My 7-year-old is having trouble making friends: Advice?

I have a 7 year old boy who goes to first grade at school. He was always a loner but lately I can see that it bothers him the fact that he doesn’t have any real friends. He says that “it’s too difficult to make friends”. My heart breaks to a million pieces. I tried to help him to make friends but I don’t know if I made things worse by putting pressure to him. How can I help him?


Do y’all have a church you attend…most kids can find friends in church…


Jokes help…i gave him a joke to share everyday for a few months…then majic…


Talk to his school counselor. They help with this


Maybe have gathering with classmates and parents,


What school does he go to? They normally have directory too all the parents+the kids. Try to reach out to a couple parents and see if they want to swt up play dates. Doing this outside of school will help him get closer to the children in his class


check with the teacher but perhaps send some treats. Have him hand them out to the children

You and your child could make something that you can share with the class at school.Cookies or something. I’m sure you probably have to check with the teacher.Food Always brings people together :heart::heart::heart:

Lots of good advice here. Hopefully your little guy can find a way to make some friends.

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Sport… my son was always a loner also… he made is best friends in sports…

Get him involved at your local library :books:

Maybe get him involved in a ymca swim class? - group -sports-boys n girls activity club- if your Christian try pioneer club ,awanas, they do both together girls n boys activities n snacks n parents can come anytime n get involved ? I lived way out of town had the issue of kids interacting with kids near of age group same ;”/ I just started looking into things

Religious school? Sports? Volunteering? :pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Have a party invite kids from his class.

Maybe it’s time too see a child paediatrician/ doctor . It sounds like the child needs support from education resources to help fill in the social support for your child. X

Whats he interested in? What does like to do… maybe find outside groups, things to do in what he likes so he can build a friendship… if all else fails… HE HAS YOU… your his best friend, just like i am my sons right now… everything will be ok… don’t worry, hes still got alot of growing and learning to do !

Seems to me you made the right decision by asking advice, bravo…

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Maybe gst to no a free parents then havs a play date type thing

Try volunteering at the school or go to lunch/recess with him. My oldest son was shy. I taught him how to make friends that way.

Make play dates at your home.start with 1 friend first.Home is his place of safety .

Pressuring a child to make friends and making them think there’s something “wrong” if they don’t is definitely not ok. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a loner. One or two good friends is all he needs. I would suggest helping him recognize, accept and appreciate the things about himself that make him different and maybe help connect him to other loner kids. He will likely have more in common and better connections with them.


Get some games, toys, treats anything that the kids like and give it to your son. That should pull the other kids to him. Always have a supervisor near. After church, l took my kids to $ store. They ran out church, and all was in the car, ready to go. They did pretty good :blush: sitting in church, while chewing gum. It’s was always a good Sunday :blush:, oh they call me, you coming to get us for church. They invited friends and family. Good luck :+1::grin:

Makes me wonder if you are a loner also, kids imitate what they see! Play date at home, getting him onto school sports or other activities will help also.

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Talk to the school , we had this problem around the same age , alot of schools have what they call a buddy system where they pair up kids that don’t feel like they fit in worked for us now he has 3 best friends.and he is loving school

My suggestion would be activities he enjoys out of school. Sometimes it’s easier to make friends amongst other children who are in a group that have common interests rather than in school.

Kids are.funny its not always the one who cant.make the.problem your picking.the be friends with eventually the right.ones.will come along.have your son join other things like boy scouts or something.there.out there just.give it a chance.hes still.young

Can you ask his teacher

Let it be. He’ll find the way. No big deal

Enroll him in a sports club after school let him hang with his lil cuzos screw friends

Does he have a pet? MOST kids in school don’t feel that they “fit in.” It is ok to be alone with your own self.

Plan a play date with other moms/kids!


Plan play dates with other children but only one or two at a time so that he isn’t overwhelmed.

be his friend and invite your other friends play games do stuffs together

Bring something cool for the class…kids love cool moms and they will want to be his friend.


My son had Autism and has a really hard time making friends or keeping a connection. I do have him in after school programs. It breaks my heart too. I realize though my son is incredibly shy and I’m working with him at home how to be social with others. But I have no advice other than I can relate and good luck I hope you find answers.


Is he interested in anything like music, any sports, karate, dance etc. I think being around kids with similar interests might make it easier


How about play dates with his classmates. Or afterschool sports. Im sorry i hope he gets friends the little guy

I work at a school and try and help with things like these. I look for similar kids and introduce them. It usually works or sometimes it opens doors for them to get the courage to seek other kids as well. Maybe talk to the teacher and ask her/him to reach out to one of us out in the play area :slightly_smiling_face:


Ask a psychologist. Literally noting my parents did helped. Not sports. Not planing play dates. I still can’t do it. I can be friendly but I can’t make actual friendship like hold the relationship part of it.


