My 6-month-old hates solids: Advice?

I have a six 1/2-month-old baby boy, and he HATED SOLIDS! I tried starting when he was 5 1/2 (with the OK from his Dr.), and he instantly hated it. I thought nothing of it and decided to wait until he was six months. I tried giving him everything he can safely have, and he hated it all. He instantly spits it out. He never swallows anything, and right when the food leaves the spoon, he immediately throws it out with his tongue. I’m at wit’s end; I’m so worried as to why he doesn’t want to eat anything or why he won’t swallow. I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s honestly a nightmare for him and for me because we BOTH always end up in tears. I’ve asked his doctor, and all he says is to keep trying, but honestly, I don’t want to try anymore, he just hates it! Has anyone else gone through this? Any ideas as to why he does this?


He’s just not ready yet. Stop rushing him… food is not that important yet


Make sure he’s not tongue tied

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Just not ready. He will do it when he’s ready. Have you ever seen an adult drinking bubbas forever? Don’t stress

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If your using baby food try real food instead. Some babies dont like baby food.
Some babies developed differently so your little one might just not like the different texture


He’s not ready yet. Wait another month and try again


Food before one is just for fun. He’s not ready so don’t force it


Hes not ready . You’ll know when he’s ready as hell the to take food directly from your plate . Don’t rush it . He’s just a baby . It’s only important eating baby stuff for now . Why such a rush for solids ??

Wait a month or two and try again. Not all babies are on the same schedule

So we did BLW with our son which definitely helped but some babies are not ready for any form of solids till 8 months or older and it’s totally ok! Their main source of nutrition is Formula or Breastmilk till a year so don’t stress yourself


My feeling is just take a break kids develop differently

What kind of solids? My daughter was not a fan of actual baby food but loved regular foods like mashed potatoes, applesauce, over cooked broccoli…could be a texture thing. Or he is just not ready. Keep trying momma :heart:

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Sounds like hes not quite ready for solids. Maybe hes getting enough from his milk

He pushes it out only because it is foreign and he doesn’t know how to use his tongue to move to the back instead of the front. Keep going, he will learn. Place spoon to his cheek rather on the tongue. Good luck.

Not ready yet. Try again in a month or two. He doesn’t really need solids yet.

Will he drink a full bottle or sippie cup?

He’s ready for baby food. Baby food…not solid food.

One of mine wouldn’t eat baby food so formula/ or breast milk it was. Until she was closer to a year then it was regular food. Don’t stress it .

My son didn’t even get rice cereal till 6 months and baby food came a month or two later. No rush momma. As long as he’s a good weight he’s fine


Food before 1 is just for fun. Try again in 1 or 2 more months. I have an April 15th baby so shes the same age, and I only just this week started trying her on foods.

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Don’t rush it’s not a big deal. Try puffs or the banana rice nums


Every baby is different. My 5 month old stares at me with wonder in her eyes when she sees me eating. She sincerely looks interested but everything I’ve tried so far, from dry cereal to scrambled eggs has been rejected. No reason to feel like you have to force it. Try something new once a week so that you don’t give your son a negative impression of solid foods. Keep trying different things. The list of safe foods for babies, even without teeth, is pretty long.

Remember; food before one is just for fun. As long as the child is still getting main source from formula/breast milk, it’s ok don’t force it. It will happen.

Other options are:
1: make sure the child doesn’t have a tongue tie. This was actually a reason why my son was late with eating solids.
2: baby led weaning if you would try

All in all, keep trying but please don’t force it, all it will do is prolong the child to actually liking it. Wait a few weeks and try again.


What Lydia said or give him time. I didn’t have any issues with my older son when we started solids but my younger boy was a nightmare. I kind of ‘forced’ him to try some at 6 months to get an idea of possible food allergies and then gave up. Tried reintroducing ever few weeks. At around 10 months, he started eating more and it had to be in pieces otherwise he wouldn’t touch it. I spoke to his NP and she said that if after he turns one he still doesn’t want to eat solids, we’d explore what the issue is. Now at 15 months, he eats basically everything, even certain purees, so I’m a happy momma. It’s frustrating and even worrisome, but give him time or try pieces of food and see where it goes. Do not force him because it can have negative effects. Good luck.

