My 7-year-old stole from Walmart: What should I do?

She needs to return stolen item and speak to the manager.

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my 8 yr old did this when she was a little younger i didnt notice till we walked out of the store . and we turned around and took it back .sad part is no alram went off and employees didnt notice. but i was honest and we took it back.this was in the mall. but you should take item back and tell the store and apologize.she keeps doing it could continue.i have a niece that did it and got permantly kicked out of the store mall.and has to realize prices go up because of stealing. just had a conversation about this with my 7&8 yr old.the other day.

I remember when I was that age I stole a pack of lifesavers from our little community store.
My mom eyed them as soon as we went to the car and made ME take them back in and tell the store keeper what I had done…I remember vividly to this day and it’s been 50 yrs…


Talk to police and see if they will help. Where i live police have helped with situations with young ppl. And sometimes if parents consent, the children get cuffed and put in a cell for a little while. The police make the experience real to make kids stop. But not to the point of trauma and terror.

Also make her write an letter of apology and make her work off (at home) what she stole from walmart.

Or even take her in to talk to supervisor and apologise to all the staff

Teach her she needs to earn it, not steal it and chores around the house makes a perfect option since she is young (toilets are great).


A good smack never hurt nobody :woman_shrugging:


7 years olds know better.
I wouldnt take her anywhere she can steal and tell her why!
Tell her people dont like thieves and she’ll end up very lonely if she’s known to steal.
And you take her butt back to the store and make her admit she stole.
As far as the disrespectful behavior, why are you tolerating that? I would literally strip her of everything but her clothes and bed.
You disrespect the people who give you everything? Then you dont get shit from them. I’m not having a kid disrespect ANYBODY. If you dont get this under control, imagine her at 14!
Kids can be mad at their parents but they should be taught to keep their mouths shut about it. That’s a life lesson. You just dont pop off to parents, family, teachers. Youre the kid, I’m the parent. You may be mad but you will respect me.

You lost me when you started talking about your mom


Remove access for her to be able to steal, sit her in the cart like she is young, and dont let her touch anything. If she tries to get out tell her no, she isn’t allowed, because she knows correct behavior but chooses wrong behavior.
I’m not sure what your mother has to do with it, it seems like there might have been a chunk missing.


I got caught stealing, my mum made me take it back, perform extra chores to get the money for the item I stole after it had been put on layby

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My granny’s cousin stole something and his mom burned his finger tips with a lighter :flushed: I’m not saying it’s a good idea but my granny never stole anything in her life because she never forgot those screams. It seems like she’s lashing out for any attention, do you make a big scene when she’s naughty or spend a lot of time explaining to her why she can’t do stuff like that?

Treat her like a baby in the store put her in the cart and buckle her in and make her wear mittens so she can’t touch anything and if she tries to talk to her like a toddler and say no no we can’t touch and you physically put her hands back in the cart and make her hold the front bar of the cart . Embarrass her a few times in the store and she will learn quickly . If she has to use the bathroom you take her out of the cart and hold her hand or carry her and escort her in the bathroom then carry her out and put her in the cart

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Well it sounds like your daughter has adhd so I’d talk to her dr about all of this. And I have no idea what the last part of your question says so idk goodluck and get your girl some help before she’s a big kid acting like that

Take her and whatever she took from the store and March her right back with it and get her to tell them she stole it.


My middle child was like this. She did everything under the sun! It esscolated to the point that she was hurting animals, herself and others, I was called to her school daily to pick her up. I did everything for her. Therapy, counseling, psychiatrist, in home care then she was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder and intermittent explosive disorder. Having a true diagnosis and knowing what was going on in her little head helped a lot. It’s terrible when you don’t what’s wrong!

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Make her take it back and apologize.

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I stole once at age 4 and my mom made me take it back and pay for it with my allowance.(store kept item)
Didn’t steal again.

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My kid stoled some gum from local small market. I made them tell owner what they did then drove them to the federal prison parking lot and told them that would be there home if they did it again. 23 years later, never had a problem!

With her overall actions take her to a doctor maybe a reason she is defiant. Item stolen always make her take back and confront manager with what she did. Mine at 4 fout tried to steal a package of Oreo cookies. I could see the square under his shirt!! We were at check out. so made him take it out and give to clerk. Didn’t buy them either. At 6 he stole a simple ball while with my Ex, asked if he bought it for him ‘no’ Told him to take our son back and return the ball. Our son was so mad at me. The last thing I know of. But your daughter’s behavior needs exploring. I think. Your other methods aren’t working ! A policeman could definitely help! Fear of jail for stealing.Take her to a police station maybe and talk to a policeman about what she is doing. She is getting out of control with her rudeness to adults. If no health issues like ADHD then a smack on the butt! Putting a 7 year old in a cart may be to much. Maybe a harness and keep her close to you when shopping? Humiliating yes it is. You have the reigns to adjust to draw her back in closer to you.

