My 9-month-old grinds his teeth...what can I do?

Help! My son is nine months old and he likes to grind his teeth! The dentist looked at his teeth and they’re good so far . But how do I stop them from grinding his teeth? He does it so loud and he has plenty of toys but still continues to grind his teeth.


I also grind mine. It’s a hard habit to break. I have tried different things, and I still grind mine.

It’s literally a phase. ALL 5 of my sons and several of my grandchildren did as well. Teeth are new to them. This too shall pass.

I love to see people saying it’s a phase … my son is 6 and still does this :weary:

Honestly my son grew out of it. He is 5 now and doesn’t do it.
If it continues maybe when baby grows up you can do a bite guard or so. But he is still so small I couldn’t worry about it at all. .

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It’s normal my daughter did it also

Mine son has been doing it for some time now, over a year. And he is over 3 now. Asked the dentist about it when we first took him and they said he was too young to do anything. Called again recently bc he continues to do it and it is pretty bad, and he has been complaining with his teeth hurting. Some of his teeth are chipped he does it so bad. They still say he is too young for a mouth guard :woman_shrugging:. That is the only thing you can do for it, bc there’s really no way to stop them from doing it, they really don’t know they do it.

It’s a phase. They get teeth and grinding feels funny and makes a noise. Just kids exploring. It’s really only an issue when they grind in their sleep, not when they are just playing around.

I’m 41 and still do it. It’s not an intentional thing usually. I only realize I’m doing it after it hurts. It usually comes from anxiety.

It’s a phase. The teeth are a new thing they are trying to figure out and the noise is cool as well as the grinding feels good on gums and larger back teeth they are starting to cut. If really concerned get them some chewing sensory toys to give them an alternative.

Parasites sometimes and a few deficiency but some just do it, they like the sound

Our son did this until he was 5…the dentist said, he will stop when it starts to hurt…(he was to young to do anything about it). And he did…he doesn’t grind his teeth as an adult though.

He’s teething and it probably feels good.


He would only have a few teeth at this age. They are baby teeth and will fall out in his early school age years. If dentist says it’s fine then you should seek further direction from dentist if you’re worried.

mines just stopped and he’s 13

What did the dentist say?

Our daughter is 4 but like Amanda Merola McMullen and her son she grew out of it. If I remember correctly she stopped when she was around 2. She was born prematurely at 32weeks and was a super early teether. She had all of her teeth by 1 1/2. She hasn’t had any issues besides 1 small cavity (but that was completely unrelated & caused by poor genetics). Despite our experiences though I know sometimes it can be an issue that continues into their adulthood. I would continue your routine dentist visits and wait it out to see if he grows out of it(as long as dentist visits continue to go well that is.). Obviously if the issue persists past a certain point I would ask for a referral. I’m assuming there’s a specialist that could help.

See a pediatrician or pediatric dentist

My son did this as he got used to the feeling of the new/extra teeth that were popping up, its a very brief stage and is normal


Redirect him to something that he likes and is interested in. My daughter did the same and her pediatrician recommended what i said above and she stopped.

My son use to grind his teeth for a good 2 months, he just turned 1 last week and i dont remember the last time he did it. It felt like forever when he was doing it but it was a quick phase

Surgical dental assistant here! It’s very common in young kids for teeth grinding and will typically out grow it. It can last up until later years of age as well.

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I started grinding my teeth when I was 19… I’m 22 now and pretty sure I no longer do, or at least not as bad, it used to be so loud I would wake everyone in the house up. I wouldn’t know I was doing it & my partner would have to wake me up to stop it. It wasn’t until it was no longer a problem that I found out you can get a sleeping mouth guard, might be worth looking into

My 16 month old daughter grinds hers especially when she’s teething. I just try and re direct her and give her a teething toy although that doesn’t always work. I asked her dentist about it and he said it’s perfectly normal. He said it might sound horrible to the parent but their teeth are so strong it’s not going to hurt them. He also said once teething is over they usually grow out of it. I’ve noticed her doing it less and less lately. She just got her last set of teeth for a little while anyways so I think that’s part of why it’s just about stopped now. I have a feeling once she starts teething again though that it’ll start right back up. Good luck I hope this helps even just a little. I know I was really concerned about it until I talked to her dentist about it.