that in a 5 year old not in a 5 month old. Is the baby still wetting the diaper? Take the majority of the advice here and get a second opinion.


Get a second opinion it’s not normal

She could just be teething and she’s having gum pain but this is something you really should talk to a medical professional about.Not eating is one thing and some babies go thru phases when they just aren’t interested in solids but refusing liquids is concerning since they can quickly become dehydrated. Does she have wet diapers? How does her soft spot feel? If it’s sunken in then she could be dehydrated. I would take her either to the ER or an Urgent care and have them take a peek and evaluate if maybe she needs some IV fluids or not.Good luck :purple_heart:


Maybe she has anxiety? She needs more tests

What if your baby is constipated? I dont wanna eat when im full of it :joy:

Confused by what you wrote first of all 5 months not drinking anything for days? You sure about that? Food no biggie because food isn’t need yet anyways.
But seriously not drinking anything at all no breast no bottle nothing?!?!


Get a second opinion from a professional not a granny neighbour or friend all mean good but this must be a doctor.

you need to go to the doctor get popcycles and ice cream and see if she will eat and pudding

Take her to a pediatrician if u.dont.have one go to your nearest children’s hospital for a growing baby not is very.flakey.youd better be safe than sorry

Forcing it wont do anything exvept cause trauma. Babies only know how to eat. Sleep, and poop. They eat when they get hungry. Dont give a baby sugary foods plz. They arent even supposed to have water to drink.


My daughter did that from 7 months and the dr said she is healthy, nothing is wrong. So one day after refusing her food I just put her food on her tray and walked away. She began to feed herself. After that I let her eat on her own with her hands. I gave her a bottle which she carried around and drank when she wanted to. I changed it throughout the day between water, milk and juice. It solved the problem.

No not normal at all.

If a child isn’t eating you should attend the doctors regularly to make sure the baby is not losing weight especially at 5 months doctors do not tend to worry providing the baby is drinking but we’re talking about 5 months, my cousin had a problem in his oesophagus where the flap opens when they’re born any food that was being consumed was just coming back out so the baby stopped eating and needed an operation never risk the life of your child take it to the doctor and keep regular checkups every couple of days till the issue is sorted.

Definitely not normal, not days on end. I’d go take her to a children’s hospital for a second opinion.

Baby,s don’t eat for days no problem but they need to drink to stay hydrated.

you are okay mommy. you are great. I guess you need to get a second opinion. everything will be fine.

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Please tell me this was a autocorrect mistake. 5year old, ok maybe. Not a 5 month old.

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Go to your doctor!!! Asap

Is she allergic to anything???
Our son was lactose intolerant and we didnt know for several months. Switched to nutramagin formula and he started eating like crazy

What food are you trying her on May I ask

Maybe ask for a second opinion or ask to be referred to specialist that deals with very young children with eating problems it must be a real worry I hope you find your answers :blush:

My niece was the same, she wouldn’t eat or drink but was very active n normal baby…her pediatrician said it was ok as long as she’s an active child .
after several months they did a scan n found that her intestines were twisted…
It ain’t normal for a baby to go days without drink…see a good doctor n get scans done to rule out any serious issues

Blessings for your baby’s highest good divine guidance
and direction and peace of mind for you!Amen!:cupid:

Mouth get it looked at.

She might be constipated or it can be something else call a nurse hotline. My baby girl wasn’t eating well when she was about two month’s old took her to see her pediatrician well turned she need she a bottle nipple with a medium flow.

My oldest daughter did the same thing doctor told me she would eat when she’s hungry might need some kind of vitamins though

You Try mixing the milk with baby food stage 1