My anxiety is affecting my daily life...advice?

Idk even where to start but I have major anxiety and panic attacks and constantly worrying, it is seriously affecting my daily life like I feel like I can’t even function anymore at all without worrying in the back of my head and then it sends me off to anxiety I’m seriously struggling


Please try talking to your doctor. I was very skeptical and ashamed about telling him I felt anxious (it made me feel crazy sometimes b.c I knew in my head I was being irrational but my physiological response was anxiety and I couldn’t explain it)… After trial and error we found I felt best on Cymbalta… It’s a long road finding what’s best for you but it’s so freeing!!! Hang in there and great job addressing the issue, sometimes that’s the hardest part! Hugs!!


Deep breaths. Try therapy. Contact your physician for some medication. This could be temporary and that is okay! Don’t let this go on, it’s not good for your mental health. Download the “iam” app also for daily positivity. :purple_heart: you can do this, i believe in you.

I agree with checking medications you are on if any. I myself had an issue with the Depo shot for birth control causing me horrible anxiety and panic attacks I tried being on it at two different times in my life and same exact thing both times

Magnesium, massage therapy, along with a mix of sea-salt, water, and lime drink daily. This helps your body hydrate your nervous system, also mediation, practice breathing. It’s a habit, but once you start, you’ll start feeling much better. Blessings. :pray:t3:

Could have to do with medication you’re on if any. Talk to your doctor

You should probably call your PCP and take from there.

Have your primary care doctor refer you to a psychiatrist. Buspar and Gabapentin combo has been a lifesaver.

Consider therapy and maybe meds. And find other ways to cope also .but starting therapy first is the best way to start . Been struggling with Gad disorder myself for years. It’s a constant battle at times . But there is help . Ask for help .


Medication has truly been a life changer. Also not drinking alcohol has helped a lot. Being anxious every day is no way to live… reach out for help.

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Go to your primary care Dr, let them know. They can help.

Contact your physican/ psychologist and get some help. Wether it’s meds or counseling.

have you tried buspar? it has really helped me

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I suffer with anxiety and daily panic attacks also , I went to the doctor and now see a psychologist for it. Call your doctor. There are meds you can take and while I haven’t found one that completely takes all my worry away it is less intense for me now with medication. Feel free to message me if you’d like. I know exactly how you’re feeling :heart:

Talk to your doctor. Try Medical Marijuana card. Get some help.

The best treatment for anxiety and depression is microdosing psilocybin, that’s how I got rid of mine and now I feel whole again, I highly recommend mycozany on instagram

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So you need to see your doctor