My 7-year-old is having night terrors: Advice?

Valentine’s night, my seven-year-old son woke up out of his sleep sweating, shaking, crying hysterically & I couldn’t calm him down for anything. He kept asking me if his mama was okay repeatedly & I kept telling him I was his mama & that I’m fine & that he just had a bad dream. Since then, he’s been acting differently, but it comes & goes almost like he’s depressed. I talked to him about it today & he says he’s starting to have that same dream every night. It sounds like night terrors to me, so I called his pediatrician to try & make an appt. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you know why he might be having these dreams constantly?


Our son would have these when he would be too hot. He started sleeping in shorts and a T-shirt and very few covers. Still to this day if he gets too hot he talks in his sleep. Not sure if this will work for you but maybe worth a try. Good luck!!!

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Maybe anxiety? Someone teasing him at school? All sorts of things could be it.

My son had them the summer after he turned 3. They lasted for a couple weeks. They were awful. He had just started swimming lessons, so I thought he was over tired. Later I found out that there had been some stuff going on at daycare (nothing super awful…it got shut down though) so we moved him to a new daycare. Within a few days the night terrors stopped.
Just keep encouraging him to talk to you and try and keep him cool at night because sometimes heat can trigger things. Good luck momma!


Sounds more like a nightmare than a night terror. My 5 year old has night terrors, after 4 years I found his triggers are red dye 40 and over heating. Since we cut and managed the two hes been terror free for the last 3 months.


Put a little bible in his pillow case

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Yep. Red 40 is a huge contributing factor. For us at least

Definitely sounds like a nightmare not a night terror. Night terrors are typically just screaming and you can’t calm them down.

My son is almost 8 and has been having them since he was probably 5. I’d say he wakes up screaming, whimpering into hysterically crying, shaking, mumbling things, etc. at least once a week! It’s quite often… I’ve read that there’s not much that can actually be done for it, just have to let it ride out. It said it most likely will stop after they hit puberty and go into the teen years but also said that they could still have it as an older adult and may never go away…hopefully not the case… If its night terrors, they cannot remember ANY of it which is why I try not to worry too much about it hoping that since he doesn’t remember, maybe it won’t really affect him mentally. It definitely is a scary and worrisome thing to watch though for sure! And it said not to try to wake them up cause can make it worse and just make sure they don’t get out of bed and hurt themself. Just a couple weeks ago was the first time my son got out of bed during an episode and walked to the other side of house went into his sisters room and walked back to his. Neither one of them knew what I was talking about the next morning it was crazy.

So traumatizing for parents -while we on the subject my 5 year old granddaughter has developed a fear of any toy that makes a sound she covers her ears and won’t even let her 3 year old sister go into the playroom to play with toys. I am sure this was after watching toy story while visiting friends.Could that also be a possibility that your child is scared of something he watched
Anybody have any ideas how we can overcome these fears

I know when i drink tea before bed or i eat a certain food it triggers nightmares- it could be something he eats or drinks before bed, it could be something as simple as a smell that triggers these nightmares tbh.
If ita none of those then ask him about his dream and see if hes watched a video or movie or show thats triggered them. Then move onto games or activities he plays often.
It wouldnt hurt to have him talk to a therapist, it actually might help.

Say a prayer with him every night before he goes to bed. Also make sure hes not eating a real heavy meal right before bed

Dreams are usually stemmed from the subconscious,my great niece has them but she is only 2.I would suggest you take him to a pediatric Psychiatrist to get help for him they will be able to treat according to the child and give soothing ideas before bedtime.Don’t let your child suffer when there’s help available.Good luck and God Bless!

My best friends son had that. It was awful and hed scream & cry and his father would have to just hold him until he could get back to sleep. It was awful but thankfully it was a phase that passed. They had him tested, took him to Drs, and their really wasnt a cure or clear cut reason why it happened. They just had to work through it. I hope this passes for your son.

