My 6 month old has her second UTI: Advice?

Hey ladies! I have a 6 month old girl who’s on her 2nd uti! Wtf am I doing wrong?! I am extremely careful with cleanliness and specially being someone who’s experienced them in the past, am aware of front to back etc etc everything I’m aware of, I do to keep bacteria away… the Dr has said, next one (if in next 6months) will be referral to specialist.Has any 1 had similar experience?Or advice?And before anyone asks… no, I don’t believe anything “dodgy” is going on.Thanks for reading


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My daughter had multiple infections and her pediatrician never ordered any extra testing to figure out why. (She was 7 months old when the first infection was diagnosed.) Finally when she was 7, she had sepsis from an awful kidney infection that happened because the pediatrician diagnosed her with influenza even though her test was negative. (Bladder infections aren’t really that common in children unless there is an issue causing that is causing them) This is when the Children’s hospital got involved and did some further testing. My daughter had a vcug done, and we found out she has kidney reflex. For a period of time, she had to be on prophylactic anabiotic‘s to keep her from getting any more infections. Thankfully my daughter grew out of it as she grew and is now 11, infection free since 7, and no longer on a daily anabiotic. As others have mentioned, it’s best to stay away from frequent bubble baths, but I’m sure you probably aren’t giving your 7 month old daily bubble baths yet, so I highly doubt that’s the cause.
I highly highly recommend having a pediatric urologist get on board and then have a vcug done to see if there is any structural issues with the ureters, or kidney reflex like my daughter.
I also want to add that you are your child’s only and best advocate. It shows how much you love and care for your daughter by reaching out to others asking for advice and to get others input that have been through the same issues. I’ve learned to not trust doctors just because they have a medical degree after my experience with my daughter… (the reality is, no one is perfect, and doctors do miss things and misdiagnose sometimes) I actually put myself through nursing school (while being a mom of three) to gain my own knowledge.
Don’t allow any doctor to shrug this off and always follow your mommy instincts and fight for what you think is right and best for your child.


Once I quit giving my youngest a bubble bath she stopped getting them.


Some kids are just prone to them, usually no bubble baths helps. Some kids have to stop taking baths all together at a young age to prevent them.

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My daughter had one at 18 months and when I told the dr I thought it was a bladder infection he didn’t think so. Further testing showed that her volva was not closing all the way and urine was leaking into her blatter. It was a simple fix antibiotic. They then retested her and all was well. The test isn’t great cause they have to put a catheter in and then shoot dye up but she was a trooper. Definitely get it checked out.

My daughter use to get them back 2 back or they just didn’t go away. Finally went to kidney Dr ran some test found out she had kidney reflux. She outgrew it and the bladder infection were rare… insist on a specialist…

No more baths, showers. I have 3 girls, 1 of them was getting frequent uti and I was trying everything. Finally a PA suggested to only give her showers from now on and she hasent had one since. I followed suit with my other 2 and have had no more issues.

Sometimes they want a bath to play, so I just scrub the tub out really well with some BKF (bar keepers friend) and have them shower regularly and rinse off and all soap suds down thw drain, then fill the tub and it’ll be safe for her to sit and play every once in awhile

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Yes! It may not actually be anything you’re doing wrong. This can actually be genetic, specifically is more common for girls. What happens is urine backflushes up the ureters (yhe tube connecting thr bladder to the kidneys) to the kidneys, over time, resulting in a uti or even a kidney infection. My daughter had this happen, even though id never had a uti in my life until after having her. In my daughters case, it cleared up after 1 year on its own. But sometimes, it requires surgery to fix the backflushing issue. There was a little girl in daycare who had to have it done, same exact thing. Ask for a referral to a pediatric urologist. The only way to diagnose is a procedure in which they sedate the child and run contrast solution through and watch where it goes. You’ll get the answers you need if theyll refer you.

My daughter had one after another…runs in our family…after many over a four month period he gave her a low dose of penicillin for a period of two months. It cleared up however she had trouble for years . Daily drinks of cranberry juice has helped.

