My baby has RSV and I am getting induced: Advice?

My baby (14 months) has RSV and I am getting induced tomorrow…so idk what to do and am freaking out that my newborn will get it…help


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Are you planning on breastfeeding? Your colostrum and antibodies will help some. Also is there someone that can care for your other child for a little bit? I would highly recommend speaking with your doctor in what they believe would be the best option for your family. Washing hands ofteb and keeping everyone out of the newborns face will help some.


Me and my whole family (husband, 5 year old, and 1 year old) had Covid when I delivered my last! I was breastfeeding and my newborn thankfully never got it. Be extra vigilant about washing hands, having someone change your bedding often, etc. for the first little bit. Try not to stress yourself out too much over it (I know it’s hard!) My youngest also had RSV and my other two never got sick from being around him. Hope that gives you some reassurance. Antibodies from your breast milk will definitely work wonders in keeping them healthy if that’s what you choose to do. Sending love your way!! :revolving_hearts:

You need to speak to your midwife or doctor about the 14 month old having rsv and about your concerns about the newborn getting it. Don’t allow the 14 month old to visit the hospital though. Also if you’re going to breastfeed your breast milk will have antibodies that will help protect the baby. If possible if you have a family member or a friend who could watch your older child until the rsv is gone that would help you a lot for the baby isn’t exposed to it. Also rsv usually lasts about a week to a couple weeks if there’s no complications.

You may have passed on some antibodies to your baby and if you breast feed it can too but I would speak to your doctor or midwife and let them know they will have better advice

My daughter was able to get the rsv vaccine because there was other children in the home under the age of 2. Maybe you can ask for something similar since your other child has it?

i’m sure if you call your OB and let them know they will reschedule unless you’re in imminent danger and need to be induced ASAP