I read a story of a father who had the same problem with his young daughter, first he made her take it back to the store and then took her to the police station and took her in to a police officer and made the child report what they had done and get the officer to explain what happens to people who steal, maybe see if you can convince the officer to put on a bit of a show and get him to file reports and tell the child that he will give her a warning this time but if she steals again then you mum will bring her back to get charged. It worked for the father and the child never stole again, I know it sounds extreme but it might work?

My son was so proud when we walked out of a store and said “mom look what I took” and he brandished a lollipop from his pocket. I scolded him turned him around took him back to the store and he returned it to the counter lady… She scolded him but asked me if I wanted him to have the lolli. I told her no and we walked back out. But before we left she complimented me on being a good mom and my little guy at the time took notice of that and from that day he never stole anything again. I think you should call her out all the time when she steals take her to return the items let the people who she stole from give them a piece of their mind. Maybe just coming from you isn’t sufficient enough. It does kind of sound like she’s acting out seeking some sort of attention.

Take her back and let her give it to security or go to the precinct and scare her. That’s a serious offense and it continues as you’ve mentioned so at this point…take her tot he cops

Whoop that ass. Or get the local sheriff’s department in on helping you show her what really happens to people who steal

I would have to take the item back and let her talk to their security about stealing and what the results are and if that don’t work even maybe taking it to the police department and letting the police talk to her where I’m from we have a youth shelter and maybe a visit there would even help her what have you are tried talking to her and seeing what makes her act out and why she’s seeking but negative attention maybe she needs counseling for something that has happened through her short time of life that has tremendously affected her

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Good luck! Been through it myself. Even with the police involved. Nothing helped. Police even told me I could take the child back to return the merchandise but to keep in mind the whole household could get banned from the store indefinitely. We got zero support trying to instill morals in said child. And now with our new “reform” noone will have consequences.

Make her return it herself and see what happens.

I stole a piece of candy when I was 5 or 6 from Woolworths. When we got in the car, my older sister made me return it to the store manager by myself! Good ol’ days when you could send a child in a store alone!

Take her to the store and make her return the item , take her to therapy, take her to police station and maybe they will help you by talking to her or scare tactics!!! Good luck hope it works out for all of you

My 6yr old son stole lifesavers from Kmart. I took him down there made him give the lifesavers to the manager and tell her what he did. He had opened them. She told him it was ok. I stopped her right there and said no it is not. I took her aside and told her not to let him keep them, and I would would rather an officer speak with him. She said she would not do that. But she kept the lifesavers. And told him he could not do it again. We were walking out and I saw a off duty officer I knew. I had my son tell him what he had done. The officer told him that he was not going to a rest him this time. He never stole again. He is 30 and has his own business.

Just an idea, but have you made her take the item back to the store and speak with the manager and have her give the item back and explain what she did? Maybe having to face it that way might help. :woman_shrugging:, just a thought.

Take back to Walmart and speak to manager and tell him to reach her a lesson by embarrassing her in public and she like it. Than tell her now she see how you feel when she misbehave.

Walk your child back into walmart with the item she stole and have her tell the manager what she did

Have you tried that scared straight my older brother went threw it cause he was getting way outta hand when he was lying and stealing then he started using drugs and physical with my parents and it really changed him now he’s in the Marines and is channelling his anger into kick boxing and pottery

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She’s acting out in different kinds of negative behavior…
something has seriously affected her personality and needs professional help. Spankings, Police are only going to increase this behavior.


Make her take it to the manager and apologize

My son stole when he was about 5 yrs old… a pack of Bubble gum…I took him back to the store and made him go back in and explain that he stole it and was sorry and return it. He never stole again…as far as I know.


I stole gum from 7/11 when I was 5 because my mom wouldn’t buy it for me. My sister told on me. My mom took me back and made me give it back and apologize. I have NEVER stole anything again.

I stole something from a local convent store at 12 and my dad called and told then made me pay for it. I was so embarrassed the manager talked to me and said if I ever did it again they’d call the cops. I never stole again

I’d rather not comment on here if you would like to message me you’re more than welcome. I’ve been through all this over and over.


Have you made her go back with the item and she has to tell them what she did? Ppl might say a seven year old doesn’t understand but she understands enough to continue to do it. Or possibly have a Good Policeman talk to her.