I had a horrible repeating nightmare when I was young. It was horrible. Thankfully I had a very patient & loving mother that would turn on all the lights in the house & would sit up and watch me until I fell asleep. It was awful it still creeps me out just thinking about it and I am 61 years old.

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My 3 year still has them rarely. We stick to a solid routine. Limited screen time. I control what he watches, no violence and limit sugar and drinks especially before bed. Routine routine routine. And maybe an earlier bedtime. They usually happen at a certain hour of sleep so some people say you can wake them up briefly before the terror is due to start (say 2-3 hours into sleep) and keep them up for a few then let them go back to sleep it interrupts the start and they generally do fine. It’s exhausting and scary. I’m sorry lady

Prayer before bed, read some scripture, scripture lullabies on youtube works great too!

My 9 year old came and got in bed with me a few weeks ago. Said he had a bad dream. As soon as he was next to me he went back to sleep. He hasn’t had one since. I think it’s the result of something he saw on utube.

I’d be concerned someone might have said something or maybe he seen something in TV could have triggered the dreams children’s imagination will run wild with the things they hear and see

My son had this …pediatrician recommended a little benadryl or melatonin before bed…it helped and he grew out of it

Is it possible someone threatened your life if he told a “secret”. I would be concerned that his behavior has changed and become depressive.

I saw a show on this. Young kids remember their past lives in dreams. Google this maybe its something u wanna research

My daughter used to have those until we got her a sound machine. She never had another one.

Have you ever heard of a DR.?

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Is he on any medicines? Does he take melatonin?

I had a friend whose child had similar
Diagnosed with PANDAS

Not with my children, but as a child I did. Same dream…and I can still remember vivid details.

My son had night terrors from age 3-7. After years of sleepless nights we found out that he only had them when he was overtired. He wasn’t getting enough sleep. Don’t try and wake him, you can’t, you have to let it pass on it’s own. Just make sure he stays safe and doesn’t hurt himself. Good luck xxx


My son had night terrors for a long time around that age. He would wake up just like that worried about me and it was the same dream. The doctor told us there’s not much you can do. He eventually grew out of it. I just started sleeping next to him and held on to him.

Any change in meds. If on them? Any recent Tamiflu?

My eldest had night terrors. She would be like awake but not and crying. It was the weirdest, creepiest thing ever, especially since I have seen waaaaay too many scary movies lol

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Try a dream catcher above bed…we got one for 7 year old and he has not had one since…worth a try…poor guy


We have a 5 yr old that has them. He wakes up screaming. They’ve been going on a few months. I bought him a weighted blanket but not sure if it really helps

My sister swears that chocolate and caffeine (even in small amounts) gives her son bad dreams. Could his diet be effecting him?

My daughter had bad dreams when she was little. I bought her a new pillow and showed her the side that would make her have good dreams. Worked like a charm. Just need to distract the little guy.

So I personally struggle with night terrors as do my 8 year old son and my 3 year old daughter. The ONLY thing I have found that works is to wake them up after about 15-20 minutes of sleep. Doesn’t have to be fully awake. Night terrors in children are often caused when they are over tired and fall too quickly into REM sleep and it throws everything off.


Both of my sons had night terrors for several years each. Some of the scariest stuff I’ve ever witnessed. Doc said to NOT wake them, just quietly reassure them by talking in soft voice, gentle rub their back, protect them from hurting themselves and they will fall back to sleep. They won’t remember anything in the morning and you will be shook!

My daughter did . and she was a sleep walker too . She didn’t remember hers . Sometimes it was (scary movies) . but most times it was after a weekend at her dads . they got better once the girl he was wt left . Then as she got older .she finley stop. Just keep them safe . and don’t wake them . keep a claim voice . i could not claim her . but my roommates daughter could . I did have to keep her from walking out the door . and had to make her go back to her room . or help her to the bathroom … I found stress was one cause for them .

My son is two and has night terrors

Sage his room also. He maybe going thru a growth spurt. I notice my son had more vivid dreams when he’s growing. Xoxo :kissing_heart: good luck mama

My daughter had them it’s getting better but the weighted blanket was an amazing solution. My son sleep walks and talks hasn’t out grown it yet. Weighted blanket helps him stay in bed.

