My 6 month old has been awful at bedtime: Advice?

For about two months now, my six-month-old has been awful at bedtime. He’s giving tired cues. I give him a bottle around 7/8 or so. Within an hour, he’s back up, I get him down, and he’s up 10 minutes later, and it’s a constant repetitive fight until 1/2 am. He has slept through the night since a month old and wasn’t giving me a problem going to bed until now; help, this mama is exhausted.

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Its normal, it’s a phase. Their little brains are growing so fast, its taxing on their systems. You got this !!!

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Try giving baby cereal before bed

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A bath and lavendar lotion. Read a story. And then tell him its nite nite time. IT’S a struggle but it sets a pattern.

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Play soft music or sounds of nature like rain sound of heartbeat I think u can find stuff like this on YouTube. Both my boys were difficult with a regular sleeping pattern their whole childhood and are still night owls as adults

Maybe tummy issues? Mylacon drops (excuse the spelling) for gas. Or it could be because he’s hungry, try adding a little baby cereal in his nighttime bottle.

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The older he gets the more stimulation he needs during the day to tire him out. And also I’ve never known an infant that slept all through the night. Lol. But just keep reassuring him that it’s bed time. Keep lights low, use low tones.

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Maybe just 6 month sleep regression? I’m a ftm so this is just a guess

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Put some bananas in his milk and a teaspoon of karo syrup warm bottle bananas from babyfood about 2 tablespoons.karo for he wont get constipation

Ummm they are 6 mo old lol my 8 yr old still wakes me up. Get a grip.

Babies/kids go through phases. Read a development book.

He did a growing, just cuddle him

i believe there is a 6 month sleep regression around this time. its a kick back too raw reality with babies good luck mamas

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Unfortunately it’s extremely common for babies to have sleep regression around this age. Does he still nap more than once during the day? Has he started any table food yet? I’d try working on a strict bed time schedule to help him understand it is bedtime and maybe cutting a nap. Also put him to bed close to dinner time so he is never and full when he goes to bed.

He’s growing, getting more hungry, cause by now babies are on regular food plus milk. Also teeth usually start coming in about now.

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Mine is doing the same. Following

Try swaddling him. My daughter does it to her son and he sleeps alot better

Sleep regression. It may also be acid reflux so don’t pay him down until 30 mins after the bottle.

Sleep regression. For sure. Look it up there are a lot of great articles to read with information on what to do

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Teething, growing,sleep recession

My 6 month old is doing the same. Pediatrician said to just stick to routine, and watch out for teething pain or ear infections that might exacerbate the problem.

Try holding him on your chest every night until he falls asleep. Do this every night so he gets used to it. Worked for my baby boy and is 2 now

He may need more than milk

My daughter is 6 months and does this if she takes a nap too close to bed time. She usually has a nap from 630-7 then is up till bedtime at 9. I’d try maybe pushing his nap up sooner and try keeping him awake a bit longer till bedtime. Good luck! :sparkling_heart::heartpulse:

When my daughter had her regression, I started the soft Ferber method instead of letting them cry it out you go in every five minutes to assure them you are still there, rub their chest or back, but don’t pick them up. They learn to self soothe Without it being traumatic. My daughter will be four soon and I have had only a couple of sleepless nights with her.

My son is 6 months and is doing this now, I’ve been trying everything :tired_face:

People will hate me but CIO was a lifesaver for all 5 of mine.

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Growth spurt my daughter was horrible with it

5 6 7 months for the babies is the worst! You are not alone! Eventually you will get use to it and eventually it will slowly get better and better! Praying for you!

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Sounds like sleep regression, more than likely probably teething, growth spurt or time to cut out one of the naps throughout the day.

My son is 6 months and he’s been doing this since he was born no sleep at all tried everything I can even had to call the doctor crying because I have the same problem he doesn’t sleep . We found out he doesn’t like the room at all everything he needs it in there and some how he falls a sleep better in the living room so that’s we’re I sleep with him and he sleep all night

Probably a combination of teething and might need more than milk. Have you introduce solid foods? I used to feed pablem right before bedtime to keep their tummies full and help them sleep longer. Maybe try a couple nights with a small dose of Tylenol an hour before bed. Then you can see if it’s because of teething. They usually mouth and drool and want to chew on everything. My mom used to put a wet washcloth in the freezer and let it get really cold and let me chew on it. And celery has a natural numbing agent in it and it’s cold. But you have to make sure that they don’t break off little pieces.