Throw a little party if sorts and have him invite a couple kids!!

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Buy some cool pencils or stickers and have him choose 3 kids for him to share his cool stuff with. That could be the icebreaker he needs to make friends

Find a group that has something he is interested in. People who are interested in the same things tend to gravitate towards one another. Sports are great for people who love sports. Not going to help if it’s not his thing.

I 2nd sport or an extracurricular activity he likes. Enroll him in that particular one or 2 he likes and hopefully just having similar interests will gain him some friends. Was like that for my daughter too until we enrolled her in all sorts of stuff. She made a lot of friends. Now she is almost 15 n wish she didnt have some of the friends she made now. Miss the innocent stages of making friends

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Tbh coming from someone who barely had any friends - still don’t. Friends aren’t important.


What are his interests … maybe you could present some groups to him and have him pick one of the most intrest this would promote decision making skills and provide him with an outlet with kids with a common ground

Some sort of after school event

I’ve been there too with my son. My daughter struggled at that age too. It does get a little easier as they get older.

Volunteer and make friends with him. I did it for my daughter and it worked!

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If the school offers after school program or they have clubs that can be a great start. Also getting him into county sports, or cub scout would be a good way too

play dates or an after school club/activity

Tke an outing to local park or beach, pack lunch, camera, food for birdlife, plaything tht invlves more thn 2 ppl…maybe feeding the birds or plaything wil attract interests frm otha children nearby ??? …worst tht cud hpn is you bth go hme wth a happy memory… best of luck…x

My daughter had the same problem. I didn’t believe her until I drove by her school and she was at recess. She was sitting alone on a bench. Broke my heart. I emailed her teacher. They suggested meeting with a social worker to teach her some social skills in approaching other kids. It worked so well for her. She met with the social worker once a week and did activities together. reach out to his teacher.

Heck I’m 40 and cant make friends lol

Most of my sons friends come from sports he’s involved with. Hardly any at school.

Clubs at school, sports, Church activities, throw a party. It will come in time, most of the friends I made at school age were through church, not at school.

Def get him involved in sports or after school activities. My daughter was also shy at age 7 and was afraid to make friends, I put her in sports every season especially cheerleading and now she has a TON of friends.

Opposite with my son. My son can make friends anywhere as long as theres some bunch of kids, he will have friends from there automatically. Maybe your son is a shy type of kid that will not talk unless someone talks to him and play with him… Bring him to birthday parties and other occasions wherein theres a lot of kids and games… Also set some playdates… It will help…

Get him into a play group, a sport, an after school activity. Something that interests him or something he would like to learn about.
Get him into scouts, or beavers…something where he can learn some great new things and make some friends.

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My son is the same age and God i know your pain it hurts me so bad for my son especially when he came home saying he was being bullied he had one friend that would take up for him but his friend moved away this year :frowning:

introvert. Check into clubs like boy scouts I think they teach self confidence in a team effort. After school events also a Karate class gives a boy allot of confidence. I enrolled my son in one. Also a gym to work out with an instructor and others his age also there. Enrolled my son in that too. Self defense classes also builds confidence. Allot of parents are doing that now for both sexes. Be involved with what he chooses to try.

Doesn’t hurt to be the Cool Mom and bring treats to his class.

First and most of all don’t forget you’re a great mom and just posting this shows exactly that!! I don’t have many great ideas for school but i have a son in grade 1 and if you think it might be helpful we could always plan a play date if you would like? Just message me! I wish the best for you both !

Maybe organize a playdate with the other mums to a activities Center or something, :-*

My daughter was having the same problem this year and she is the friendliest kid I’ve ever seen. She always makes a friend even when I take her to the park. So when I found out she was even sitting alone at the lunch table and none of her teachers or anyone seemed to care or notice until I made it a big deal then her counselor made it a point to help more. Things have improved quite a bit for her.

Can you go to the children programs at the library. My granddaughter goes to 2 different librarys for the different play groups. She lives it at 2 yrs old

Sports, camps, play dates, boy Scouts, the WMCA has a lot of programs too for children. I’m know it’s so hard for children now days. I’m sorry he’s having a hard time hopefully it will get better soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sports, camps, play dates, boy Scouts, the WMCA has a lot of programs too for children. I’m know it’s so hard for children now days. I’m sorry he’s having a hard time hopefully it will get better soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sports, boy scouts, clubs

Keep trying he has a life time of grief if you don’t