My son woke up every night at 10 like clock work. Doctor said to wake him up just before he’s been sleeping for 2 hours so he won’t go into the deep sleep where the night terrors happen. I did this for about a week and it stopped.

My son is 10 he has been having them since he was 5 it happens less often now. However when he has them he will “wake up” crying he is completely out of it no matter how much I try to calm him and comfort him I can’t. It’s as if he can see or hear me he doesn’t respond to my presence at all. As if he isn’t actually awake even though he is sitting up eyes open and even sometimes walking around. There isn’t anything you can do about it. I just hug him until it subsides or lead him back to his bed and tuck him back in. He never recalls the incident or the dream the next day So I have no clue what he is dreaming about only that whatever it is it really upsets him. It sucks because in those moments I feel so helpless

It sounds to me like he is afraid u are going to leave him . Just reassure him u are fine and u will always be here for him

Our oldest daughter had these when she was 3 to almost 7, we tried medicines, therapy, essential oils, sleep sound machines, everything and nothing worked. I was reading in a parenting magazine about similar experiences and they found out that their child had a red dye reaction. It’s in juice, and different foods and candies. So worth the try and i took all red out of her diet and worked immediately!! Fast forward she is 15 now and was at a party and didn’t think of it and had a half cup of fruit punch and she was taken to hospital with the worst panic attack I’ve ever seen. Even on anxiety meds she had woken up screaming and at this age it scared the crap out of me. Dont be afraid to try different things just dont do too many things at the same time as it could cause other issues like body shock kinda like caffeine withdrawal. Good luck and remember your doing a great job mom!!

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My son has these. It’s night terrors. I usually let him ride it out but gently try comforting him but he usually ends it by going back to sleep after a few mins. I know it’s scary.

I had night terrors starter around 4 or 5. I had to take medication to help with them. But i also went thru alot of trauma from 2 to 5 years old so it could’ve been that for me but dreams would vary. Every once in awhile now that I’m older i have them.

Bless your home! Could be something is taunting him honestly. Jesus gave us the power to fight from the evils of this world. God bless


Know of a friend who’s daughter was having horrible night terrors… don’t know all the details of it but her main solution was to cut out red dye from her daughter’s diet, then eventually cut out all artificial dyes from her diet. If she has something with red dye in it during the day (example: even just cotton candy) that same night she will have a night terror.

Omg my oldest son used to do have bad night terrors too. It was the scariest thing!!! He is now 9 and grew out of it thank god.
Sending good vibes your way!

I’d ask him if anything is bothering him during the day. Sleep, especially deep sleep and dreams are neccessary for recuperation and processing our environments. Something may have happened, big or small, that hes trying to process. It could be as simple as caffeine and diet or a growth spurt. But he could also just need a little guidance with handling something new that is being processed in his dreams rather than during the day.

Dont eat after 6pm and itll stop

I am no expert but it wouldn’t hurt to ask about school if everything is ok. Also monitor what he watches on tv/ iPad/ phone.

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Sounds like he’s remembering a traumatic past life. You may need to see a special therapist.

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I have them every night. Have as king as I can remember. I take medicine for it but it only helps some. Doesn’t take them away.

My daughter wakes from he sleep hysterically crying sometimes. It’s like I try to call her name or ask what’s wrong but it’s almost like she’s still asleep. I just let her cry it out and I either try to hold her or at least rub her back.

I’m 26 and honestly I still have night terrors. Some people don’t “grow out of it”. It doesn’t happen a lot and I’ve learned how to control it for the most part with all of these years of practice.

Our youngest had them. For us, it was making sure she doesn’t get over tired. That girl will fight sleep like no other. So we started melatonin to help her get to sleep faster and to ward off being overly tired. We also got her a weighted blanket. It’s too hot for her, but if she’s been restless or has a night terror at some point, we give it to her and it almost always helps. We have only had 2 in the last year… It was nightly.

