My 8 month old doesn't like the taste of formula: Advice?

So my almost 8-month-old doesn’t seem to like the taste of formula at all. She’d rather eat food. She’ll eat oatmeal with formula but seems to be it today. The past couple of days, she’s been going down in the amount of formula. But I was told they need a minimum of 24oz a day.


If you’re using powder formula try the liquid kind.

Let her eat.
As long as she’s eating a balanced, healthy diet and gets her vitamins she should be fine.
Mine preferred food earlier too.
You can try to put her formula in a cup, cold, and serve it with her meals.
Always talk to your pediatrician though!

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Try milk and food. My daughter was the same and was off formula but 10months. Doctor told us that as long as she was drinking milk as well as eating adequate meals and drinking pediasure then she would be fine. Ask your doctor about it just incase tho.

Talk to her pediatrician about it. They will help guide you on what’s best to do.

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My daughter gave up formula at 11months. Im talking would refuse it for days on end until i gave her straight milk. She wouldnt even take it if i mixed formula and milk together. She would eat food all day long

She’s probably not drinking as much formula because she’s eating food

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My litttle 1 took his self off formular around 4 months he still nkw wont drink milk of any kind he ate any food that was served and i got vitamin drops to mix in his water or any desert paste

My old Doctor said when they start wanting food it’s time to wean them off formula. Just make sure they’re getting enough vitamins.

Not true. Switch doctors. My 8 month old sometimes will only take 10-15oz. Our doc says it’s completely normal especially with teething. He also said baby will tell you when they’re hungry and to not push formula or food on them.

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Is he teething by chance? When my son is, he seems to be able to eat just fine, but sucking through a bottle bothers him. Have you tried 360 cups or straws yet? Straws work better for us when teething strikes! He might also be naturally weaning off the bottle. You can always try sippy cups to add in some “newness” - some babies adapt well to change and think a new cup is cool!!

Altho, at 9 months I gave up breastfeeding and formula all together. Every baby is different! :woman_shrugging:t2:

Substitute whole milk. They recommend at a 1 to take off formula

My oldest didn’t like it… my pediatrician said move to whole milk and baby food. He was eating regular food by 12 months and he turned out just fine. However, he’s 11 now so it’s been a minute lol

My doctor put my kids on 2% from the time they were 6 months old. Worked like a charm.

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My son had that problem, had to make a formula out of can milk, cant remember what else…but it worked fine

I gave my kids hold milk at 3months they need that fat they are 50 and 47 and it didn’t hurt them. !!

My son was on milk and baby food by that time because he wasn’t taking it anymore so I talked with his dr and she said it was fine and he will be 3 on Friday

She may be telling you that she’s ready for milk and food.

Put mine on whole milk at 6 months. Did great

You’ve tried lots of different kinds I’m assuming?

Try half 2% milk with half formula.

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Talk to your pediatrician maybe you can transition to milk🤷🏻‍♀️

both my kids were switched to 2% about 6 months. They are 32 & 33 now. Healthy.

My 7 mo was doing the same so I tried using cold water to mix her formula and she took to it really well. Not like ice cold I just leave the bottle in the fridge.

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Try Baby’s Only Pea Protein formula by Nature’s One! Same benefits but has a different taste than formula.

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Try putting water in her bottle and don’t stress as long as she is eating and getting enough fluids. Don’t put pop or fruit juice in her bottle as these will rot out her teeth

I brought this up to my pediatrician. Because there are days all my baby wants is food, no formula. She didn’t seem concerned. As long as baby is eating. Baby still gets nutrition from food. Maybe put some banana or oatmeal in her formula if you really are concerned

My five month old doesn’t want to drink all day… But he’s up every 2-3 hours at night to nurse. I keep hoping it’s a phase… Going on week 3

Try giving her a bottle before feeding solids. My lil one would eat to much so she wouldn’t drink her bottles, so I gave her half a bottle before and the the other half after she ate and I scaled back how much food I gave her. I used Ovia parenting app for a while to use as guild lines for feedings and food introductions

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Definitely keep her on it until she’s one. You could mix milk in with it to try to mask the taste.

Substitute some of the water with apple juice.

Abit of unsweetened apple sauce

Maybe some fruit yogurt? Or pureed bananas?

Put her on whole milk I did to my son when he did that

You need to ask her pediatrician.

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This definitely qualifies as something you need to ask her pediatrician about.