My 5-year-old is struggling to sleep at night: Advice?

Hello, I have a question. I have a five-year-old son, and no matter what I try, he will not sleep in his bed all night. He will go to bed in his room just fine at bedtime. Between 2&5 am, he will wake up and just come lay in my room. I’ve tried everything I can do to get him to stop. Even children’s melatonin. It’s been going on for the last two months. He tells me he’s afraid of the dark and that he hears and sees snakes on his walls. What should I do?


night light? White Noise Machine?


Keep him close to you he’s could be telling you something else…let him he’ll grow out of it soon


Oh man! My 3 yr old does the same thing, minus the snakes… for the life of me I can’t figure out why he gets up & comes in my bed every night!

I got my daughter a mood sensitive night light. Every time she moves it lights up her while room and when she falls back asleep or stops moving it dims itself. Its helped a lot with her sleeping in her room now. And since the holidays are here my husband bought a globe that lights up and spins so that helps keep her distracted while she falls asleep

It could be something more serious he is not talking about. Maybe anxiety, so may hurt or be hurting him(God forbid), might be getting bullied. My daughter does this from time to time. It’s her anxiety. Sometimes really sitting and talking to your kids help. Or getting professional help.

I feel ya, my daughter did the same till she was 12. I tried everything but in the end it went by so fast… she 19 now

Does he take the melatonin still at night that could be it Ik of some kids it made them see things that wasn’t there


Melatonin isn’t always great. Your body can get used to it and then your body doesn’t produce it naturally

Children have very active imaginations try a night light if not go to his pediatrician it

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Sage his room with him and tell him we are telling all the snakes to leave your room then open a window and let the smoke go out the window. Go all around the room then back to the open window with the burning sage. Then under the bed all through the room making sure he gets to be apart of getting rid of them all the places they could hide during the day; right out the window. He gets to be in control of getting rid of the bad things that show up in his Tim at night. Make sure that you have a saying that includes his name and telling the snakes to leave and not come back.


Your home may be Haunted, get someone to come to your home to see if thats the cause.


Sound’s terrifying for him… let him in your room if he is feeling scared … I used to always let my son in with me if he had a nightmare or was scared, he’s 16 now and thriving at life.

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Is the child on medication of sorts? If so., have the medication check and understand the side effects. A child response to medication is more acute than for adults. A child find it hard to conceptualize things that happen to them in terms that we understand. Serious question: do you know if the child has been sexually abused?? Seriously. Children cannot put such things in compartments Of understanding. From a religious point of view , have a matured season Christian minister pray for the child in person. Take note of any issues you have had where the child was affected. Children acts like a sponge and A reflection of the temperature of the house and your relationships. Ask the right questions and be open to the unexplainable. Listen to what the child says and why. Ask the child questions and listen with judgement. You may get insight. If the child is not too old . Let the child stay with you til he matter is resolved . Seek family and children counseling. God bless.

I would try taking him to the doctor if you haven’t already because they can run some tests to try and figure out what the problem could be

My daughter was an extremely light/restless sleeper. My pediatrician recommended a small aquarium in her room. If she woke there was light and the fish swimming seemed to calm her. I would also suggest you listen to and carefully observe your child and those around him. Sometimes changes in behavior like this are masking other issues. These can be real or imagined. If it continues or worsens consult your pediatrician. Good luck!

He may be seeing reflections of tree limbs and leaves from a street light shining through them if you have trees close to your house. Other than that tell him he has the authority to tell things to get out of his space. I dont know if you are of Christian faith but tell him to use Jesus name and tell whatever is there to go away. I wouldnt just dismiss his fear though. Sometimes that’s the way kids let you know something isn’t right.


Pistachios, naturally occurring melatonin.

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I know this may sound weird but it sometimes works. Tell him the scary things that he’s seeing is protecting him. Those “monsters” are there to protect him while he sleeps they’re scaring off the bad guys/keeping away nightmares.

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My lil one did that for a while too. I got him a spray bottle and decorated it with cute monsters on it. Labled it “Monsters be gone.” So at night time before we would go to sleep we would say our prayers and i would say a special prayers covering him with protection. Then he would sray his spray under the bed and places he thought the monsters hid. Left a night light on and he was good. If he woke up scared we would repeat the routine. Worked like a charm. Then last year we got a little dog that sleeps in the boys room in her little crate, now the boys don’t get scared of anything and I sleep well knowing if anything she feels anything she barks.

Hug him, leave the lights low and walk him back to his room, put him back to bed. Do this every single time its needed. Consistency and a few tired nights will pay off. Leave the door open. Give him a torch so that he can see there’s nothing there.


When he comes to you during the night, Let him sleep on the floor and beside your bed in a sleeping bag

He needs comfort- comfort him in your bed, my son went through a stage the same as this when he started school as it was all a change for him so I let him in my bed for as long as he felt he needed to, it lasted a few weeks then he was fine again.

He doesn’t need any meds. I have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.
This is perfectly normal and usual.
Children regress a year or 2 when they sleep.
Just have a chat the next day and say ‘ this happens to all kids. But your sleep is really important. It helps your body grow and your brain get clever.
Maybe you could go shopping and say you had a special toy that you felt kept you safe , when you where his age.
Then every single night without exception.
Take him back to his bed ( be calm) give him his toy.
This stage will pass.