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Make her return it and apologize… and ask a police officer to come and talk to her at the same time

Just a suggestion have her personally take the item back to Wal-Mart and let her tell them what she did. One of my kids walked out without putting something up on the register and I made them take it back and tell them what they did. I am pretty sure they talked to them about how its not nice and they could go to jail. And then made them pay for it. It was moms money but I made them work for it. So much $ for every chore they did and they did more than their sibling had to do. Just an :bulb: idea

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Embarrass her. Out her as a thief to everyone when you go to their homes…her reputation can change when her behavior does…people shouldn’t lose their belongings because your kid is acting out.

Prayer changes things. It’s the only sure fire tool a mother has. Prayer, faith in God for her, patient consistency. It’ll work. Had a little niece who started that way. We kept at it. One day on the way to the bus she turned and ran back to the car, “Mawmaw, I’m not going to steal anything today”. That was the end of it.

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If that doesnt work and she is truly being a nuisance, get the police involved. Have them come over and talk to her, give her warnings ect.

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If you haven’t already returned it maybe see if you can set something up w Walmart and police and scare her.

Or see if your county has a correctional program like the beyond scared straight show. We almost put my brother and sister in something like that.

Have a police talk her and make her take back

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When my daughter stole I made her take it back into the store to a manager and apologize for it.

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Ever try a butt whipping …ofteen and hard? Just saying…raised 3 and they turned out great…

Make her take it back an tell them what she did the chips will fall where they fall. Possible scared straight.

Tape her hands to her body when she goes in the store

Who she hangs out with could be part of the reason dose she have a baby sitter some one have more than her maybe a person she hangs out with is poor and she wants to help

Make her take the item back to walmart amd talk to the supervisor.

Bust her ass then she’ll remember it’s not acceptable… that’s what’s wrong with kids today no punishments… we got our asses busted and we remember it

Just me but I wouldn’t call the police on a 7 year old as many have advised.


take her back to the store just as Christie gilbert said

Make her return it herself then punish her

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Make her take it back. Punish her for what she did.

Try talking to her, connect with her etc… shes acting out because shes feeling shitty about herself

You need to take everything away from her and start from scratch. If she steals she will have nothing, also take her to view jail, some might think she is to young, bullshit, if she can steal she can view her consequences tell her this is your outcome, only she can chose! Good behavior she gets something back, if she does nothing she will have nothing! Take the door off her bedroom, tell her she can’t be trusted! Until she gets what’s up! Put small cameras in siblings bedrooms and catch her in the act with proof, and stay on her don’t let up.

She needs to take the item back to the store and apologize and then you need to have the police pick her up and take her for a ride to the jail. Take her picture, fingerprints the whole works…scared straight!

My dad took me up to the police station when i did that. Had a nice :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: chit chat with a officer and I never did it again.

Get police involved and a good spanking

Good old fashioned spanking take care of that shit

Call the police & let them have a talk with her… show her a jail cell or a detention home or try whoopin that ass !


Go back to Walmart and make her return it.
Have her hold a sign up in front of Walmart saying I like to steal.
Take her to a homeless shelter so she can help feed the homeless.
Take everything out of her room. She only need a mattress with covers and some clothes.
Make her run laps. Tell her she needs to put her back against the wall and bend those knees. Stay like that for 10 minutes or so. Every time she get into trouble that’s what she have to do.

She needs a psychiatrist

Give her a smack!!! Smack her right out of it

I was raised old school, my father would have taken me to the local police station and tell them I stole things from wherever, back then, some police would put you in a cell just to scare the hell out of you, and know someone that is happened to, it was the first and last time anything got stolen again… but this wouldn’t happen know, but sure did back in the early 60’s… like I said, raised old school…

Take her back to Walmart and make her tell them she stole, have them call the police??

Send her away for a few days…let her see what punishment is like

Use a belt on her with she steals.

Call non emergency cops. Let them come have a talk with her. Also make her take whatever she stole back to the store and apologize for taking it.

As much as I agree with people saying that perhaps she needs to get a proper ass whooping I’m going to say that from the behavior that she is displaying it might turn this little girl into the world ultimate victim and she’s going to tell everybody around her that she’s being beat. I don’t think it’s a good idea and if she’s to the point where authority figures aren’t getting to her an ass beating isn’t going to work. It’ll screw over any chance they have of reaching her because she just thinks shes being victimized. my suggestion would be to take her to the hospital so she can see children who have cancer or take her to a woman’s shelter so that she can see women who have been abused and have nothing. Let her see what real victims look like and let her see what real problems in life look like not consequences to her crap attitude. Punishing her isn’t going to work you have to move her emotionally inside.

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Just a thought for those recommending ass beatings…what if this child has been molested and her way of handling it is by acting out. Wouldn’t you feel like an ass if you beat a already injured child.