My 8-month-old likes to climb, what can I do to ensure his safety?

I have an 8 month old boy who has recently learned to pull himself up. And he LOVES to do it on anything he can, we’ve added curve and edge protectors to all the stuff we feel could hurt him. Our problem is hes a strong boy and can pull off anything we try. Is there something we can do to either deter him or keep him safe while he learns (obviously we stand behind him )


this is a bit challenging :joy:

Good luck. My son would climb everything and of course always managed to fall n hit his head on stuff and would have huge lumps…you can’t take ur eyes off them…my girls never did any of that…

Get him some safe climbing things

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Please watch out for dressers and TVs I see it all over internet how they get pulled over

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Look into some local gymnastics places. They sometimes offer a tumble hour where the kids can climb stuff there. Get him all pooped out and get it out of his system maybe? I would also recommend getting brackets to hold back tvs, book cases and dressers. You really never know. We’ve

Make sure wardrobes, chest of drawers etc are tied to walls, dont leave him in a room on his obv (not saying u do) my youngest was a climber and climbed on everything including the kitchen table (I was in the room) dont stop him completely jus stand behind him as u do, I cant say they grow out of it as my youngest is 3 now and still climbs up things to get what he wants :see_no_evil: he is jus more aware of dangers xx

Nothing stopped our daughter she started escaping her crib at that age we just moved her to a bug girl bed less risk for injury pulled her down CONSTANTLY from everything said no 5 million times tried time outs taking toys away. Nothing stopped her i mean we donate plasma and there was more than one occasion she was contained to “baby jail” because she wouldnt stop climbing the bookshelves and they had 6 other kids to watch too

Do what you can but hes a boy he will get hurt! LOL

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We have round tables and always keep a clean living room/dining room floors with the exception of pillows and blankets we let baby climb on thru.

An old skool play pen filled with toys! When he’s safe enough and old enough to climb and escape that he won’t hurt himself lol

I had the same problem. We never did figure it out. Bright side, at almost 2 we don’t worry too much when she’s climbing because she’s learned how to do it skillfully.

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Anchor furniture (dressers, bookshelves, tv, etc) to the wall


Climbing…pulling up to things is normal development for babies. They pull up and “cruise” along furniture before they begin walking on their own.
Take precautions you can:
-move breakables out of his reach
-secure/anchor furniture to the wall (tvs bookcases ect)
-keep the corner things and just keep putting them back on while telling him no (really its your tone that’s implying that he shouldn’t do that)
-encourage him to pull up to things like the couch/coffee table

It is scary when they fall, but as long as he’s not falling into a sharp corner or onto concrete…falling from his “height” (from standing up) won’t really hurt it and it’s part of the process of being a baby.

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He just wnts to get around more freely I bought my granddaughter and activity walker and a small indoor bounce house to deter her from climbing on furniture it really has helped

We got Velcro closures for the oven door so he couldn’t open it & climb onto the stove, and for the refrigerator so he couldn’t climb in. A flip lock for the front door so he couldn’t run out of the house. Gates to block our open stairs, & different locks for lower kitchen cabinets so when he figured one out the others would still work. We also got locks for our toilet seats so he wouldn’t open them & play in the water. And constant vigilance!

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I also buy cars you push with your feet instead of 6volt battery cars

My daughters nick name is monkey and she has always lived up to that name. We just kept an eye on her and stayed next to her. We had a gate up so she couldnt get into the kitchen but other then that she climbed on everything. Shes 4 now and still loves to climb on everything. Shes climbing trees and into carts now.

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My daughter still hasn’t learned to not hurt herself and shes 4. She climbs on anything. Everything is a climb able is a challenge and she will conquer it. Usually I tell her twice to get down and if she doesnt (and it’s not that high up, like a couch) then I say “alright well, if you hurt yourself I dont want to hear about it since I have you a safe option”. Since he is little it would be more of you moving him away and sternly saying “no” a couple times. He will slowly figure out what he can and cant climb on.

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Mom of 5. What we did was get down on their level. And look at from their view. And anything we could touch we secured. Or moved.

Let him hurt himself sometimes. Obviously we can protect them from serious dangers but remember they are going to get scratches and bruises at this stage for years to come because they are exploring and learning.

At that point I got a Walker and it helped a ton. Now hes a year, and running around like nobody’s business.

Have considered one of these or a similar system that will make a safe place to explore? Some kidos are just wired to climb. I had to do a lot of research to find indoor playground spaces as well for our Iowa winter’s.

You can put some kind of mounting adhesive on the corner protectors it will hold them on better and usually is removed without damage in the fiture