My 6-year-old wants her ears pierced: Advice?

My daughter recently told me that she wants her ears pierced. She’s 6. I just want to know other opinions about a six-year-old wanting her ears pierced.


If she wants it then do it! But please take her to a tattoo shop.


That’s about when my little sister (now 9) had hers done, she still loves them!

Do it, but at a tattoo shop

Go to a tattoo/piercing shop. It’s so much more safer

Do it. We waited until our daughter asked to get her ears done. She was 8 and got them done for her birthday

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It will teach her some sort of responsibility I suppose

If she asked go for it but go to a tattoo shop to get them done. Do not go to Claire’s or any place that uses a piercing gun.


Ultimately it’s your choice but I would let her or maybe even wait and surprise her for her birthday.

Both my granddaughters got their ears pierced as babies. With no problems or tears.

I got mine pierced when I was 6. If she asked for it I say go for it.

Depends on the kid, and if you think they are really ready. Jusf make sure you tell her exactly what to expect. My 4 year old wanted hers done around Christmas, so we took her and she LOVES them!

Do it! She asked for it so why not? But please go to a tattoo shop they are far cleaner & professional


My daughter got her ears pierced on her 6th birthday at her request. No regrets

My 4 year old and 7 year did nothing wrong with doing it

My daughter asked so i did better her asking then you just getting them done also studs or sleepers would be the go being so yound my daughter got hers done for her 6th birthday because she asked for it

My little girl is three turning four at the end of this month. She was insistent on wanting her ears pierced. She asked if it would hurt and I was honest with her, we talked about how it’s done, and watched YouTube videos (some with no crying, others with lots of crying.) After that when she was still wanting it done I let her do it. I definitely would recommend going somewhere that does both ears at the same time, so she doesn’t do one and then panic about the second one.

All good. My daughter asked to get them done on her 5th birthday. I sent her with a mate while I waited outside as I knew it would hurt, she wouldn’t go near my mate after that but loved her mumma :joy:

I think it’s great she wants to and you gave her the choice by NOT piercing her ears as an infant !


My son even got his done when he was 7 or 8

I dont see why not but I would take her to a tattoo shop to have it done


As long as she’s responsible enough to take care of them I’d go for it!

I I got mine pierced when I was five. I think it’s just fine.:hugs:

If you think she’s responsible enough for it, do it. I’m glad that you let it be her choice. :yellow_heart:

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You take her and get them done.

I would show her videos of girls getting their ears pierced and explain it will hurt and that she has to keep it clean or it could get infected. If none of that changes her mind then go for it.My 3 year old has been begging for her ears pierced like her sister, but I can’t bring myself to let her.

I let my daughter gets hers at 6 a week later she wanted them out lol waste of money lmao

I think it’s great you waited until she asked you. I say do it!!


My daughter wanted her ears pierced for her 8th birthday. We went to a reputable tattoo/piercing shop and met with the piercer in advance. He took her around and explained what would happen. Then we scheduled an appointment to go back and have it done. It gave her time to process everything and decide if she still wanted to do it. She did. We went back and she was a trooper. She loves them. Please avoid those ear piercing guns at the mall. They are not well sterilized and can cross contaminate with HIV, Hepatitis, etc.

If she wants them, let her have them. Just go to a professional and do small studs to start out with

I say she’s definitely old enough to make her own decisions about whether or not she wants her ears pierced. But, if you do allow it, please take her to an actual licensed piercer in your area and not places like Claire’s

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Had my daughter’s ears done when she was 3, she fainted when they did it. My daughters have done their daughters’ ears after they are 3 months old.

I pierced both of my daughters ears when they were infants. My oldest (12) doesn’t wear earrings now and the youngest (5) wants them pierced again 🤷 if she wants them let her do it. Just take her to a professional piercing shop


I got mine done at 7. Just don’t do the ear gun


Wth y’all are late
My daughter got hers at less 3 months old


It’s honestly up to you. My mom took both my one older sister and I at the same time I think I was 8 and she was 10.

I’ve know people who have gotten ears pierced both younger and older than that.

