My 6 year old has been coughing a lot...advice?

Hey mamas! My 6 year old has been coughing for nearly a week straight!! She has no other symptoms at all, no stuffy nose, no fever, nothing… what’s is going on?

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My 6 year old son has had this all week as well. Went to the ER the other day because her had an asthma attack from coughing :disappointed: meds on board 3 days now and still coughing

If it’s allergies, I recommend warm raw honey water. I get them super bad and every medicine I tried either didn’t work, made me stupid tired and groggy. I drink raw local honey in hot water and it’s worked amazing.

Probably allergies?? Try some allergy medicine see if that helps some

Just had our 9 yr old seen for the exact same thing and he tested positive for strep

Pediatrician time. This cough could be the starting of RSV. Or it could be allergies. But we are not Doctors so it’s best to let a Doctor decide

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I had the same thing happen except mine lasted from early December till February. I got Covid late November early December and my cough never went away. I just thought it was the after affects of Covid so I wasn’t gonna go to the doctor, I was just going to continue using my inhaler. Well one day I woke up and it hurt to breathe so I went to the doctor and they said I had Bronchitis and it just kept getting worse and worse because I never got it treated from the start. So I had to do a breathing treatment and get a steroid and antibiotics. All I had was a cough no other symptoms

A doctors advice is best rather than here….


Give her pineapple juice to drink. Helps with the cough somehow

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Allergies more than likely.

I mean I’m not a doctor but maybe you should take her to the doctor. It could be a lot of things