My baby had a stroke in utero: Has this happened to anyone else?

Today I am 25 weeks three days and had an MRI for my baby because they were concerned with abnormalities in her brain. The results are the baby had A stroke early on in my pregnancy, but doctors can’t explain to me why. It is only one side of her brain; the other is perfectly normal. She has 16% fluid instead of normal 10% on one side. The other is at 9%, which they said is normal. Has any other moms ever been through this? If so what was the outcome?? I’m so worried, they said I am still expected to go full term and possibly a c section depending on the fluid in the brain if it enlarges throughout the rest of the pregnancy. They can’t rule out any physical disabilities yet or if she will have mobility issues. My first child whom is now 2 is perfectly fine and never had any problems TIA


Sorry to hear this, praying for a good out come.

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I have not sorry but I hope everything turns out okay!!

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I have not but I am sorry you are going through this i couldnt imagine the fear u may have…me an my daughters will put u in our prayers tonight

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I have never been through anything like this ,but I can tell you I’m praying for you and your baby,and I will be adding you to prayer chains,God still heals,lots of love to you and baby


I never even knew that was possible - no advice but everything crossed for you

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Ask the Drs what will be done about it.
I would guess they will do an MRI after birth and possibly have to place a shunt to drain excess fluid…but I don’t know for sure.


I haven’t been through this, but a friend of mine has. You can pm me if you’d like, I don’t want to publicly put her story out there.


I didn’t know a unborn child can have a stroke & why? I’m so sorry,I hope everything turns around for you.:pregnant_woman::breast_feeding::baby::baby_symbol::baby_bottle::poop:

Prayers to you & baby. :pray:t2:

I have not but a friend of the family did and they told her 60% chance of a learning disability or some other neurological issue. More often than not the child will have cerebral palsy.

Reading up on it, it says it can cause brain damage leading to cerebral palsy. And other things.

IDK if it is similar but I have a friend who had a stroke at birth. She is healthy and happy almost in her 20s the only issue she has is one of her hands is week and sometimes hard to control. I will definitely pray for ur baby

A stroke is a blood clot, so something that just happens without a real reason most of the time. My personal children didn’t have this but I know a child who did. She is now two and is walking independently, talking, and overall pretty average. Early intervention and therapy is key and the fact that your doctor found it already means you will get all of that. Good luck!

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There was a baby boy in Arkansas I took care of his Aunt.

I’m so sorry to hear that. Don’t take everything the doctors say to heart. They know a lot but not everything. Faith is powerful. Give your stress to your chosen higher power & focus on happy healthy mom & children.
Positive thoughts and actions are what you need most now. Sending well wishes to your family :sparkling_heart:


My son had a stroke too. He’s 13 and thriving. Was non verbal till 5 years old. Gets regular speech therapy. He plays volleyball and basketball. Every outcome is different, but being an advocate for child is very important.


Prayers for you and your family. :purple_heart::pray:

I’ve not been through this but I have a son who suffered from brain damage from lack of oxygen (HIE) whilst in intensive care when he was 4weeks old… Was told to switch machines off etc as was told he’d never be more than in a vegitive state… He’s now 9! Yes he has a lot of developmental problems and health issues (cerebral palsy being one…) but he lives life to the full… So there is hope! Probably sounds a little nieve but don’t always listen to just the bad… even if your child does have any disabilities doesn’t mean they can’t have a loved and happy life :heart: wishing you the best for you and your little one :revolving_hearts: stay strong


Pray honey!! Pray without ceasing! Strokes can be caused by many things like blocked or restricted blood supply to the brain. The restriction can be caused by anything that decreases or occludes blood flow, such as hypoxicischemic encephalopathy (HIE), trauma, the formation of blood clots inside a blood vessel, or internal bleeding. But the good news is that they are telling you that you can carry full term. That means they have a positive outlook for your sweet baby!! So please honey don’t be stressed and take very good care of yourself. Vitamins, lots of water, nutritious foods, walks, self care, and get lots of love, hugs, and kisses! I know this can be so scary. My little one just came home from the NICU and I prayed non stop and guess what? He’s a happy healthy sweet little boy. I just said a prayer for your little one, for you, and for your family!


I would think your main concern would be cerebral palsy. My grandma had a stroke in the womb and now has it. But let me tell you don’t let that get you down. It’s affects my grandmother’s whole left side and she does not let that get her down. She has worked all her life she is close to 70 and just recently quit working and it wasn’t due to that it was because my paw had a bad stroke and wanted her home to take care of him. She legit can out do my any day. But she does break bones easier but she puts on a front like it don’t hurt…


I had a friend that had one while her Mom was pregnant and had a shunt put in.

She’s a teacher now!

Hoping for the best outcome for your little one!

They can do more testing once you have your baby :slight_smile:


My friends baby had a stroke. Sge’s 2 and diagnosed with cerebral palsy but she doesn’t let that stop her. She does speech therapy,occupational therapy, wears a brace and is full of life.


I knew one lady that had a baby that had a stroke in womb and it turned out ok , he also had some development disabilities but overall is doing great! Like others said be your babies advocate! You know your baby, don’t let anyone make you doubt yourself when it comes to your baby;)


Are you prepared for a child with disabilities? If so, you’re set. Take them as they come, and be pleasantly surprised if they don’t. If you’re not sure you can handle that, then maybe you need to consider your options. Don’t have a baby that might be special needs if you’re not prepared to do whatever will be required of you.


God can do a miracle. PRAY. Lay your hands on ur belly and pray for her!!

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Prayers for a healthy baby

I had one in when my mom was pregnant with me I’m almost 26 and healthy


I will pray for you.

Prayers with u n ur baby momma hope the best for yous… :yellow_heart:

Check out little stroke warriors Australia on Facebook

I am so sorry you are going through this defiantly ask the drs as many questions hun it’s okay to bother them it’s there job, good luck x

Noone is text advice here.but youll be in my prayers

Yes my son had a stroke in me . I was 28 weeks when I started bleeding and admitted into the hospital . It effected the right side of his brain which made the left side of his body not be as mobile . The doctor never gave me an answer as to why or how this happened except for “ my placenta was detaching “ .

My father is now almost 80. When he was 18 and in the service, he had severe seizures. They tested him and discovered that one side of his brain was atrophied, likely from a stroke in utero. The other side of his brain took over and he grew to be an intelligent, successful man. He did struggle with seizures off and on and has some neurological issues now, but he is almost 80. Infant brains are remarkably resilient, so don’t panic yet.