My 8 year old has anxiety at school...advice?

My 8 year old has anxiety with school. It comes and goes. What can I do to help her. She was completely fine and now all a sudden she’s having meltdowns in the parking lot to the point where she will literally scream “ I’m not going” And will make herself throw up, hysterically crying, hyper ventilating, I just don’t know what to do.


I did that when I was being bullied in 6th grade, I would make myself throw up every single day until my mom caught on and made me tell her what was happening…

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I had the same thing happen after a long vacation with my family or like right after summer. Went away after awhile. But could be bullying like others say.

Definitely being bullied. Dig deeper.

Might not just be a bully. My son started having social anxiety right around that age. She’s at the age where social acceptance is very important. Anything could have triggerd it. Toilet paper on her shoe. She farted in class lol. My son was the last one in the lunchroom one time. Now he thinks “everyone " is looking at him no matter what he does. Talk to her. And if she doesn’t tell you right away or just says " I don’t know why”, maybe she needs some counseling. Also helps if she knows she’s not the only one that sometimes feels that way. Good luck


If this is new , there is a reason , .you need to ask her , and listen to her, what may not seem like a big deal to you , maybe something big at her age . Let her know her feelings are valid but you can’t help , if she doesn’t tell you what’s wrong


Join school refusal page… more help and people who have similarly issues…

Something has happened, find out what.


Start allsking her questions in the evening when she’s calm like you’re just having a conversation don’t demand answers just like do you get along with everybody at school do you like your teachers simple little questions like you’re just having a little conversation where she don’t realize that you’re really trying to find out what’s going on last year my grandson went through this come to find out he was being bullied at school the kid was in his room so he was being bullied but he wasn’t telling


Can you ask the pediatrician and maybe get a referral for a therapist.

Find out if she’s being bullied because that was my first sign with my child being bullied.


She needs a child psychologist or therapist asap

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