My kid is the same way. She’s 7 now she get anywhere from 3-6 uti’s a year. Referral is them wanting to see if the bladder, tubes and kidneys are normal. My daughters was normal and they just told me that she is prone to uti’s. But she has a standing prescription for antibiotics so she doesn’t have to wait in the clinic and then give a sample ( which is very difficult and painful for her) now that’s she is 7 she is starting to realize when a uti is coming on, and I can take care of it before it’s bad and she’s endlessly screaming until her second dose of meds.

Make sure you’re using non scented body washes and shampoos on her. Same with lotions. Use nothing in her baths. No bubbles, no nothing. Change her diaper brand and wipes. Change diapers as soon as you notice that they are wet even if it’s just one pee in there. It could also be the kind of formula if she is on any, maybe Change that up as well. Cranberry juice helps us with our uti so if you add a few drops to her water if she’s drinking a little, it could help flush her as well. I’m not saying get her to chug water from a bottle lol. Just a tiny bit to help. That’s all I can give besides seeing a specialist. Good luck mama

Maybe instead of baths lay a towel or blanket (something with cushion) to the bottom of the tub and then use the shower head to wash. They say baths aren’t great for the lady parts. Also use a clear, unscented soap for baby, also be careful with diaper creams if your using them. This is just all that I had to do. Good luck mama!

My mom said She did everything and I still got them quite often to this day I am in my 30s now and get them at least once a week it doesn’t matter what I do

Maybe she’s 1 that can’t have a tubby. Since she’s 6 months hold her in the shower and get her clean that way. Don’t use anything scented like wipes etc

I agree with others. No bubble baths and don’t use scented soaps, scented wipes etc… maybe try changing her diaper more frequently. I hope you get it figured out!

A few things come to mind: Do you put anything in the bath water like bubble bath, essential oils, bath bombs, epsom salt, etc? If not, maybe the soap you use. Try a different brand baby soap. (Baby dove, Aveno baby, crave baby, … There are lots of brands.) It could also be something in the diapers or diaper cream but that’s less likely than the other things mentioned. Or possibly something she ate or drank that changed the balance of her urine. My kids couldn’t have straight baby juice or too much of it cause they would get acidic stools and urine. Good luck figuring out what is causing them. Just be mindful of any changes and I’m sure you’ll be able to narrow it down. :wink:

Sometimes stuff is hereditary so keep it clean and do what you can

my granddaughter had this issue with certain diaper brands…maybe change brands and see if it helps.

I agree with the above poster. What are you putting in her bath water? If you’re using any of that nighttime or bubbly stuff, I would stop for now. I would also start using water wipes instead of anything scented. Good luck mama!!


I’ve always had them since a baby. My dr said I have a shorter than normal Urethra. Maybe instead of using wipes to clean her use water and let her have her diaper off for a while a few times a day. Also, changing her diaper immediately when soiled. Also, no soap or bubble baths!

No bubble bath. Rinse good after soap. Does she drink water needs some. No soda pop. Google might give some Insight on the matter

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Prayers for baby. Be sure to thank Jesus for her deliverance and Miracle healing Amene

Have them test her blood sugar

Get her circumcised :woman_shrugging:t3:

Find a pediatric urologist or ask your pediatrician to refer you to any appropriate specialists to ensure there’s not an underlying medical condition.

Perhaps try a different diaper? Natural fabric?

Stop using regular diaper wipes and switch to water wipes, more frequent diaper changes.

I would try a scent free as close to natural product as you can get, for all soap, and wipes!


Could be her kidney. Get a second opinion

Maybe the soap she is bathed with.

Is baby sitting in wet diaper too long? Do you give bubble baths?

If you use cranberry juice be sure to get pure cranberry juice from the health food store, not the cranberry juice cocktail stuff with sugar. Limit sugar intake. Get acidophilus capsules and empty them into her bottles or stir in her baby food, as yeast in her system can cause problems. You can also get garlic capsules and do the same to help boost her immune system.

Don’t put her in the soapy water to bath her. Bubble bath is very hard on some little girls so that is why I’m saying this.

Be careful with bubble bath… do not use and maybe switch wipes. To a different one hypoallergenic with no scents or anything. and maybe 1st infection just didn’t clear up all the way and could have came back unless they test the urine sometimes different meds can get rid of certain infections and maybe switch to a Aveno baby wash or. Something thing less scents .

Ask the doctors If she might have a reflux problem if not caught soon enough it will damage the kidneys