My 9 year old son is driving me insane and I feel so alone in this

His behaviour in the last year has changed dramatically and his attitude towards me is absolutely disgusting. I need to know if other mums are also dealing with this, or is it me doing something wrong as a mother? He doesn't listen to me at all, he's disrespectful, he shouts at me, throws things around and always talks back, he even calls me names (stupid, idiot etc) I'm exhausted. Nothing makes him happy, he's always so moody and grumpy, a simple "do you want some food?" will set him off and make him scream at me "oh for gods sake, how many times do I have to say I'm not hungry?! You're such an annoying mum"

I understand he is going through changes, puberty, his hormones are all over the place, but how do I approach this? What can I do? I’ve tried being gentle and kind and that really doesn’t work, I’ve also tried taking technology away for consequences to his actions and that just turns into a never ending argument. He seems to be happy when he gets new toys or sweets though! But that lasts minutes.

We used to be best friends, we’d talk, laugh, cuddle and do so much together and in the last year I feel like I’ve lost him, he tells me he hates me all the time and I’m trying so hard to understand him and be a good parent. I just don’t know what else to do, I feel like a terrible mother and I constantly feel like my patenting is just wrong. I can’t even ask him to go out to the shop with me because he’s so damn lazy and that turns into an argument too - “you’re always making me do things, just leave me alone”

If I ask him to help me around the house then he “hates his life” when I say its bed time “you can’t tell me what to do”

This is just getting worse and has recently become public, I picked him up from school and literally just asked if he had a good day, he just said “stop asking stupid questions, it’s the same answer everyday”

Everything I do makes me so angry, I’m losing my mind trying to fight back and earn some respect. Please tell me its not just me and PLEASE give me some advice, something that actually works, I need my happy baby back and I’m desperate to have a relationship with him, I want him to talk to me about his feelings and I want him to know I am here for him but I cannot tolerate his behaviour anymore