He won’t do it forever, you will miss it one day.


Let him sleep with you


My son slept with me til he was 9…i was a single parent… He was afraid of the dark.

My son used to wake up in the middle of the night and walk to my room and just stand beside my bed quietly until I woke up and asked him what was wrong and he’d say he couldn’t sleep and he’d jump in bed with me. And when he was in 3rd grade we got him a dog and it would sleep in his room our doors were always opened as well. He grew out of scaring the living crap out of me!

Allow him to be next to you, he needs you, why is that so hard to understand? Hold him close, cuddle with him and make him feel safe


There’s a few things…you can try…1st have you taken him to the doctor ? Melatonin sometimes doesn’t work if you give them the meds and there awake playing…they have to stay still for about 30 minutes and relax laying there after taking the meds. Also it won’t work if the dose is not correct…Put your son in a sports so he can burn out his energy, warm milk, etc…

Pray jesus blood over him and his rooming the name of jesus

We got a blanket that has some weight to it. Seems to be working. Only in my bed 2 times in 3 months

A night light and a fan…

Put a night light in the child’s room please!!

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Try redecorating his room just the way he wants it then it becomes his space

Seriously you tried drugging him?? How’s about you simply just let him climb in beside you,cuddle and sleep…He’s 5 FFS,of course kids get scared,bad dreams ect just be a good mama an comfort him😥

I got tired of taking mine back to bed and said hell with it let em sleep with you. They outgrow it and will go back to there room and sleep all night eventually


I was ALWAYS told not to allow my children in bed with us, we have a 25yr old daughter & a 16yr old son. Our daughter slept with us until she decided to leave to her own space, our son wasn’t interested. I always felt like I had to hide it or get ridiculed. CONSTANTLY. It became the topic of conversation. TODAY I have a 2yr old daughter & I REFUSE to allow ppl to make me feel like Im a bad mom or somehow hurting her bc I choose to allow her to sleep with us. They talk & wait for my explanation & I simply respond, “I want her with us, her nursery & toddler bed r readily available when she chooses to sleep in them.” No one will take that away from us. She will grow & leave when she wants to & I will b available if & when she needs to return. Allow him some amazing cuddles, from his momma. That may be all his needs. Try it. No judging. He may need something else. But I know for personal experience cuddling & having her close makes a lot of things better. Nothing can convince me not to have her by my side for as long as she wants me there. I love it🥰

This could be anxiety showing itself for the first time. Symptoms of anxiety include insomnia, night terrors, nervous behaviors, having security objects ie: a blanket, teddy bear, specific sweater. Homeopathic remedies are the best route meds are more dangerous than the problem. Ways to homeopathically treat anxiety are limiting his screen time on anything from the TV the computer the phone anything with a screen shoot in all day he should only have maybe 1 hour. Watch what he’s watching make sure they’re not addressing subjects that may be out of his comprehension level. Try giving him a massage nightly and incense oils for relaxation you might try lavender and vanilla. I’m no expert I just know I suffered from night terrors as a child and that I have five kids that have all suffered from night terrors and anxiety they’re all older now and they still have anxiety but at least we know how to navigate it. Oh and by the way anxiety comes with panic attacks


if he’s afraid of the dark, put a night light in his room, doesn’t have to be a real bright one,

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I agree with redecorating his room. Add the bedtime light that puts beautiful stars on the ceiling. There’s nothing wrong with him coming to snuggle with you my son did it all the time and he was scared he just liked my bed and being with his mom. I also agree with praying with him in his room for protection.

Try sleeping in his/her rm a few nights between 2 n 4 are feeding time for critters especially if the rm is dark. Yes, a nightlight sounds like a great idea!

Any form of a pill should absolutely be the last choice, dont teach kids to reach for a pill, children are very impressionable.

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They say to lay on floor next to them during those periods of time. It makes them feel safe and after a period of time they stop

first of all, don’t be giving him melatonin. could be why he’s hallucinating, that shit is no good for kids.


does he have a night light?

Let him come to you. Believe me, you will miss it in about ten years. He may need additional reassurance, and or just the comfort of being next to you. Co-sleeping in other cultures is a none issue. I always allowed mid night visitors who needed additional snuggles or had bad dreams, or fear of thunder. As far as getting him to stay in his room, I made “monster spray”. Water and lavender (oil) mixed in a spray bottle. I would spray under bed, closet ect…to keep the monsters away. Very comforting for child (lavender has a soothing effect) and keeps room smelling great. My sister did this with both her boys. Take a clear spray bottle, write in big black letters " Monster Spray". Make this a bedtime ritual. Also a night light might help. Good luck

If he’s seeing things that aren’t there, talk to the doctor

Put a sleeping bag on the floor beside your bed. Both my kids went through this and grew out of it.

My son is 5yrs as well and would leave his room and come to my room. He will out grow it

Say bed time prayers n leave a night light on

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Talk to a doctor. My boy is 8 and still gets up at night and lays in my bed till I wake up. Long as they ain’t getting into anything, there’s no problems.

My son crawls into my bed around 2-4am, hes five as well. I dont see anything “wrong” with it lol I love it! Comfort your baby and let him sleep with you

Have him watch the movie riki tiki tavi and get him a mongoose stuffed animal. It worked for my littles when they were little that is. Good luck Momma