My 5 year old has BO: Advice?

What can I do about my stinky child? He is 5 years old, and I swear he has the BO of a grown person. We shower him every single day and make sure he is washing properly, but he still stinks after a few hours. Is he to young to stink like this? What do we do? Should we talk to his doctor?


Ask your pediatrician what they recommend. My 6 year old does sometimes also. I just get a baby wipe and wipe under her arm gently after school if it’s noticsble and it takes away the smell for the rest of the day until bath time.

So for my daughter. It’s dairy!!! She can’t handle it she bloats and stinky armpits. I can can confidently say it bc if she goes 4-5 days no dairy, no smell.

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My 6 yo daughter has bo sometimes. I ordered teen spirit deodorant from Amazon. Her doctor said it was “normal” as long as she didn’t show any other signs of early puberty (growing hair in the pits and down there)

Deodorant or go see your doctor

I’m not trying to jump to worst case scenario. There could be multiple reasons. No sometimes kid are just funky. Lol. But You could have him tested for cystic fibrosis. This is done thru a sweat test,pretty simple process. Talk with your pediatrician nd discuss options. You could also get him a deodorant. I would say avoid anti perspirants only because he’s very young and they contain aluminum.

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Do not start giving your 5 year old deodorant without talking to your doctor first.


One of my former co workers had bad bo, he said he had a medical condition that made him have bad bo,he has had it for years

I was having a BO issue and detoxed my under arms and the issue went away.

1tbsp distilled water, 1tbsp apple cider vinegar, and 2tbsp bentonite clay. Mix together and let it sit for 10mins wash off.

Did that for just 3 days and it went away.


That was my sister as a kid. She needed deo for the BO.

Use deodorant NOT antiperspirant

My daughter is 7 and has the same problem. She wears deodorant and bathes regularly.

Try deodorant and if that doesn’t work then talk to your pediatrician

After cutting milk, my daughter’s bo went away.

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Rexona Clinical Protection works

Could be lacking in certain minerals. Def see a G.P.

My 8yo daughter has BO I made her use baby powder on her underarms after a shower that worked

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Talk to your doctors but this is a great option if the doctor approves


Definitely see a doctor. It could be dietary.


I actually started putting deodorant on my 5 year old.

My sons is 16 now he had bad bo for years nothing helps either deodorant doesn’t work it wears off within an hour .

Go to a doctor cos that is not normal

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I’d go to the doctor and ask about getting his thyroid tested, I’ve been told that’s a symptom of it working irregular! Good luck mama :purple_heart:

My son had BO at 5, I took him to the dr, it’s natural. They can start to get BO between 5-12. He started using deodorant at 5. I took him in because I freaked me out that he had BO.

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Put some deodorant on him then go talk to his doctor.

Talk to his dr. If u decide to use deodorant only use all natural. The chemicals and aluminum can be harmful at an early age

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I would take him to the Dr. for blood work. Wash his feet and arm pits last with Hibiclens, Walmart and most drug stores carry it. Pour it into a foaming hand soap bottle, it’s very watery.

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Go see the doctor please :blush:


Go to the doctor first, but if needed Lume is great. They have unscented. And its free of aluminum and other yucky stuff.


My daughter has the same issues and the doctor said it was normal.

My daughter is 6 and stinks and getting boobs already

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Go to doctor first, if they say its normal and nothing is wrong, use arm and hammer baking soda in his baths.


My kids dr said he’d be hitting puberty before the curve. We use deodorant

Hormones kick in. You figure they(boys) start puberty around 12, some earlier, especially if he’s more matured than others of his age. (And hormones wont just wait until then to start) Could be normal or an issue.

Bring it up to his doctor at his next visit, just to make sure, and then you can ask them if his is due to issues or just because he’s growing. Good luck. They have different things to safely combat odor :relaxed:

This is great for my smelly teens and fella only need it on once maybe twice a week :grin:

Speak to the doctor yes… in the meantime you can start getting him some aluminum-free deodorant

Use deodorant. I say it’s normal after hearing this from friends with the same issue but check with doctor.

My 4 year old was the same way. We found out it was due to a bacteria in the armpits. It made her smell like onions (not sure if this is the same for you) :face_vomiting: we tried deodorant and it failed.
I looked up natural remedies for this before taking her to the dr. Apple cider vinegar wiped with a cotton ball once a day for about a week cleared it up for us.


Take him to a Doctor . He shouldn’t have BO at that age


Try mitchums deodorant !

There is a medical condition for bad bo. Speak to his dr.


Get deodorant for him, but make sure it is free of all the chemicals.

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Try unscented deordarant xx

Take him to the doctor. Sometimes it can be nothing but sometimes it’s a sign of something more. My daughter was having BO at 4 and I cut out dairy and it went away.


Check his nose for any food or objects!

Deodorant for sure and he probably needs to visit an pediatric endocrinologist just to make sure nothing else is going on…this happened with my 5 year old daughter and her pediatrician ordered an bone age test, it’s just an xray of their hand and then we saw the endocrinologist.

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Water intake hydration hydration hydration

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Stop drinking milk. Or foods with hormones- More water

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If you get deodorant, get a deodorant+antiperspirant, not just a deodorant

Lots of good advice but I wanted to say since I haven’t seen it, when we were learning about cleaning in cosmetology we learned you can actually build immunity to the soaps or shampoos we use regularly. So if you stick to them same brand it can eventually cause an opposition effect that we want. So maybe try switching up what he uses if you normally use the same.


I would definitely speak with a Dr, there could be bacteria built up somewhere