My 7-month-old is refusing bottles...advice?

My 7 month old refuses her bottle now. I’m not sure why cause we didn’t change anything except for starting solids 6 weeks ago. She is teething - could that be the reason? This is driving me nuts I know she has to be hungry she just arches her back every time I try giving it to her and she gets really mad. Please help


Both my son & daughter moved to sippy cups at 6mths old. Nothing wrong with it, try it out.

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Could also be thrush or blisters or sore throat…

My 8 month old is doing the exact same thing. I don’t know what to do really.

Sounds like it could be a feeding strike and should pass. Keep offering mama :heart: Don’t be too concerned she won’t starve herself and perhaps she is having enough solids to fill her up. As long as she is drinking water with her food. Milk should still important in her diet until at least 1.

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This could be a sign of an ear infection. Recent cold or virus? This would be my sons only symptom of an ear infection.

My middle LOVED her paci until she started teething. As soon as she started teething she refused a paci and would get angry when we would try to give it to her

Try to burp her; once she farts or burps she’ll probably take her bottle again

Prayers for your baby. Amene

My granddaughter threw her bottle away at 6 months,never wanted it again,don’t force her to take it if she doesn’t it.


any signs of illness? could have a sore, swollen throat or ear infection

I never used bottles but I did introduce a normal cup at six months. Give it a try.


Try mixing her formula/milk bottle with rice cereal that gerber makes! Put it in a bowl so she thinks it’s food. She’s probably tired of bottles mama! That’s what we did and it worked miracles.


Go to the next size up teat. Fast flow

Have you tried a sippy cup , they have slow flow ones

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A ear infection and mono is going around bad yes babies that young can get mono my 6 months old just had both he would arch his back in pain n also didn’t want to eat


Just doesn’t want milk as much cause they are full

Have her checked for ear infection. My daughter had chronic ear infections from the time she was 3 months old up until she was 12. That was usually her first symptom of having one or both ears infected.


Shoot it sounds like it’s time for baby to graduate to a supply cup! I would start with one of the ones with two handles

Maybe a straw cup or a sippy.

If she’s eating food she probably doesn’t want it. Mine was fully off the bottle/formula by 10 months. He started cutting back on bottles around 7 months on his own as he increased what he was eating. He was taller than me by 11 years old so he definitely got plenty to eat. If baby isn’t hungry baby doesn’t want the bottle. If she wants food give her food. No need to force the bottle on her.


Back arching is usually belly pain. Are you giving enough water to help ease the solids through her digestive track?

I had to switch my son to the soft tip sippy cups around 6mos because he was refusing bottles. I just put his formula in the sippy cup instead of the bottle, and he took it just fine. Maybe try that?

They don’t drink as much milk as shes filling up on soilds food but if teething they don’t want much as its like us with tooth ache plenty teething rings in fridge nice cold on gums and calpol and ambsol x

Put the milk in a baby learners cup she may prefer that, but it could be cos she is teething and gums are sore… don’t worry she will adapt…

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She could be backed up poop wise from the new solids try some watered down apple juice for starts and keep track of bathroom schedule how many diapers number one or two I’m still doing this with
Mine lol it makes things so much easier second check to see if she’s teething really normal to get a not Hungary baby when they are teething ibuprofen works better then Tylenol for that :ok_hand:t2: children and infants make sure you know the difference infant is a concentrated dose children isn’t always check the dosing never give full dose unless absolute needed you can stagger Tylenol every 4 to 6 hours ibuprofen every 6 to 8 hours :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: warm or cold wash cloth baby love this when cutting teeth just make sure it’s a very clean towel I miss the baby days so much gassy baby to could be pooping normal just has gas always good to stretch baby out tummy rubs and leg stretches gas is a mother when you can fat on your own
Lastly my kids where horrible about getting ear infection ever single time they were pushing a tooth threw :woman_facepalming:t3::weary::sob: watch baby for ear pain pulling ect

Teething is the worst! She needs some pain medicine. It hurts to drink.

I’m so glad the internet is raising children these days. Elon want to ban those who do not have children from voting.

Try a sippy cup. Zero reason to have an actual baby bottle at that age, nothing wrong if they do of course. But honestly sounds like teething. Mine would go a couple days then fine.


How are you washing the bottles? If you use the dishwasher the nipples could taste like soap… I know it sounds silly but snell the nipped after you clean them to make sure they don’t have soap on them still.

Give her a sippy cup. Try different types; hard spouts, soft spouts (more like bottles so less likely she’ll accept), 360 cups. Give them to her like a big girl, not laying down like a bottle. She could be self weaning.

Ear infection,thrush on roof of mouth

Dumb question, but you changed from newborn nipples to regular nipples? I knew someone who didn’t change over and baby was starving and pissed.

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Buy toddler soppy cups. She may take to them for her formula.

Probably teething put whatever you put in her bottle into a sippy cup . Are you giving a cup while eating purees ? My son refused bottle after eating purees he would not drink formula again it’s gross :sweat_smile:

Have her checked by her pediatrician. Solid foods given or etc are not going to make her not want a bottle. Her throat maybe sore or something underlying that you don’t see. I’m old school and some of these comments kill me. I had thrush when I was little I didn’t want to eat. Yes I remember because that crap hurt.

My grandson stopped his bottles and preferred the sippy cup with a straw.

Maybe she’s just giving them up. I quit taking a bottle at 6 months.

Introduce a sippy cup with a little bit of water with food

Try juice, just cause she dosent want her bottle don’t mean it’s a trip to the doctors

I had a so. That quit his bottle at 7 months but he ate good 2 jars of junior baby food @ 8 am 12 moon 4 pm and 8 pm slept all night

If for some reason they cannot breath through their nose is one reason. Infection, deviated septum.

That’s fine, give her a sippy cup

Child could be suffering from Reflux, see gp

Try sippy cup that is like a bottle sounds like she would rather solids

How are her gums. It’s scary when they do that. Perhaps a two handed sippy cup. No fever right

Freeze the nipples it’ll help soothe her gums

My youngest was 9 months old. Time to introduce sippy cups and more food

Try a sippy cup. Both of mine were off the bottle by 10 months.

I would say it is time to introduce her to sippy cups

Try changing bottle types :heart_hands: or use sippy cups, the kind that works like bottles.