My 8-month-old isn't sleeping through the night: Help?

My son is 8 months and lately I’ve been waking up literally every hour because he would not sleep alone. He used to sleep throughout the night without crying and now not anymore. I Put him to sleep and when I lay him down on his pillow he’ll wake up and starts crying. If his not laying on my chest or arm he would not go to sleep at all. I try putting a pillow on him and it doesn’t work. I don’t know why he won’t sleep by himself so I need some advice or tips on how to put him to sleep without waking up every hour and without sleeping on my chest and arm all night.


Your baby is teething…starts hurting them when u lay them down…feel the baby’s gums…see if swollen


Try putting a shirt that smells like you next to the baby when he sleeps… That’s what I did for all of my grandbabies when I’d watch them

Um my 2 1/2 year old started doing the same thing about 2 weeks ago they say it’s sleep regression all I can say is good luck

My son is 2 years old & still doesn’t sleep thru the night… :pensive:

My daughter did the same thing around that time. Had to get NUBY teething tablets and those helped a TON.

Don’t put him to sleep in your arms, if you can avoid it. Put him in the cot and pat him or better yet just sit very near and let him soothe himself to sleep. In this modern age, you can get machine(Phones ,Ipods etc) that play white noise, try that if you like. Or a fan in the room.AWAY from baby’s reach!

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So many things it could be. Talking to his dr might be best bet.

Let him sleep with the shirt you wore all day.

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Just a friendly note, please remember, nothing in crib with baby ie. pillow or shirt, for the first 12 months. Every baby is different. La Leche League has many resources that might help you.


Get a routine. And don’t change it no matter what. If you don’t want sleeping with you then you have to keep it that way every night. With my kids it was always been dinner bath then snack & tv time with cuddles (their favorite show or movie in a dark livingroom) then to their bed dim light for story and baby massage & humming soft song) then kissed and door closed. If they got up it was right back to their bed no talking to them. The routine works like a charm everything down to the same time of day. It works everytime and continues as they get older. My kids are now 18 and 16 and they both still have themselves on routines. Like clockwork.

Make sure ain’t nothing wrong and when he wakes up check him feed him change him and when he wake up wait a couple minutes before jumping up some times they wake up but will go back to sleep in a couple seconds

My oldest son was like this. When he was about a year and half, i had to sit by his crib every night for a week or two until he got used to sleeping by himself.

Take him to the doctor.
Have him check and see if thier is any infection

My kids are 12, 6 and 5 and still dont sleep thru the night… welcome to parenthood. Someone send coffee.

Let him cry, and see if he will go back to sleep, he knows you will come running every time he cries. I know it sounds mean but he will probably cry and then go back to sleep.

I would need more info really… You are feeding him real foods, or jar foods ?? Maybe give him some baby cereal and more formula before bedtime… Bassinet next to your bed… Maybe the baby is hungry…

I say after 3 kids, definitely teething, this 2 shall pass.

Sounds like a growth spurt… they usually happen around that time. Baby will be extra fussy, clingy, hungry. Ect. It will pass :purple_heart::purple_heart:

My slept all night up until the age of 10 months. Now myself and husband basically have shifts staying up all night. Nothing works. Plus all of mine started pushing teeth between 5-6 months. And my 4th at 10 months.

Put him down and let him cry himself to sleep. This is something children need to learn how to do. This way, when he wakes during the night he can fall back asleep without needing you there to help him do it.

Only regret I have in life is fighting this…hug him now, time will come you not have chance

Normal. They go through stages like this. It will pass eventually. Just have to ride it out.

He won’t sleep by himself because he knows he’s trained you to go to him as soon as he cries. He needs to learn to self soothe. Which means a couple of bad nights where you have to let him cry himself to sleep. I know it’s hard. I had to do it. The doctor said the exact same thing to me. It was hard but worth it in the end. Good luck

The cry it out method is what worked best for us. It only took one night. It’s hard but you have to do it if you want sleep, now she sleeps from 7:30-8am and doesn’t wake up once!

8 month regression litterally nothing you can do. It may go back to normal it may not. My son started At 8 months, he’s 2.5 now and still doesn’t sleep threw the night! Good


Its common for a sleep regression. So be patient. But try a glove stuffed with rice on his side instead of a pillow


Let him cry it out…he’ll figure it out. It’ll be hard the first couple times for you but it’ll be worth it

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Get his pillow out of the crib!! He doesn’t need it! Safety first!