He’s just not ready. Don’t stress. Try again in a month.


Once the baby has teeth. Feed him real food. Put seasonings a minimal amounts. They can take a little salt or butter.

He has to figure out how to eat it, it’s not a bottle those are easy solids are new so he pushes it out just keep trying and he will learn. It’s a process.

Make it own food try that it worked for me goodluck

My baby prefered mashed up real food & these mushy suckers containers, you could put strawberries & bananas in. All babies are different & adjust different feeding patterns. He will tell you once he is interested; he will try to reach for ur foods lick lips & suckle with their mouths… My baby was almost months she eventually wanted to eat.

-I have a Son that will be turning 4 this month and since he started eating solids, he doesn’t like for his food to be Hot/Warm, everything he he’s MUST BE ROOM TEMPERATURE OR COLD.
Maybe your son is Opposite. Because others Mom’s think my son’s a little weird (& that’s ok) for eating when his food is Cold.

Also try making your own in a blender with what you eat.

He might need food therapy. Talk to the doctor as well. They can refer you.

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If you are trying to get into Baby Led Weaning it sounds like he still has the tongue thrust, which means he is not ready for BLW!


It can up to 10 tries for a baby to decide if they like or dislike something. He probably just isnt ready. Try pureed or mashed up food.

… that’s the suckling motion of his mouth he’s not being terrible lol. He’s just not ready yet


Get a mini food processor and give him real food, better for him and much tastier! Add formula or broths necessary to to thin it out! Keep trying!

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Don’t force it and don’t get to stressed out over it… If both of you are tired trying, give up for the night and do a bottle and try again another day. My baby girl wouldn’t eat baby food nor the cereal till she was 10 months old. It’ll get a little easier mama, don’t give up. Pray and give it to God.

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I think she means baby food. Don’t jump down her throat jeezzz Louise. They ( her pediatrician) had daughter start baby food at 3 months old. She did great loved it so much. I’d just try eventually he’s going to get it.

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He’ll do it when he’s ready… all kids are different, it’s not something worth getting worked up over though. It doesn’t sound like he has the swallowing concept down pat… When he is ready he will be mouthing at or reaching for your food. Don’t stress.


My first ate no problem. My second refused. I just kept trying every week. Took until mine was about 8 months to actually eat anything and longer for him to eat anything for me… (he’d eat for daycare but not me) :expressionless::woman_shrugging: just keep trying every so often. If the doctor isn’t concerned yet just wait it out. Maybe try soft foods you are eating instead of baby food. That also has helped us. He eats the baby food now but loves it more when I give him something I’m eating. Just make a mental note in case of a reaction and you can narrow it down on what was in it.

Remember they need exposure multiple times to one texture or flavor before they know if they like it or not

Sometimes when we eat something, they reach for it. Pretend it’s your food and go mmmmm and tell others it’s good without offering baby any. Might work?

This is normal tongue thrust from suckling. He may not be ready. Wait and try again. If it persists, there are oral exercises you can do to strengthen his mouth and prime him for eating (you can find them on YouTube). There are also techniques where you push the tongue down with the spoon but those are best taught by a speech therapist.


is he tongue-tied or cross-cutting in the gums? popsicles, finger foods

Dont worry too much,food before one is just for fun.

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Normal, my baby was the same way. She didn’t start eating for real until she was like 10 months. Don’t force it, if it gets to the point that baby is crying I wouldn’t pressure it. If he is getting breastmilk or formula he is fine.


make a big joke out of making a mess spaghetti

You have to remember he is learning and isn’t sure how to get the food to the back of his mouth to swallow so he is probably trying but can’t get the food back try tilting him back a bit so hopefully gravity will work on his side and hopefully help the food slide to the back of his mouth to swallow

My eldest loved food from the get go, my 2nd didn’t really eat stuff til she was like 10/11mts so I wouldn’t worry too much. He’ll eat when he’s ready

Food before 1 is just for fun! Give him time!

