My baby girl has break outs from lotions: Help?

I have 6 month old babygirl and she seems to have a reaction to different baby lotions. She breaks out in rashes or bumps within 24 hour of use. I didn’t have this issue with my boys and I’m running out of options please help! I’ve tried Johnson, Aveeno and babyology none of these have worked. The only thing that seems to work for her is the aquaphor ointment but I would like to use an everyday lotion that’s less greasy if possible. Thanks!


Non scented lotion. AVEENO is the one we use, my kids have really sensitive skin.

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Try ceravee daily moisture, unscented

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Eucerin Baby sell it at walmart

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We use goat’s milk lotion unscented

Ive started using dove and seems to have worked on my son. I used to use child farm for bath an lotion then started going worse. Also tried aveeno an others x

Babyganics is a good product line, all natural ingredients too

My daughter is very sensitive as well we use cetaphil

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Tubby Todd!! The best all natural all over ointment

Don’t put lotion on her, she doesn’t need it


We use dove sometimes it doesnt break her out

My sons pediatrician recommended this lotion because he has eczema. He has used it since he was only months old he is 3 now and still uses it.

Eucerine baby eczema lotion. If it’s pretty bad rash then use it and seal with aquaphor ointment. That will lock in that moisture for much longer. Do this 3 times a day at least

Cerave, it’s expensive, but it’s great.

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Ask your babys doctor just in case she has some sort of skin irritant or something…The doctor should be able to help with it… But in case, have tried any of the ones that arent named brand? :frowning:

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I use dove and I swear by it it works so well for my little man

Is she super dry… is there a reason you need lotion daily?


Try aveeno eczema therapy line even if she doesnt have eczema it’s more sensitive

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She doesn’t need lotion. I used nothing but water on my son for almost 2 years per pediatrician recommendation.


Did you try babyganincs brand?

Go see your doctor they have to help, can’t be good for poor baby good luck.

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I use dove as well for my daughter

CeraVe and Cetaphil. My dr suggested both of these. My oldest son has very sensitive skin and can’t use much. I also changed their soap to this brand as well and it’s helped.

Cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil. My daughter has eczema, as do I. That’s the only thing we can use.


Honest company worked well for my daughter

Try goatmilk lotions i use it on my 2 year everyday

They make goatmilk soap to

I just use coconut oil.

It may not be the lotion. She may be having a reaction to bath soap or the laundry soap you wash clothes in. Use unscented and hypoallergenic products and “free and clear” laundry soap on the entire household’s laundry

Auqapor has a daily lotion

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Avon. Our daughter has 2 different types of skin conditions. We have to use two different types, one we have to get from her skin Dr. The other we get from Avon. And avon is dermatologists recommend.

Dove baby lotion a miracle for my girls

This is the only stuff I could use on 2 of my babies and still use it now. Found at Walmart


CeraVe for sure. This is what our dermatologist suggested for my daughter who has eczema. Works great with no reactions from it

Avon try its better then Dove… I have very sensitive skin and Dove makes me breck out.

Cerave! It is amazing.

I know you want less greasy, but my kids had very dry skin and sensitive skin the doctor actually recommended vaseline


Cetaphil non fragrance worked great or see a dermatologist if you can. See exactly what she’s allergic to. God bless.

I was going to suggest aquaphor🤷‍♀️ My youngest had eczema and none of the stuff the docs prescribed ever did anything for it. Aquaphor took it away within about a month! And she hasn’t had even a patch since like 2 winters ago! It is a little greasy, I know but I would just bathe her, lather her up head to toe, then put her jammies over it and by morning it was never greasy🤷‍♀️ We all use it now! I love it!

Eucerian cream it’s the balm I used it on everything.

Shea moisture. They sell it at Walmart and grocery stores. No funky chemicals

My little one has very sensitive skin. He gets eczema really bad. This is the lotion we use. Hands down the best I’ve tried. And I’ve tried a lot! Lol

Nivea is best hands down. Same issue with my baby girls skin and i just never use any soap or babywipes that has scent.