Sleep regression. Itll pass after a month it so. And for the love of god dont let an 8 month old CIO. :roll_eyes:


I feel this in my soul. My youngest (now 20) never slept. In his first 6 months of life I slept for a total of 6 minutes. He was 5 before I got him squared away with sleeping. Unpopular opinion either let him cry (which I couldn’t) or let him sleep with you for awhile longer. My granddaughter (2) when she’s with me sleeps with me. She has to be touching me. At home she sleeps by herself. Kids are finicky🤷‍♀️

Put am article of your clothing in his crib during the day so when you put the sheet smells like you. Take your clothing out before putting or put it under the fitted sheet so he doesnt get tangled up in it, it worked for my little one

8 months old is still too young imo, after 1 year old is when you need to try and get him to self soothe. Little by little it will work. He is an infant! Swaddle babies until they are strong enough to wiggle out. Infants are from 0-2yrs, some take longer than others to self soothe. Don’t rush these precious moments, they will grow up fast enough!


8 months is still a infant they still need formula not milk and are not supposed to have a pillow due to suffocation. And if he wakes up he’s probably hungry


Sounds like he’s going through the sleep regression. He needs to learn how to self-soothe. Research the website American Academy of Pediatrics. They have so much information and helpful tips. Comfort him while you can, he won’t be little forever.

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Could be sleep regression …or are his teeth bothering him? Maybe he’s teething &just wants his mom

Sleep regression/ mental leap or teething. Either way - snuggle that baby, momma.

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Sound like sleep regression or teething could be both! There’s nothing you can do besides be. There for him thru the night he’s to young for cio method and alot of doctors don’t recommend using that anymore

its normal for children under the age of 2 to not sleep through the night…but if he sleeps on ur chest maybe try laying him down on his stomach with one of ur shirts (that isnt too dirty but u took off recently so it smells like u) under him.

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I did cry it out but I’d go in every time and tuck her in, eventually I tied a top I’d worn in the day to her dummy or put it somewhere nearby. It helped having my scent near by! Please don’t just leave little one though, sleep regression is possible or it’s seperation anxiety, so little one needs to know you’re coming to make sure they’re okay

Most babies go through sleep regression

Don’t let him cry… Yes he will stop crying by times but only because he know you are not going to be there for him not because his anxiety is low. Be there for him.

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My baby is 8 months also. I’m trying to help him smooth hisself at bedtime. He does wake up a few times a night… sometimes I give him a little bit of formula. (Only 4 Oz) to get him back to sleep… I don’t let him cry it out… I personally don’t believe in it. To each is own :woman_shrugging:t3: I’ve been trying not to pick him up out of his bed unless his extremely upset and screaming. I pat his butt lightly and get him to be comfortable. He usually screams when I walk away so I’ll let him cry a little and then go back to do the same til he’s calm. I’ve been also letting him spend time in his bed especially if he’s not crying.

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I used the cry it out method which worked great for my twins. Its hard for some people but you have to remember you cant take care of them if you dont take care of yourself. Also maybe hes teething check his gums for swelling maybe try some Tylenol an hour before bedtime. Good luck i hope he starts sleeping again and tou get some rest!

Feed him some oatmeal or rice cereal right before he goes to bed I had the same problem with my daughter and my mom told me to start feeding her a bowl of cereal before she went to bed her belly’s full and she don’t wake up for nothing when she’s sleeping she is 9 months old and she has been sleeping from about 9 at night about 9 the next morning since she was about 5 months

:woman_shrugging:t3: I snuggle my 7 month old through it. He’s teething and he just wants his comfort. Which is me.

Baby shouldn’t have a pillow yet

Good luck! I have an 8 month old and I’ve tried everything, sleepntraining, cry it out, routine, giving her oatmeal cereal before bed, different routine, fresh air, warm baths, white noise and nothing has worked yet.

He feels safe with you. It won’t last forever

My 2 year old didnt start sleeping through the night till this year. Pediatrician said he was fine and it was completely normal. Soo good luck. I know its frustrating.