My brother used to get night terrors really bad when we were young. Like running around the house screaming and trying to escape. They were most commonly happened after my brother got over being sick (specifically a fever). The only way to snap him out of it was to calm him down enough to get him to take a drink of water, that would wake up him. Good luck :heart: I know it’s really scary and hard but you got this :heart:

Dream catchers help my kids

My eldest used to have this so scary really. Freaked me out the first time she had them i was ready to taek her to the ER. It is normal and found out the best you can do is just be calm and supportive and place a cool cloth on their head and they will settle and fall back to sleep she never remembered she had them lasted about a yr. Used to also find her in cupboards in kitchen squatting about to pee as they can also become disorientated. Its basically them in a dream state and even though their up at whatever time their not fully conscious out of that dream hence its called a night terror but they do settle pretty quickly back to sleep and usually never remember

Poor thing. Holding the child and bringing them outside somehow snaps them out of it.

I had this problem when i was little my mom took me to a native American craft store and let me pick my own dream catcher call me crazy but it works every night before bed since i was 4 i stand up rub the feather then lay down it hangs above my bed and im 27 it could be a mind thing 💁 but i dont have bad dreams any more

I’ve suffered my whole life from night terrors but I’ve learned that by having the tv on a low volume just enough so I can here it helps a lot something positive always helps I like to either have friends or that 70s show something up beat always seems to get me threw the night plus for a child the extra light might help calm him like a night light

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I know a lot of people don’t believe, but sage his room. The fact this same dream repeats is disturbing. While he’s awake, have a conversation something like, “you know I love you, and I’m never going to leave you, right?” Then give him a big hug.

I suffered from really bad night terrors as a child. I think it was a reflection of family issues going on. However, they started to go away when I started exercising. When I was 9 I started to do club swim and that made me tired enough to not have night terrors. Also having friends theu the sport helped a lot. I still remember my night terrors. Looking back they were of men being in bed with me as a child, and trying to hold still so that they wouldn’t touch me. I think mine have larger issues at hand tho.

If you do a google search, there is research that shows that if you wake the child before they go into REM and then let them fall asleep again, shortly thereafter, they wont have night terrors. My brother had them badly starting at age 3. He would cry hysterically for hours, in his sleep. He now sleepwalks.

My stepdaughter had them when she was young if she had chocolate before bed :woman_shrugging:.

Get some white sage, cleanse your house!

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The thing is everyone’s night terrors are different. some wake up like your son some don’t wake up freaking out but they wake up in a different area and location then where they were like sleep-walking and obviously when they wake up they are confused disoriented and freaked out then. Night terrors can be caused by a traumatic event stress or other triggers such as poor diet obviously and lack of sleep basically extreme exhaustion if he’s not getting enough sleep which obviously right now he’s not. I have a habit of getting up and moving in my night terrors I’ve punched things kicked things hit people in my sleep and I experience sleep paralysis all the time. The wandering around in my sleep is not as bad as it was when I was a teenager I woke up even outside once when I was at my friends he was just watching me and didn’t say anything. I didn’t know I was out there until I had already walked out and he followed behind me and woke me up obviously made me freak out and he got hit. the night terrors are not as bad but the sleep paralysis is still there he can outgrow it and there is medication for it my mom has them she screams kicks hits grabs things and freaks out from literally it goes from a zero to a hundred in a blink of an eye. Some even say night terrors can be visions of a past life. I would definitely try a night light maybe keep a TV going on low while he’s asleep usually the sound in the light from it make things a little easier to fall asleep and not freak out.

Jesus rest this child’s little heart. Help him sleep in peace and comfort. Take his fear. Take his worries. Watch over him protect and deliver him from evil.
God be with this little soul. In Jesus name amen.

Itll be ok. Pray with your son and ask God to give him peace and assurance. An remember were never under more than we can handle.
God bless you all. Prayers for your son.:heart:

My youngest did that and took him to the doctor and they took out his adenoids. Never happened anymore after that