Try feeding him cereal before bed. He may be hungry and the bottle just isnt enough for him through out the night

Sleep regression happens around that age. It’s just due to growing. Have a little google on it :slightly_smiling_face: my niece is now nearly 1 but she went through this stage xx

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Food was not recommended by my pediatrician until age 1, so I have no advice on that (mentioning that specifically since I see in the comments it’s mentioned a few times). I definitely remember the 6 month sleep regression being by far the absolute worst of them all. There is a major leap at that time (look into “wonder weeks” if you haven’t already- SO many massively helpful tips to addressing all sorts of development changes thru age 1). I know it’s not easy, but patience is absolutely key! 6 months is when I started giving myself “time outs” (specifically because I was soooo exhausted) I put a 25 second timer on and let my daughter cry while I walked to a different room and just practiced breathing. The CIO wasn’t for me so as was mentioned above we did the “Ferber” method of comforting but not picking up- that can included as little as simply sitting on the floor in the room so baby can see you and not talking, not touching, just being there to as deep as rubbing back and singing songs- we started with the more touching (as she was used to falling asleep on my chest) and eventually got to the point where I would be sitting in her doorway (this took like 3 months to transition completely out of her room) and I will say we didn’t have any sleep troubles after that point until age 3 (when she transitioned to a big girl bed and the freedom is a whole new ballgame). In the mean time, no matter what you decide is best for you and your family, try to remember how much on an amazing mom you are! The tears are related to independence development and that can be scary for you both!

It’s just the standard six month sleep regression hun. Read up on it, rest when the baby rests, and just take peace in knowing this too shall pass :yellow_heart:


Try an earlier bedtime. You want to put him to bed before he shows signs of being tired. If you miss his window, he’ll be overtired and won’t sleep well.

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My youngest did the same. I swear I didn’t sleep the first year of his life.

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It won’t be the last one. I find «”wonder weeks” to be pretty accurate with my kids (3) some are longer than others. It’s probably just one of those. Growing and learning new things can be a lot for baby. A solid routine. Warm bath, some lavender lotion, milk and cuddles before bedtime. Just like an adult, they need unwind at the end of the day.

You got this! :ok_hand:t3:


6 month sleep regression. Totally normal. Keep a good solid routine. And no cereal in his bottle.


Don’t be too quick to respond, make sure there’s minimal stimulation if you do need to change or feed him and if he’s waking at the same time, chances are it’s habit not hunger… work through this by trying to pacify without food and then if you must feed decrease the amount you’re feeding a little at a time. These are things that helped get my babies on a schedule

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I noticed with both my boys, I have a 5 year old and 11 month old. When they were trying to master a new skill this is exactly how their sleep routine was. Good luck momma. I will say my youngest doesn’t go to bed until 9pm and wakes up ready to go at 6:30am and takes 2 naps during the day normally 1.5 hours long.


It’s time for him to get cereal in his bottle, he’s probably still hungry


Mine did the same thing for a while . he would sleep so good and be up every 2 hours . he also started teething around 6 months and he finally got a tooth through at 8 months . it’s rough

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Likely teething. If it doesn’t resolve try some Tylenol and food before that bottle. If continues on for too long speak to your doctor could have an ear infection or some thing else going on


It’s probably sleep regression. Just be as consistent as you can and keep a routine the best you can… sleep when he sleeps if possible, it should pass. They go through those stages every so many months… there are a few different regressions they go through you can Google them. I did so I knew about when to expect the dreaded lol

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Sleep regression and/or teething. Once mine are past 4 months, we co-sleep when they have these phases.

Have you tried giving him a warm bath just before last feeding time? The only other thing I can think of is get him used to a white noise and us that to help soothe him.

Add a little rice to his bottle… could be teething waking/keeping him up as well. Mine is also 6mo and going through the same thing. Wakes more often (when normally would sleep thru the night) and is harder to get to bed. They are also at an age where they dont want to miss anything happening around them so they fight falling asleep.

I remember my son did that out of no where at 11 months. I needed my sleep or I could hardly parent especial with new born twins. Make sure he’s dry/warm and give him his bottle, leave the room. He may fuss, but after a few days he’ll understand it’s bed time. Be consistent.


It could also be teething and/or sleep regression at that age. If that’s the case it’ll pass. Just keep up the normal bed routine as much as possible.

Start to feed him up before bed time then a nice warm bath to relax him before bed when hes waking in the night dont turn.any lights on just pat his back or bum mayb slide his bottle for a couple of mouthfuls of milk then tap back to sleep ? I have 4 children and my last child who’s 1 now doesnt like sleep hahah but this routine helps alot I’m also upstairs at 7o’clock everynight lieing with her in the pitch black till she nods off then when she wakes I just run up and it’s a quick bum pat back to sleep :roll_eyes: goodluck

I always have my kids nice warm baths before I fed them and put them down for the night…also might try feeding him a little cereal

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Go ahead with your judgemental comments but feed him cereal and/or food. My son was getting cereal in his bottle by 6 weeks and I made his baby food and he was sitting up and eating at 8/10 weeks. He is 10 years old, healthy and happy. His pediatrician told me from birth that babies need to eat.


We went through something similar with each of ours. We got into the habit of a 7/730pm feed, then as they started to stir around 1030pm, we’d get them up for an 11pm feed. They’d go back down soon after and we’d stretch to 5/530 am

Teething and may be more hungry. My kiddos started cereal early at their drs suggestion and it worked.