Let her if you want. 🤷 Its your kid. My girls got theirs done at 4 months. Not sorry. :heart::heart:

I had both my girls’ done when they were babies. To me it was easier and they both love how all their friends are getting it done and scared and it hurts and they don’t have to deal with any of that. I don’t think 6 years is too young at all but remember you’ll be responsible for cleaning and caring for them, you can’t trust a 6 year old with that.


My daughter’s ears were done at 6 months no problems double hole at 15 years triple at 21

Just do it,if she doesn’t like it they will go harm done

I just took my 5 year old last week to get here done (she had asked for 8 months) her father and I agreed if she had continued to ask for them by the time her birthday came we would get them done and my fiance paid for her at a piercing /tattoo shop that had done many of mine and she loves them :slight_smile: I say as long as she can understand and know not to mess she is ready!

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That’s great!! My daughter wanted her 2nd hole at 8 years old so I let her. She made her own choice and was old enough to do so.

I’m assuming you decided to wait until she was old enough to ask for them right?
Well she’s asking for them…

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I got both my girls done at the age of 3. They both wanted to, and they did awesome. My baby was talking about for a year, lol.

I say do it and love that she decided on her own that she wants them pierced! So many parents make this decision long before their child has a say.

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My daughter got hers done for her 6th birthday! We went to a professional piercing place and had them done with a needle. Much safer than using an unsanitary gun!

Its relatively benign. I would go to a piercing shop and not a place in the mall that uses a gun though.

I got my daughters ears pierced when she told me she wanted them done. She was 7 at the time. I waited until it was her choice to get them done. I say if she wants them done and it’s her choice, let her. But just explain it’s probably going to hurt a little bit. I had to explain it to my daughter cause she hates pain but she still got them done. Took them out about 7 months after having them done because she kept losing her ear rings from taking them out.

My daughter just got hers done a few weeks before she turned 6. I told her she had to be tough and get through the pain of doing each ear. She did that and she loves them. I have zero regrets.

I have chose to let my daughter decide if she wants them herself. I think it’s great that your daughter is 6 and told you openly that she wants her ears pierced.

Let her. Ensure she knows it will hurt and make sure how to care for them. Bit let her make that decision. It is a great lesson.

When my kids began to ask for their ears pieced is when we did it which was around age 5. I would suggest going to a professional piercer and not somewhere that uses the piecing gun.

It should be her decision And when she asks for it not to be done as an infant when they have no choice

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My daughter was 3 months!

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Hey its just her ears not her vagina she is 6 she knows about life let her do it.

If she’s old enough to take care of them herself, I’d let her. I’m waiting for mine to decide she wants it. She’ll be 8 in May and still isn’t sure.

If she’s asking for it, take her to a piercing shop - a LEGIT piercing shop, NOT Claire’s or Piercing Pagoda or any other place that uses a gun!! - and she needs to vocalize to the piercer that she wants it and can understand the responsibility that comes with it.

Claire’s or a stand in the mall is not a professional place btw (just saying)

My dad told my mother we weren’t aloud to get our ears pierced until we could decide for ourselves … we all choose to get our done at 6 years old…

If she’s asking I’d let her.

She says she wants it, and I’m sure you’ve told her it may sting a little etc… So go for it.

Go to a tattoo shop instead of claire’s e.t.c. I did my daughter’s ears at 3 months she asked for the 2 hole when she was 12.


Might be a Latino thing that we pierce the ears ASAP, I’ve heard some people say they’ve done it at the very hospital. Personally my babygirl was 2weeks old when my mother helped me do them. She was asleep throughout the whole process, she didn’t feel a thing. She’s 10mths old now they’re still on and no issues.


6 is plenty old enough…

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Had my daughters done at 3 months. I say do it!

I had my ears pierced as a baby… lol if she’s asking and wants it then it’s no big deal. Just go to a reputable place.

I’ve ALWAYS said allow the child to come to you. So I say go for it. If she changes her mind once she gets there don’t pressure… but if you take her don’t take her anywhere that uses a piercing gun! Take her to an actual shop where people are TRAINED! Claire’s only makes their employees watch a video (sometime) then watch one time live…

My daughter just turned four and I didn’t do hers when she was younger. Honestly I was terrified of hurting her or her yanking it out in her sleep on something but as she got older I still haven’t. I asked her when she was three she said no. So when she finally asks if ever to get them I’ll get them if that’s at age 5, 8, or 10 doesn’t matter. I’d say if she’s asking then she’s possible ready to do so! But go off your judgement mama and if you think she will take care of them etc.