The only thing that works for my son is aquaphor. If I don’t put it on him, he gets dry skin and his eczema flares up. You do what you gotta do for your kids.

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Ceravae lotion. Sounds like your daughter has eczema. Use all fragrance free lotions and detergents.


Dove or jergen ultra healing

Instead of lotion add baby oil to her baby bath my son has eczema and that’s how we treated it

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Dove sensitive baby.

Is it possible she has an allergy to lanolin? It is an ingredient in MANY lotions and skincare products. I have a friend who breaks out in hives if she even touches it.

Shea moisture, Coconut oil, baby oil?

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I would personally take her to an allergist .

Coconut oil? Calendula oil?

Maybe talk to a dermatologist


If your baby is that sensitive to baby lotions, I would personally just use coconut oil.

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My granddaughter was allergic to the lanolin in lotions. Read the ingredients.

Eucerine was the only thing my mom could use on my skin as a baby. But I would def check with a dermatologist if possible to rule out allergies or skin conditions that could worsen or effect her later in life.

Use Aveeno baby soap and lotion it’s for sensitive skin I use that for my son since he was a baby he has sensitive skin and this helps a lot! Use the one with no scent

Coconut oil clogs pores and isnt water soluble so avoid that.
Go all natural. Buy an aloe succulent, break open and apply. Natural, water soluble, and mild.

Desitin sllways worked.

Try honesty its an online company…

Just use baby oil or stop using lotions

I can only use dove on my little boy if I use anything else his whole body breaks out ever since he was a baby my daughter never had problems

So don’t use lotion? Don’t give baths every day so baby doesn’t dry out so much. Or maybe it isn’t the lotions. Maybe it’s the soap or shampoo or laundry detergent, or a certain material. There are so many other options than keeping up with lotions.

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Save the money and use petroleum jelly (vaseline).

Infants don’t need lotions. If they do they need a Dr.

I love aquaphor. I just keep a specific towel in the bathroom, and wipe off the grease after I finish rubbing it in. Then you’re not sticky, but your skin is still soft and protected.

Dove Baby makes an unscented that works great for us.

I use the dove baby lotion as I’m allergic to some scented body washes and lotions. So far avon healing repair and the dove baby are the only ones I can use

Dove baby would be a good one to try or hello bello I believe is the name

Aquaphor makes just regular lotion.
Anything unscented.
My daughter (mixed baby) always has dry skin, plus when she gets tired she just digs and digs in certian spots on her body. I use eczema cream.
It’s baby lotion and expensive as hell, but it does help with her skin.
Also, my sister puts vaseline or the aquaphor ointment on her once or twice a month. It helps. A&D is also pretty good to use once in a while

I didn’t use lotion on my kids. Just skip it.

It is the fragrance.

Uh don’t use any then 🤦


Don’t use anything. Only bathe after poops or twice a week, whichever is higher.

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I used unrefined coconut oil. Because if it got ingested it was no big deal

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Or just no lotion :thinking: maybe try that.

So don’t use it… I only ever do if they actually need it which in 18 years and 4 kids isn’t often.

I use coconut oil on my daughter a little bit goes a long way and works amazing.

I’m an infant massage instructor and the best moisturizer for anybody’s skin including babies is an edible oil I would go with safflower oil and just a little bit and massage it into the skin. It absorbs the best. Lotion mainly sits on top of the skin. This is what we use when massaging

She might do ok wo any lotions.

I work in healthcare and we use lubriderm on all of our clients

I used lubriderm on my kids helped even with eczema

My pediatrician told me not to create a problem. He didn’t believe in lotions and powder. (I am a grandparent not. :joy:)

Vaseline or Olive oil

Cetaphil baby daily…

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion is hypoallergenic

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I did this my mom had to use baby magic on me

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