He mighy be hungry… The milk mighy not be enough to fill his belly… My daughter did the same thing,i fed her applesauce before bed and she startex sleeping all night.

As long as he’s not sick, hurting or crying for hours on end, it’s pretty normal for babies to wake up quite a bit during the night. My babies usually outgrew it when they hit the 1 yr mark. But, if he’s crying a lot, it could be acid reflux or he could be colicky. I would definitely have your pediatrician check him out just to make sure everything is okay.

Please don’t put food in his bottle. It’s a choking hazard and all reputable sources advise against it.


My Husband and I had our children to bed by 6pm. Also we would change their diapers in the middle of the night while they slept so they wouldn’t wake up due to a wet diaper. White noise works too.

Cereal before bed. Not in a bottle, on a spoon. Little guy sounds hungry. Maybe hangry. Too early for a snickers at this point…

Does he sleep in your arms a lot during the day or even fall asleep in them. My daughter does this when she cant feel me.

My son did the same thing and then he started teething again but mostly slept through the night unless he was getting those teeth in

Could be sleep regression,. Teething or even a wonder week he could need more to eat. Just got to ride it out

Wake the child up wary regardless he’s still sleeping,after morning and noon pap do the same”stay active between this afternoon nap immediately get him up and be active…by nite time he will be exhausted get active again if he’s eating a 6-7 o’clock get him up and get him active…at this point those batteries need recharging and boom,he’s out for the count…it’s called changing his habits,won’t take a half dozen times/da

He is 6 months life is getting entertaining he is afraid to miss anything

Don’t let them take there last nap and it doesn’t hurt to let them cry either .

Time to give a heartier dinner. Maybe some formula and rice cereal? 6 months wont sleep all night with just breast milk or a bottle, unless you’re blessed.

Could be teething or sleeping too long at nap times.

Sleep regression/growth spurts. My daughter did this from about 4 1/2 months to 6 1/2 months.

have you started solids? try giving him some baby porridge before his bottle.

Maybe you can rock him back to sleep

keep him up longer then 7 or 8 and don’t give in.

He is six months old. Really?

Is he starting to teeth?

How many naps is he taking during the day and how long are they lasting?

Feed him cereal before bed PLEASE do NOT put cereal in his bottle!!! Babies can choke !!!

Try feeding then a nice warm calming bath.

Are you feeding him enough??

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You can start cereal at 4 mo and baby food at 6.

Wait longer to give the bedtime bottle

I had to feed my baby before bed. I usually gave oatmeal about an hour/hour and a half before bed and that helped her sleep better especially when she was going through a growth spurt.

Ask your pediatrician they give the best advice. Mine recommended cereal in a bottle about 30 minutes before bed. On rough nights a bath with lavender baby wash.

Mine did the same… so what worked for me was do a morning bath go about our day. Let him take a little day nap get him kinda physically active moving their lil legs n arms around n close to bedtime do a warm bath again. Put warm clothes on n do a very tight burrito wrap. Give him bottle n burp n its a wrap after that!!!

He could be cluster feeding and by you not known. his not full when his going to bed. Don’t put cereal in his milk just yet. His still too young

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Try to get him more active before bedtime, tire him out. I built a routine for my little ones: play, dinner, bath/play, bottle. They are now 1 1/2 and almost 3. In bed by 8pm, sleep until 6:30am

Oh no… Your baby wakes up after being put to bed! What a surprise! Don’t want to get up with a baby? Don’t have one

What time is he waking up in the morning? How many naps does he have? I would cut out any afternoon naps and get him up earlier in the day if possible.

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SLEEP REGRESSION! Read about it, it’ll make you feel much better girl!:clap:t2:


My boy still doesn’t sleep through and he’s 2 tomorrow! I believe it’s developmental as he is on the go none stop, taking too much in to process? One tired mama but a happy baby :grinning:

Is your little one teething? when mine were teething they would get fluid buildup in the ears creating pain, but no infection - baby Nurofen with their bedtime bottle and raising the head end of the mattress helped (pillow under the mattress) a visit to the GP/Mother’s and Babies nurse would probably be a good idea with this situation not being usual for your little one

A little cereal before bed is a good idea. Also, could be teething.

I use to put cereal in boys bottles at night time and there perfectly fine helped them sleep longer!

Totally normal. I went thru that with my baby. It will pass. Nothing to worry about.

I would feed him some rice baby cereal before bed. Mix it with his formula. Then try keeping him up until 9ish.

There is a 6 month sleep regression. Is your son trying to do something new? My daughter did this until she was able to roll both ways. Now she is back to sleeping thankfully. Check out the wonderweeks online to see leaps and sleep regressions. This is my second and with both kids wonderweeks is almost spot on!

Give a little extra food at the last feeding; if formula fed you can add more powder than water to make it higher calorie without extra liquid, put to bed sleepy but not asleep. If teething Earthley has a teeth tamer tincture that works wonders so you dont have to give tylenol (tylenol is bad for some babies).
You can also diffuse lavender and I highly recommend a sound machine with the heartbeat setting.

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