Get over it, and keep trying. Slot of babies do this. It’s something new. He will eat when he gets used to keep trying several times a day.

Food before 1 yr is just for fun. He’s fine to have bottles until 1.

Give him time mama

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If he’s still tongue thrusting, he’s just not developmentally ready. It has absolutely nothing to do with him not liking solids or certain foods. He doesn’t need seasoning or butter or therapy and you don’t need to worry or stress about it. Before 1, formula or breastmilk should be the primary source of nutrition. Between now and then, he will physically be able to chew and move food to the back of his mouth to swallow. He isn’t there yet. He literally can’t do it yet, and you can’t force it or make it happen and he can’t either. Just let him develop at his own pace and try again in a while.


Eh, they technically don’t HAVE to start baby foods at 6 months, that is just when it is recommended. He will eat when he is ready.

Have you ever considered maybe he’s just not ready? Stop trying to force it.

He might not be ready for it… mine hated baby food as well so we tried table food (bananas, potatoes, easy to eat things) and he took to that like a champ

It’s called a thrusting reflex and will be outgrown. Try not to be anxious it’s a developmental milestone!!


Maybe hes to young yet, i would keep him on baby food right now.

No need to rush it hun, that thrust is totally normal and some babies just aren’t developmentally ready at 6mos… need to wait a month then try again

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Could be a texture aversion. Never too early to look into food therapy. Better to be safe.

Food before one is just for fun I wouldn’t push it the baby doesn’t really need it yet anyway

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Just stop and try again in another month…no rush :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Mine hated jarred baby food, whenever I pureed what i cooked for dinner for him, he’d eat every bite…maybe try your own baby food??

Your baby just isn’t ready for solids yet, you will know when he’s ready. He will show you and tell you that he’s ready with his body language and his capability to actually swallow minor bits of food on a spoon instead of gagging. All kids are different, don’t rush he will get there :slight_smile:

Realistically not being willing to eat solids that young won’t hurt him as everything I was told is “food before one is just for fun”, meaning formula/breast milk is the main food until one. That being said, if I was having that issue I’d have my child evaluated for tongue/lip tie. Eating something is completely different movements that swallowing from a bottle/breast and having a lip/tongue tie can really affect the capability to eat. A pediatrician is a good starting point but you might also consider looking for a referral for a specialist or even a pediatric dentist

Wait another couple weeks.

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Lady… just chill. Your forcing him so it makes it harder on him to actually want. He’s legit only 6 months calm down

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It could be a texture issue!

I just gave mine baby food… and then tried mashed potatoes occasionally. At first he didn’t like the mashed potatoes, so didn’t try again for a week or so… and then just let him try different things. Took him a long time to like noodles and mashed potatoes and things like that. But now he loves it. & I still give him the baby food veggies and fruit.

I wouldn’t worry. Anything before a year is just for fun.

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I would say baby might not be ready yet, or maybe just not interested in baby food. I did BLW and my little ones first meal was corn on the cob and shrimp and he ate all of it even tho he had no teeth…they can munch on regular foods with their gums.


Join the group Baby led weaning for beginners. My son has had solids since 6 months old. Formula/breastmilk is main nutrition right now so its okay that solids aren’t being eaten. Tasting is still eating for babies right now.

He will eat when he’s ready. Mashed potatoes were always a hit with mine tho :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

Don’t stress over something that he doesn’t need right now. As long as he is healthy with BM or formula or whatever just be happy and enjoy the time.


I think it takes them awhile to like and get used to the texture of the mashed potatoes, noodles, or whatever… so just feed him baby food. & occasionally let him try your food. He will end up liking it later on.

Just stop try again another month, I was always told food before one was just for fun.

