My 8 year old has been waking up at night: Advice?

My 8yr old son keeps waking up at night, and then he wakes his dad and me up. I keep taking him back to bed, praying with him, assuring him he’s safe, but he continues to walk up and down and doesn’t have a valid reason why. He never did this before. He started doing this after a recent sleepover. I keep asking him if anything happened there to make him afraid he always answers no. Please give me advice on what I can do to get him out of this habit he formed.


You’re probably right now most of the talking my wife right now so we can get revelations

Sleep regression, or sleep anxiety.

I would definitely try and find out what happened at that sleep over. Make sure nothing bad.


Not saying this is the same situation because he could genuinely be telling you the truth but I slept in my parents room every night for like 2 weeks straight because I had watched a horror movie I wasn’t allowed at my sleepover when I was about that age. I lied for the whole week before finally admitting it although my parents already figured since I was suddenly afraid of being alone in my room :upside_down_face: just be patient, reassure that everything is ok like you’re already doing. Could be nothing or it could be something but he will probably never tell you if he feels that he will be punished, etc :woman_shrugging:t2: hope you find better answers :purple_heart:


First things for sure if you need to find out if this family has been experiencing anything weird at their house I have witnessed anything weird going on with their children!! Because this is a spiritual attack this is a demonic spirit that could have latched on because it’s very easy to invite or welcome demonic spirits. Whether someone believes in them or not it’s really real specially during these days where the antichrist spirit is upon our nation. Everybody get some type of demon spirit attached where they need deliverance or it’s a strong hold that needs to be cashed it down in Jesus Christ name. We are going through this spiritual attack now. The closer you get to God ,Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ the more The demons tried to attack because they do not want you to succeed. Please find some information out and I can direct you after that but I will not give you advice on how to get rid of this spirit without taking to God first


Is he sleep walking?

I’d take him to the doctor. It doesn’t sound good this started after a sleepover.


I would suggest a nightlight and hanging a dream catcher over his bed. While some believe in the power of these things just explaining the significance may help your boy sleep through the night


Sorry this isn’t apart of the actual post. But can anyone tell me how to send in a message anonymously to this page ?

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Check w your pediatrician. It could be a medical issue. Nothing major im thinking. Is he an only child. What about a pet? That might work.

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Sounds like you may have a earthbound ghost in your house and your son is sensitive to the energies their are spiritual tools you can teach him to sheild and protect himself


Why does everyone go for something spiritual right away? Im lost at that. Just because this child prayed before bed? If this is his first sleepover. Something could have just set his mind off. That is a transition some kids cant handle at that age. Depending on the amount of kids that were there. He could have gotten bullied, watched a scary movie, or even stayed up so late that his sleep routine is now messed with. My son is 10 and the older he gets the less he sleeps. He has so much energy that he can function on 4 hours of sleep better than 8. He could have night terrors. They start at all ages and there is no underlying issue. It just happens. Get a nightlight. Read a book to him. Sit till he falls asleep, so he feels safe. You have to sit down and really talk with him about it.


Rule out night terrors. Look up what they are because most people think they know what a night terror is but they really don’t.


Try a white noise machine … may sooth him enough and keep him asleep. Also a night light

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I’d call the parents of the child he had the sleepover and casually ask them if anything unusual happened or what movie they watch, and if they tell them why you are concerned.


If its sudden, especially after a sleep over, I’d be really concerned. Try telling him that no matter what he’s not in trouble, and you just want to try and help him.
At that age, if they have a solid sleep routine, not much usually breaks it.

Has anything else changed? Exercise, eating, watch something? Anything you can think of?

Try and find a way he may talk to you, dad, cousin, a doctor, anyone.


Take a breath.
If this was his first sleepover, that alone could do it just simply it was a huge break to normal routine. Especially if they stayed up later than he’s used to.
Something else as someone else mentioned it’s entirely possible they watched a scary movie that you ordinarily wouldn’t allow.
It could be something he overhearing something that bothered him. Not necessarily anything bad or inappropriate…My 7 year old hears peices bits and pieces of conversation and tends to take them out of context or his imagination runs away with him.
Like at one point we were talking about me needing to go to the store and he was convinced that meant no one would be there when he got home from school and he’d be all alone. Another time we were talking about moving stuff around in the garage and he became convinced we were moving away.
Sometimes even differing diet can mess with sleep patterns.

First thing I would do is sit down with your child. Reassure him that he is not in trouble (make sure you stick to this) and ask him about any movies that were watched or if he overheard something he shouldn’t have of what kind of snacks they ate.

If he still sticks with nothing happened, then give the parents a call. Explain what’s going on and you were curious about what movies/shows they watched or what kind of snacks they had ect.
If they say nothing, then maybe schedule a check with the doctor. I doubt its anything super serious but it doesnt hurt to check with the doctor.


Continue to pray over him and the house and ask God for revelation! Remember we fight things not of this world. Ephesians 6:12
If it continues ask your pastor to come bless your house with oil. My daughter, when she was about 2 she would say she would see a dog especially in the bathroom and everywhere we went and would be so scared and I asked God to show me what she saw. After a revelation, turned out my mom rented out one of the rooms at her place and he did all kinds of demonic things(witchcraft) and the room was right next to the the bathroom. I rebuked it and blessed the apartment. After that she never saw the demonic entity again. There is power in the name of Jesus. One I know is evil flees in His name, or anything causing torment, which is demonic.


Night terrors. Perfectly normal and they fade over time.

I don’t agree with sleepovers unless a parent is there…do you know what goes on in other people’s homes?


Usually when kids have sleep overs, it messes with their bed time routine, all the kids trying to stay up late, playing games and having fun. and sometimes it does take time to adjust their sleeping habits again. Just keep with the routine you had, and he should readjust.

I learned when my daughters iron was low… she is borderline anemic, she gets up often in the night.

I’d be very concerned in this situation, especially if it happened suddenly after a sleepover. Something might not have happened to him but to someone else at the sleepover. I would definitely be trying to find out more about what happened that night.


My son kept waking up… figured out he was hungry…on a grow spurt…even though he would have a snack before bed by 2-3 he was hungry…
But if this isn’t it check with sleep over parents…see what when on that night

My boys do this after they see something on TV that scares them. Good luck!

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Omg the same thing happened to my daughter after her first sleep over and it’s bc something bad did happen. She wasn’t right for months and really just changed after that. The grandmother let them watch Dawn of the Dead (before smart phones). A couple of years later I let her sleep over at my friend’s house who had a daughter her same age and she accidentally saw a portion of the crazy clown movie called It when she woke up to go to the bathroom. Now, with iPads and smart phones he may have seen something horrible. I would bet he could have viewed something gory or (Lord forbid) porn. Just throwing that out there. If this is very new and sudden behavior right after the sleep over then it surely must be related to the sleepover. Every home has different rules as to what is acceptable to watch and/or may have old tablets or phones accessible to kids that can be used with wifi. He may have images in his mind that keep replaying. My daughter wouldn’t even go to the bathroom alone after that for quite a while. I DO NOT do sleepovers with my 6 and 8 year old now bc of this. I would consider letting them have a friend sleep over but I would rather not since you don’t know for sure how the other child is raised or any freak accident that you could be liable for. Sad how the world is now but it is how it is.