My daughters ears were pierced before a month old & didnt cry asked for a second at 5 & didnt complain about the pain. Both piercings healed immediately.

I am all for waiting to let the child make that decision. I did one of my kids only for her to not take care of it and let it close up when she got older.

Just got my daughter’s pierced. She is 7. I had decided to wait until she wanted it done and I am very glad I did. It ended up being a special day for us and I will always remember the joy on her face when it was over. My advice is to find someone that will do them both at the same time. It was over before she even registered any pain. We went to our local small town jewelry store and they were wonderful. Made her feel super special and grown up.

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Her ears should’ve been pierced when she’s a baby… usually 4 months old… she’s a girl, I’d think moms would love to dress them up with pretty earings


I would let her wait and get it when she can pay for it-is it what you want or she wants it-some get babies pierced-it is up to you

My daughter was 5 and she asked for them to be done. I was fine letting her get them done, she has since gotten her 2nd holes done at 11yrs old…that’s it now till atleast 16 I told her😂
Try go to a place that does both ears at same time.

Make sure its professional thats all im sure she will be happy after

Go to a tattoo shop and get them sone. Shes old enough. She decided she wanted them and if she sees the needle and backs out then you know she wasnt ready

I waited till my daughter was old enough to make her mind up she was around that age

I think she’s old enough if she’s asking :blush:

Both of my daughters got their ears pierced at 7. On their bdays. It was a goal/reward. They were responsible enough and vocal to clean and change according to what the parlor asked of them.

I feel that if they’re old enough to consent then why not it’s not a life altering decision


I had mine done when I was a baby and my daughter I got hers done at 2.

After her first shots

Aw! Well let her! It’s great that you waited so she could ask :cupid:

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I chose to get my ears pierced at 5 :heart:

my daughter was 2 when she wanted hers pierced and we got them done. she’s 4 now and loves them! I say let her get them done

As long as you believe she’ll take care of them while in the healing process especially, go for it!

My daughter asked for them at 6 years old too. We took her to get them. She was allergic to almost every type of earring we tried. She wants to do them again now that she’s 9.

If shes old enough to ask and you’re ok with it go for it. Take her to a tattoo shop though. Pros.

I had my daughters done when she turned 1

I was wondeirng the same thing for my 6.5yr old…i got mine at claires with a gun lile most kids back then.i like the gun because its fast…

how do kids sit still for needles at that age and younger? I am curious.i feel like they stick the needle and the kid would flip out not let them put the jewelry in or do the other ear? Or is it different than i am thinking?

Have a pediatrician do it.

Do you have pierced ears? It’s ok, I have them, my daughter had them young, she loved them along with nail polish. Her daughter has them too.

Why not? Little miss is old enough to understand the procedure and has physically asked, so I’d say yeah.


If she understands their will be pain at first and she will need to clean them daily and still wants them, then she is old enough to make the decision. My oldest had hers done right before she turned 6.

I think as long as she’s ready and knows what she’s in for go for it!
Make sure she understands how she will need to clean them, and if you feel she’s capable ( with your help and supervision of course) I think it’s a good way to teach responsibility and hygiene.
Perfect age in my book.

We got my daughter’s ears pierced at 5. She did a great job taking care of them. I felt she was responsible enough to handle it and she proved me right. If you feel she can handle it, there’s no reason not to unless you are just firmly against ear piercings. I wouldn’t recommend going to Claire’s because they don’t clean those piercing guns like they should. My daughter wants hers redone and I will be taking her to the tattoo shop I go to for tattoos because I have seen how clean they are and I got my nose and daith pierced there.

That’s fine. Talk to her about it and it may hurt for a few days. If she’s up for it still… by all means.

Mine got hers at 5. Would it have been up to me I would have done it a lot sooner, probably while she was just a few months old… definitely go to a tattoo shop to get it. Don’t allow anyone to use the piercing gun.

My daughter’s were pierced when she was 4 months old.

Definetly take her to a tattoo place that has professional piercer as the guns cannot be cleaned properly