Girl chill out ! Six freaking months?!? Leave that baby alone omg


Totally normal not to like solids yet . My son started baby food at 4 1/2 mo because he was so big he wasn’t content with just the bottle and he was eating our food(pureed) when he was 6 mo and couldn’t stand the baby food . He will let you know when he is ready and my dr always told me you can tell by the way the move their mouths when eating if they have gotten swallowing of real food down packed yet or not .

Maybe try baby lead training or whatever it is. More hands on food. He might like that.

It’s become a negative experience now. Stop completely and just start giving him bites of what you have and let him taste stuff. My daughter was 2 months knawing on bananas, she tastes apples when I eat them, eats green beans since 5 months. Also a lot of baby food doesn’t taste so great. My son refused to eat it and I had to make homemade baby food for him


That’s why I went to table foods my kids hated baby food they ate everything I did. Steak corn on the cob etc… and they will eat every thing. Those gums are made for chewing . And both were using a spoon themselves by 7 months. Baby led weaning group on Facebook could help. They helped me to cut stuff properly. Tiny pieces make them choke. My kids never choked on anything

Try watering it down with milk and put in his bottle see if that would help. The nipple has to be a little larger.

I did 2 oz of formula and 2 oz of baby food and my daughter sometimes ate it. ( she was 4/5 months old ) but now shes 6 months and actually wants to est baby food. Your baby will send you signs by staring at your food, following the silverware go from plate to your mouth and so for. No need to rush momma.

Doc is right. Just keep trying. It’s a phase.

We gave in to my son hating it and now he is SUPER picky about what he eats at 26 months. If we would have kept pushing and exposing him to foods I think it would be different. Good luck.

I hate to say this, but
“Food before one is just for fun”.
Yes, they can get nutrition from food, but formula/breast milk should be number one.
Stick him in a high chair and put the food on the tray in front of him. Let him play with it. He’ll eventually start putting it in his mouth. And it’ll help his fine motor skills as well!!


Chill out. Baby will eat when baby is ready. My daughter didn’t eat solids until she was 12 months. 🤷


My daughter did this until she was about 10 months. Give it time


No rush…our son wasn’t big into solids at first. I started him on Gerber Puffs aka puffies and he loved them bc they melted in his mouth but he could start chewing on them too. This started him liking solids. He moved on to gerber teethers (wafers).Also happy baby teethers are good too.
He now eats gerber graduates raviolis
and most solids but there are some textures he’s not happy with. Hope this helps!
You will get there just remember as long as your baby is happy and healthy and meeting their percentages in growth you’re doing fine. Babies are all different and you can’t go by what others do( some doctors always think every baby needs to hit milestones at the same time)


Go straight to the foods you eat and skip purées! Try joining a BLW group!

My daughter had the tongue thrust reflex until 7.5 months. Until they lose that reflex they’re not ready to eat solids.


Lol my daughter is 2 1/2 and she still hates it. When theyre hungry, they’ll eat lol

Feed him purée then… he’s 6 months old

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Following. My daughter will be 8 months old in a few days and still HATES stage 1 and 2. I froze some and put it in the nibbler mesh bag things and that seems to help. She loves the vanilla maple crunchies. I give her a spoon and bowl and let her make a big ol mess. I dread mealtime because it’s a fight most of the time.

Omg. Some moms man. I’m not being overly judgy but wow. Purées are all they need. Stick to one flavor at a time. I feel like some moms just rush rush rush. Give it TIME. Go slow.


He’s just not ready. As long as he’s not underweight and is drinking enough BM or formula he’s fine. He might skip baby food altogether and go straight to table foods when he’s ready.


Some of you woman are some of the meanest people I’ve ever seen in a mom group :woman_facepalming:t4: no reason to get nasty or just plain rude about her trying food and being stressed over it. LORD HAVE MERCY


Baby isn’t ready for solids… try again at 8 months.


They make cereal bottles for this reason.

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Check with your insurance to see if you are covered to see a nutritionist for the baby. They can teach you a lot about foods for your baby and the proper way to feed them.