My 5 year old son is constantly yelling: Advice?

I have an almost five year son who is constantly yelling at the top of his lungs. Especially in our 9mo daughter’s face. I don’t know what to do anymore! I don’t wanna yell at him cuz I feel like it will make him be mean to his little sister, but how can I make him understand that it’s not OK? TIA


Time outs when he screams in the 9 month olds face

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Spank him after a warning.


He is almost 5 so old enough to understand that isn’t ok! Punish him however you do it at your house, spanking, taking toys, games etc! It’s not ok & if you allow it then it’ll only get worse


Maybe try whispering or singing very softly to remind him.


Thinking outside the box (as I don’t know your son) but my daughter use to scream. It wasn’t until we saw an ENT that I found out her station tubes were blocked fully… I would definitely use whispering I use this with my daughter now when she has a melt down


Oh heck no, he’s old enough to understand that’s not okay


Is he yelling out of anger or frustration or is it even when he is speaking kindly?
Have his hearing checked.


Get his hearing checked is were I would start

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Teach him the difference between an inside and an outside voice. If he uses an outside voice (screaming) inside then followup with a time out

Get his hearing checked and does he have any social/behavioural issues, anyone saying hes old enough to know better should probably stop and ask those questions first, its gross to treat every child as though they all fit under the same umbrella.


“I see you’re feeling xyz but that hurts my ears when I hear you yelling. Im sure it would hurt your ears too if someone yelled like that. Would you like to talk about it together? Let’s whisper it in my ear instead.”

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Have you had his hearing checked? These people saying to hit him. :rage: How would you feel if he didn’t know he was yelling due to a hearing or sinus issue?


Have you had his hearing checked? He may not realize how loud he is…


When my oldest (almost 15 now) son was little he did that… soooo frustrating…

So I’d just whisper or move my lips and silently talk… and ONLY talk to him that way… when he got quiet I explained that he can’t hear when he’s being loud :woman_shrugging:

I did pull a mean mommy move a few times and quietly asked his sister if she wanted a treat… when he got upset i explained that he was too loud to hear the offer and so he obviously didn’t want the treat…

Instill feel like a jerk about it… but after a while he figured out his inside voice works to his advantage


Take to the doctor. Have them check hearing and for things like autism spectrum. If he has a clean bill of health it may be that he’s jealous of the new baby and is doing it for attention which means you may need to make sure you’re making time for him too. It may also be something he’s doing just to test you in which case you need to put your stern foot down explain your rules and boundaries as well as the consequences being sure to follow through with discipline

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What is his mood when he yells? Is 8t usually only when angry? All the time even if happy? If it is all the time, I agree with getting his hearing checked. If it is only when angry, then time out. Last resort, butt whoopings are always effective.

Get down on his level. Explain that we need to use inside voices. Outside he can yell all he wants. Make a game out of it. Both of you run outside & yell, run back in and be quiet, say sshh, and repeat a few times. Do this everytime he starts yelling.

Quit yelling at him. This behavior is a learned behavior. He learned it somewhere, and someone is letting him get away with it.

Try whispering to him when he is yelling to get his attention. Practice a whispering voice, an indoor voice, an outdoor voice, and a yelling voice and when to use each voice. Reward him when he uses the correct voice.

Check his hearing. And yes even if he seems to hear others just fine.

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Everybody gets mad when someone says whoop the child in my day we were raised on a good whoopin!!! any way if you don’t feel like that’s best see if he feels that he needs more attention kids need their own piece of power that fits into your schedule wether it be feeding their self at snack time or helping out with some type of chore make it fun♥️

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Get his hearing checked

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Discipline him! But I would check & see if there’s a medical problem first.

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If you have no reason to believe its a hearing issue. Yes for gods sake curb that attitude. One the baby doesnt need that stress and neither do you. Put him in the corner, find a time out seat, ask him why? But let him know right away that isnt acceptable anymore!! So much soft parenting, sometimes kids are acting up just for attention. Teach him how to receive good attention. Otherwise his teachers are going to have to deal with this and teach him manors.

If there is no medical reason behind it then mama needs to step up that game and put some discipline in place. My mama would have never allowed that as she would’ve checked my a** fast. I also do not allow that behavior and how I discipline depends on the child and why they’re doing what they’re doing at that time but if needed a whooping would be warranted just fine. How you discipline is what works for your family but get that attitude in check now before it is too late.

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behavior like that needs to stop that poor baby’s ears must be ringing🥺 not judging gone through it my self it’s awful kids what scream at that age really does hurt you’re ears and give you headaches

Maybe he is jealous?? Did he do this before she was born?