My baby doesn't sleep much...advice?

Somebody please help! I am desperate for some sleep. My son used to only wake up twice a night and is now waking up every 30 minutes. He is almost 6 months old, we’re going on 2 months of this. I feel like we’ve tried it all. Breast feeding/ formula/ rice in breast milk. We have a bedtime routine with a nightly bath. We thought it might be teething, Tylenol doesn’t help any. Sleep sack/ no sleep sack/ weighted sleep sack. We have a sound machine. We’ve tried Ferber, that did not work. The ONLY thing that works is cosleeping and I do not want to do that. Nothing is working and we’re all very very tired. is there anything I am missing? Is it worth calling the doctor over?

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Get a teddy bear with the heart sound.

Have you started actual baby food, whether it be home made or store bought. I started my son at nearly 4 months on baby food and it helped keep his tummy more full before bed. Made a lot of our own things. Usually whatever we ate, I through it in a blender with some water and it worked perfect.

Your baby will go through times of not sleeping this can go on for years in patterns unfortunately even with routines etc not much you can do but keep what your doing… your baby will eventually settle weather is takes days or weeks or months every baby is different x